Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of 2012

I don't make New Years Resolutions, they are unimportant. But, I will make a promise, first post of the new year, I will explain what the Era of the Knight is. When that post happens, it could even be on December 31st 2013, because that would be the first post of 2013, I will explain.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black Isle Donation

It's not a Kickstarter, hell it's not even an Indiegogo. It's a donation and Black Isle Studios has raised 5000 dollars so far with 171 investors. What does Black Isle Studios want? They want your money to make a tech demo of a game to show to investors. What you get, access to a forum for 10 $ and input in the game for 20 $.

Now, many people are complaining about this, bitching about it actually. First, I'd just like to say, the game they are talking about, recolonization mixed with Fallout, is a wonderful idea and I would love to see a tech demo of such. I get that you might not get your money back, but 20 dollars is not that large of an investment, hell just give 5 dollars. Well, I don't get why people are bitching so much. Here are there points:

It's Not Black Isle Studios - What? It's legally trademarked as such. The website says so, as does the resume on it's five employees. Hmmm. Oh wait, it doesn't have Fergus Urquhart! Well, does it need to? I mean, if the team determined the name of the studio, then Black Isle is currently known as Obsidian Entertainment. I mean the studio has employees who have worked for Interplay in the past, of which two worked for Black Isle, Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green. Oh, and then there is the fact that by the end of Black Isle's first run, people treated it as such, but there was no J.E Sawyer, there was no Urquhart, just Folleto. But it was still called Black Isle. I sense hypocrisy here. Nevertheless. Legally, it is Black Isle Studios. Now don't pull some spiritual crap on us.

No Refunds? - I don't know about you, but when I donate to charity, I don't really ask: "Will I get a refund if the kid still dies?" Basically, people are asking, will I get a refund if the project dies? No, you probably wont, but it is a donation. 5000 dollars is a lot to make a game, hell with that much, Interplay can pull of a small fun Unity 3D RPG game. With 16K, they can pull off a 10 $ Unity 3D game. No matter what, you can't deny that Herve Caen is not an idiot, a blundering intellectual that I hate, though Yafisz seems to adore, the man did pull a company from a lot of debt into the green zone. So either way, they have neough money to make a game, they will have more than enough by the end of the campaign. So if 20 people pledge 20 dollars a day, hell, if 50 people pledge 5 dollars a day, by the end of this campaign, Interplay could have enough money to make a small and fun game or a good tech demo. I don't know about the world, but I'd rather see more games in the world, even if some are quite shitty.

MMO? - It doesn't say MMO anywhere, so how can it be the next stage in Project V13? They also mention that a lot of the assets were thrown away. Well, a lot of these assets that they had to dump were simply source code and game prefabs directly related to Fallout. MMO codes were likely kept for future updates. A lot of people would likely jump in and contribute if this was MMO, that's what I'm hearing. But hear ye here ye, the game can be PV13 even without being a MMO. PV13 was the concept for a post-apocalyptic game designed by Interplay, which is what they are trying to make right now. At first PV13 evolved into FOOL, but rights forced it back into PV13 and the team had to take in a different direction.

The Video Sucked - This is the only one I understand and I have to ask, really, really?

Cash Grabs - Okay, it's a company that survives on making games. Why the fuck would they just take your money and do nothing with it. Do you see the logic behind that?

Herve Caen - Yes, also understandable. But all Herve did was try to make PS2 games without marketing. I think he's realized that Interplay will sell on PC because of the history the name has with PC.

The Eric Caen Pledge - Hey, at least he's pledged.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Irony

India is know for it's riots and wars with Pakistan, all the leading causes of death in the country, other than many cholera, famine and diseases. Yet they have the world's second largest population.

How the five wars or riots that have claimed more lives than any other armed conflict or disease on Earth has involved China to some capacity? Ye thte have the world's largest population.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Duke's Survival

I love Dwayne Johnson. Although he was in my first wrestling match, to me, he was an actor first. Though the name Dwayne Johnson was unheard of to me until 2005. But do I agree with him becoming the main point of G.I Joe 2? Yes. That way 3 can reinstate Duke's credibility as the main character.


Now I want Shazam.

Glad that Duke survived, simply because for a lot of G.I Joe's history, Duke was advertised as the main character. The flaws of the first one made people blame Tatum for the characters failure. Tatum is a good actor and I do believe that this new film and his survival will make him credible again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who the Hell is Morrissey?

Whoever he is, I think I like him:

"Even with the recent story about the nurse killing herself in King Edward Hospital, there's no blame placed on Kate Middleton who was in the hospital as far as I could see for absolutely no reason," Morrissey said in a wide-ranging interview with New Zealand television outlet 3News released today. "She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she's saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering, absolutely staggering. And why it's allowed to be I really don't know."

I totally agree with this. I bet you anything, if Middleton commented anything it would reach national news. Wanna know something, it would be along these lines: "We are extremely shocked by this turn of events. We had never hoped that something like this could happen. Our deepest prayers are with her family." Bullshit. I bet you anything, the only reason she killed herself was because she likely got berated a lot by somebody from the royal family. That or it wasn't a suicide.

"Does she have a health condition?" he asked. "Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy? We don't know. But what is the health condition? I mean morning sickness already? So much hoo haw and then suddenly as bright as a button as soon as this poor woman dies she's out of hospital? It doesn't ring true. It doesn't ring true.

Okay, so you are in the hospital for some morning sickness. Really? You gotta go out and announce it to the whole world crying out loud. Pray for me, my tummy hurts. Fuck You!

"And I'm sure the Palace and Clarence House (Princess of Wales residence) put maximum pressure on this poor receptionist and nurse, and of course that's kept away from the press. I'm sure the British press hounded this poor woman to her death, that's kept away. And by this time next week she'll be forgotten. And that's how the British royals work.

No way to explain how true this is. Okay, first off, you're going to be hated by your nation if you live, people are never going to stop following you, and thirdly, you're going to be forgotten either way and when you are remembered, it's going to be in shame. That's if she lived. Now that she's dead, it's not her that's being sympathized for, it's the royal family for having such stalkers. We don't see The Nurse Died Because of a Radio Prank. We see the Nurse Who Attended Kate Middleton is Dead.

"They (Royal Family) had to do that because they were losing their grip, so they had to try to reinvent themselves and put themselves forward as the top shop Royals for now and drag in Kate Middleton and so forth as the voice of youth," 

Yeah, why is Kim Kardashian on the news? Her ass. Why is Pippa Middleton on the news? Not because she's related to Kate Middleton, but because she's related to Kate Middleton and has a surgical ass. Why is Kate Middleton on the news? Because she went out and boned some inbred loser and claimed to be "Common".

"And therefore with the Olympics, with anything else that has happened in recent years, they hijack every event to make sure that any celebration of England is really a celebration of the Royal Family, which of course it isn't. But the Royal Family believe they are England and nothing else is England. And if you live outside London, it's not England anyway. But the way they hijack everything and shove their face in is extraordinary. Because what do they say? Please tell me one thing the Queen has ever said or William or Kate? I mean they are zombies but they are a business and it works." 

Again. True. Okay, you're at the Olympic Games. Show your face once. Why is the Queen getting James Bond as security. Why is the whole Opening Ceremony focused on her? How come I saw more Inbred Princes at the events that they attended than the actual events? How come she is the "Face of Canada". She's only a part of our gogovernment in name. I vote Pierre Trudeau for our coins. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Era: What Canada Shouldn't Care About?

Kate Middleton and her fucking baby.


This is making headlines over actual politics.

Sure some will argue that Canada, being a constitutional monarchy, should be up to date and have the utmost attention to their royal figures. But the truth is, the monarchy does virtually nothing for us and are symbolic figures, and I'd be okay if they simply stayed on our coins, as a tribute to history. What, who cares if it's a boy or a girl, I call transgender. Oh wait... make that transnationed.

You see, there are two things Canadians would rather put on the front page of newspapers: 1) Our election. 2) The American election.

And since none of these are happening any time soon, we're stuck with this fucking bitch, her dork father-in-law, dumbass husband and tranny baby to be.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

All-Stars: Battle Royale

I think that taking PlayStation out of the title makes it seem better, but the PlayStation part is what draws in the money anyways.

Well you exceeded my expectations.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Once in a Lifetime Mattered

Wrestlemania 28, Once in a Lifetime.

Whether they do it again, which I hope not, the title stands still. That match, was not a match between the Rock and John Cena, it was a match between the Attitude Era and the PG Era and that match did happen Once in a Lifetime. What was Cena's point: the Rock leaves the WWE for the new generation and then just comes back after 8 years thinking he owns the place. What was the Rock's point: I did my job, I entertained. Whether it was football, wrestling or movies. So what if I left and came back, who are you to claim I don't love the WWE?

It was the WWF vs the WWE.

It mattered because the two did define their generations. It was Once in a Lifetime. On one hand we have all these children watching John Cena, a man they adore, a man that they look up to as their hero. A man they cry for! On the other hand we have these boys nearing twenty or thirty, crying out for what they USED to love, for what was taken from them.

When the PG Era started, we had people shouting out for the Attitude Era to come back. It's not coming back. I'm willing to accept that considering I'm from the Ruthless Aggression Era. But the Rock was still part of that era. He still defined my passion for the entertainment show. I knew that going into the match, it would not be the Rock vs John Cena, it would be 2008 vs 1998, 2012 vs 2001. The end of each generation, the start of the Reality Era.

Cena's point: other than Kane, Triple H and the Undertaker, where are the Attitude Era stars? They got what they wanted and left, meaning that they don't care about the WWE, they don't come every week to work their asses off. Hardy Boyz and the Dudly Boys, Kurt Angle and D-Lo Brown are all in TNA and it's lighter travel schedule and more lax rules. Jericho, comes for half a year and leaves for two. Mick Foley, comes every three years for four shows. Stone Cold, doesn't come on a single show but still gets promoted. And the Rock, comes back after eight years, says hes back for good and doesn't even come bi-weekly.

The Rock's point: The Attitude Era stars did wrestle every week and wrestled their hearts out for the fans. They did everything they could, and when time for change came, they adapted. You can't blame them for passing the torch on. You can't blame them for not liking what's happening now. You can't blame them for not showing up. You can't say you do it better.

This was all evident when Cena tried to do the People's Elbow. John Cena is the Champ, but he is not the People's Champ. But who are those people that the Rock represents, the people from the Attitude Era.

The match was Once in a Lifetime, and having had written this, I won't mind Rock vs Cena II, because McMahon had the Rock win: he himself admitted that the Attitude Era was better.

It wont matter if Cena wins Cena vs the Rock II, because that just means there'll be part three. And neither will be about the generations they come from.

End of discussion.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

If Activision were to give All-Stars DLC...

I hope that it would not only be Crash Bandicoot...

but also Alex Mercer.

We can finally see the fight between Cole McGrath and the Prototype.

We can see Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot team up against Ratchet and Jak.

It would be a hell of a ride.

too bad Activision is a big piece of trash.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Revenge Brings Equality, Part Two

It took me a while to write this. I'm not going to lie.

I'm a Canadian and I am proud. When somebody calls me an Indian, I laugh. They ask me why? Am I not Indian? I answer: You Know It Bro. I hate Britain's Royal Family, because the truth is, they do nothing. If the time came, the British Royal Family would not be willing to make a sacrifice for the greater good. They never have. British people are not stupid, just prideful. Why does the Elizabeth's face get to be on the coins of Canada? She did nothing for us. But the truth is, England did many things for us and we did many things for them. When we were freed, we were freed on the basis as to help the British Empire, whether or not we would exceed England one day. That day was July 1st, 2012. Why did we go to war in World War One or in World War Two? We were our own people by then.

Imagine somebody kills your father. You would want revenge on that person. We went to war to wrong those who had made us the power that we are today! I'm not a British citizen. I am a Canadian. Revenge brings equality.

Not all the time.

But it does bring equality.

As a group you will be more unified taking off an equal force that has wronged you all than against a force who has only wronged a few of you or a majority of you. Upper and Lower Canada were unified against the United States in 1815 in the War of 1812 because it was they who went to war and we who wanted revenge. Sure America succeeded, Canadians are indistinguishable from Americans, they are our brothers in arms, not Englanders. But we won. We won because we were angry, they seceded and now they expect us to join because of where we were? That's not how things worked and it's never how things will work.

Tell  me. When America was bombed in 9/11, were the people more unified in bringing revenge against Al Qaeda than ever before? Sure they killed some innocent citizens, but what's to be expected. The people were unified, they signed up to go to war. Hell, it dates earlier than that in America. Pearl Harbour. This works for Canada too you know, the Battle of the St. Lawrence. 340 Canadians dead.

The point is, that when somebody wrongs you as a people, you wont care what gets in your way. You want to get even.

That's how many of us here feel in Canada. We don't want to go bombing people. We want to resolve things the Canadian way: diplomatically. We are not extremists, got it Johnny? Those letters against you were letters of equality, letters brought by a momentum wanted by revenge against your lies. We wanted a diplomatic end to the death sentence, yet we got people bitching about abortion overpowering our more meaningful shouts. We want justice. We want equality. Whether brought by revenge or tranquility.

That's all folks.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revenge Brings Equality. Part 1

If the price of freedom is death, then the taste of revenge is none other than that of equality. When a person is broken, when people are shattered and split, reason does not bring them back together. Reason may get them to work with each other once more, it may get them to talk to each other and occasionally be nice to one another. But when two people of lets say the same citizenship are at odds with each other, they may be pulled to work with each other by some superior, but they will never like each other and would betray each other in the blink of an eye, given there would be no lasting repercussions. Sure revenge will not bring them to like each other, but it will unite them and they would, despite their differences, NEVER betray each other. Why? Because of their pride.

Pride brings the fall unless one is too vain to agree. Most of us are and if you don't agree, you do agree with me, if you do agree with me, your understanding. Lets say a militia of Fenians from Seattle besieged Prince George. The people would turn to a military general in the city, though he was retired, and would follow soldiers and strongmen in the city. Sure many of the people in the city would not like each other, let alone work with each other and follow the rule of a direct stranger. But many people would die for the freedom of their children if not themselves and so they would follow each other into death if it meant they could drive out these Fenians. The Fenians, say they still existed, would be united in attacking Canada, they failed before and they wanted revenge. The Princemen too would be united, given that once taken, they too would want revenge.

Revenge can bring terrible things. But it can also bring unity, even though it is through vanity.

More in part two.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"And if you fail, stand tall and come back for more." - Tupac Shakur

That is why I was

 Born a Canadian

that is why I will

Live a Canadian

and it is definitely why I will

Die a Human.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wrestlemania Reading Challenges



Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So.. wait... this is being made now? The hell.... I could have sworn that Tim Miller died and then that guy at Fox who did not like Deadpool...


this is a worthless post


Mais avoir un bon matin, midi, après-midi et en soirée, fils de pute.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So Whats Radical Entertainment Doing?

Well the careers section is back on their website. That indicates life in the studio. Note, though, that only two listings have been posted and that one is supposed to work part time at Demonware. The project that Radical is working on, is, surprisingly, not Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Instead, it is whatever the fuck Bungie is working on. But three letters still wring in my head, making me cringe: FPS. And the jobs, sigh,: Senior Online Systems Programmer. Probably a temporary position to set up servers in Canada. And HR Generalist? Your hiring a garbageman! Oh well, maybe in three years Radical will be back, making Crash Bandicoot. Then maybe we will get Prototype 3, maybe, hopefully, not.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Era: Why I Wont 2

Why wouldn't I switch from Blogspot? Why would I never want to switch from the company when on my own I could do so much better? Get better ratings, get a bunch of people posting maybe, why would I not? Why I wont do it is simply because of the loyalty I feel towards Blogspot, since before it was Google's tertiary bitch (How'd Plus work for you faggots?). Personally, if Blogspot ever gets shut down and I'd have switched, I'd feel myself to be a part of the problem. If Blogger ends, then I go down with it. If the Blogs stay, then I'm going to keep using the Blogspot domain name until the end. Thank you Blogger. But the main reason is, I just like, I feel would be less annoying for you guys to type and so I don't do it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Era: History to Fiction

Although I have not read it, David Cook's Horselords is probably the best way to understand the Mongolians. Seeing as the story is almost a direct representation of the Mongolian invasions. Showing a hard finality between good and bad, something that took the Legend of Drizzt 21 books to get to, and what a barbarian really is. Apparently this is my kind of book. And now I command you read it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Era: Why I Wont 1

Why I won't be getting NBA 2K13. Simple prejudices against the game. I mean anything that LETS you play as Sean Kingston does not worth any praise. No doubt it is a good game, but I wonder if half the people buying it are just dumbass girls who want to play as Bieber.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Era: Our Motto

What is our motto? We have a motto?

You Know it Bro.

Now that we got that out of the way, was anybody else dismayed that they didn't reveal Universe Mode details as promised? Oh well, I'm more shocked that Crash Bandicoot isn't a part of All-Stars. It was said that he wouldn't be DLC. It was said that he would be in the game, which would have likely brought back his popularity. And that, 20 character list, is their full roster? Bitch ass Sony fucking fuck DLC Alan Moore fuckheads.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crash Bandicoot 2010 News

It is indirect news on Radical Entertainment's Crash Bandicoot 2010 news, but rather High Impact Games' cancelled Crash Team Racing game. Images of that game have surfaced and they depict a Crash akin to the Crash 2010 character model, which only alludes to the game being made as a promotional or marketing event for the cancelled game. This means that Radical must have had input in the game and that it had to have been cancelled because of Radical's layoffs at the time causing them to work solely on Prototype 2. It also means that High Impact transformed the game into Dreamworks Superstar Kartz and Activision for their Madagascar Kartz Racing.

For screens, click here:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New School Year

So today here in BC (British Columbia), a new school year begins. Althought eh first day is only a half-day, getting prepared is the best option.

But with a new school year, a new Cutlock Era has begun.

The Era of the Knight.

More details soon on changes to 2BINProductions.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Funny World Heavyweight Picture

Okay, Del Rio beats Sheamus, Ziggler cashes it in and wins, McMahon comes out and announces Ziggler's first defense against a returning Wade Barrett. Would be hilarious, especially because Ziggler would lose!

Also, Hal Jordan is dead, Black Mask is Back and BLACK ISLE STUDIOS is back!

For Black Isle presumabley having meetings with Beamdog, I speculate that after the release of BGEE, Dark Alliance: Enhanced Edition will be announced, or Black isle will help on BG2EE.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hourlies and Saturday Night Slam

My review of WWE's Saturday Night Slam, it is basically NWA Canadian Promotions but with predictable endings. That doesn't say it's not good talent, though. What it could use is Antonio Cesaro as it's flagship star, just as Orton is Smackdown's Franchise Player and Cena is Raw's (arguably the whole WWE's). Why? It could be a way to revitalize the US Title, as well as a way to make new stars, like Heath Slater, show they are the future of Smackdown and Raw. So I guess you could say a half-hour FCW for kids on-air.

As for the product that cryptically hinted at in the past, well, I couldn't come up with a good enough blog post so I copied Rodrigo's, a guy who works for the company that makes the product, example for me. And I quote:

"Hourlies are online listings that allow anyone to easily sell their services or skills on a small project basis, starting with as little as one hour. They take just minutes to create and the idea is that people with something great to sell can connect with buyers all over the world, fast! The concept is taking freelancing mainstream and we’re seeing some pretty amazing Hourlies posted like this one from Lydia. She can create an illustrated version of you doing anything, in 8 hours. There’s also James, who can produce an interactive 3D model of a house in 5 hours. Or there’s Siobhian’s, where she can restore old damaged photos in 2 hours.

It’s pretty cool stuff and it’s super easy to use. Graphic designers and illustrators in particular have already been using PeoplePerHour and achieved some great things! Marcus was able to find his true calling with PeoplePerHour’s help; Liz is able to earn while taking care of her family and Lauren is a successful full-time artist who dazzles clients from all over the world."

- Rodrigo Martucci

I hope that this product helps you guys in the future.


Friday, August 17, 2012

What WWE's Rumble and After Plans Should Be

About that product, it should be up by Tuesday, just learning a bit more about it myself.

Royal Rumble: The Rock vs Cm Punk

Winner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Rumble winner, CENA (hope not, but yes)

Elimination Chamber: Big Six Man Match to determine contender as Cena's not yet chosen, it's Punk and he's going to Wrestlemania for a rematch (Rock defends against Big Show or some worthless crap). Next day, Cena decides he wants to face the Rock again.

Triple-Threat match, so that the Once in a Lifetime match doesn't happen twice (Mostly so WWE doesn't rip me off from something that'll have happened a year ago).

Friday, August 10, 2012

No WCW in WWE '13

Remember when I said that WCW was not necessary for WWE '13's Attitude Mode to thrive? I was right, it wasn't necesseary, because although they competed for ratings and occasional mentions were made, they were small and sporadic and each show had their own distinct storyline. Now to get WCW superstars would be hard, as most are signed to TNA, with Hogan being the only TNA star who can be exempted. Although ratings could still be implemented, that will likely, and hopefully, be in Attitude Mode. It would be even harder to jam WCW in there since all of the stories were jumbled together, even more than in TNA. This is good, it will let people know there was more to the Attitude Era than fighting WCW. Yes, the Monday Night Wars will be in the game and likely WCW's mentions will be more than in the actual era, so you can get an idea that you will play through the five years of the Attitude Era, with minimal references to WCW, up until the the DX Invasion and the Purchase of WCW.

For a better and clearer understanding of this, since I don't believe I explained it properly, read this:

With WWE 13 we really wanted to focus on the WWE side of the history and really experience the Monday Night Wars from the WWE’s point of view, so we won’t be seeing the WCW in the game. We’re really coming at the story with the Attitude Era as the main focal point so we’ll be focusing on the WWE characters that really made that time a success.

Check this interview for more info:

And tomorrow, tune in for the info of a product that you may want to use.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWE '13 Wrestlemania 28 Edition

Sorry for being gone ten days, sorry I wasn't able to fulfill my 12 posts promise. I'll try that now, but no promises.

So what I'm saying is, after the release of WWE '13, at least a couple months after, announced at least one month after, THQ Should publish the Wrestlemania 28 edition. It's got all the DLC's and everything in it, and the cover looks exactly like the Wrestlemania 28 poster. John Cena and blue electricity on one side, Dwayne Johnson and yellow electricity on the other. At the top, in between their head's, WWE '13, at the bottom where it should say "Once in a Lifetime", it should say "Wrestlemania 28 Edition" or "Wrestlemania Edition".

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Real Movie of the Decade

Last year I think I said that the last Harry Potter was movie of the decade because of how it riled the emotions in so many of us. I said that because the Return of the King, a movie released early into it's decade, was bound to be that decade's movie. The real movie of the decade is The Dark Knight Rises, whether or not it wins Oscar's. This movie brought out more emotions in me than Harry Potter. This movie was excellency. Last post of the day and its short because my hands are freezing.

Charon's Claw Sample Chapter

One more to go.

So, its been out for about two (three?) weeks now, but since the book arrives in about a weeks time, I think this is a nice reminder. This is the final novel in the prologue to the Neverwinter game series, and THE final appearance of Artemis Entreri.

Find it here:

Now I personally think that this series has at least six to three more books left in it. With D&D 5e coming out in a year and half worth time, I'm guessing we'll jump ahead about half a hundred years. Drizzt is at about age 200 and most Drow live to 400. Drizzt won't since it is quite obvious he'll die in battle, like Rambo. So after this series, expect at least one more and at most two more, since Salvatore is getting older now, he might get tired of writing the same character for twenty years.

 That or he'll pass the character off after this book, kind of like Bourne but more believable. That second option would be welcomed by me, a new fresh take on the character.

WWE '13 - Attitude Mode

I shouldn't post today either, but 3 posts today to make up for missing 2 days ago.

So the Attitude Mode in WWE '13 is unique, its like the MJ mode in 2K11. Its essentially a story mode that pans out through the 5 years of the Attitude Era, 1996-2001. Its like Road to Wrestlemania, in a way, that you play through the stories of different characters through the Attitude Era, which makes it akin to everything SvR 08 and before, but, like Road to Wrestlemania, you have to win the matches. Now, originally I was disappointing by that, I wanted to play through something RPG akin like the old games where depending on your actions, the Era ends, now how it actually ended. But, I'm still very happy with what is going to be in the Attitude Mode.

Now the characters, they probably have all of the original Attitude Era characters except for Chyna and some WCW ones too. Now, they basically need all the important Attitude Era WWE superstars, none from WCW. By important, I mean that era's equivalent to Trent Barreta, superstars like that do not need to be included, so the mode can be adjusted to fit better AND work more smoothly.

Another important factor is WCW, as I mentioned, for the Attitude Mode, it would be nice to play through WCW, but chances are, with half of those superstars signed to TNA, it's not happening. But its not necessary either, you see, in the Attitude Era, WCW might have been a big part, but it really only needs to be mentioned casually and really only seen when DX invades Nitro. You see, characters like DDP and Ric Flair can show up during that DX's segment, becauase their WWE property now.

Not showing WCW characters would be better as well, because only playing through WWE would be a great first start, and it would allow people to understand more about WWE during that time, because a lot of people seem to think that Raw is War was just WCW vs WWE. Mentioning WCW frequently would be good, because then people could get a grip around why what was happening was happening, and mentioning stars that are currently signed to WWE would also be better.

One way that they could incorporate WCW that would work that doesn't let the player play through Nitro and Thunder would be to have Raw compete against Nitro. Lets say you see Nitro's ratings, you've got to beat THOSE ratings. If you are consistently low, have a segment at the end saying: "HA WCW WON YOU SUCK!" While this is possible, it would have to work in the way that Road to Wrestlemania worked, you have to win your matches BUT having the ratings there like that would be a good way for WWE '14, when the Attitude Mode expands into something akin to RPG story modes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

SPOILERS - Batman Incorporated 3

How I got the spoilers of this issue, lets just say I have a friend who we'll call BTB.

So since, FHIZ (Who is far better at this than I) couldn't read this issue yet, I'll do it for him.

So the issue basically starts with Bruce disguised as Matches Malones and he's hanging around a midget gang boss named Fry, formerly Small Fry. Basically he wants an inside contact in Leviathan, after getting one, Dick, disguised as Batman, goes for it and Bruce ends up thinking of the recent events afflicted upon him and how Talia was manipulating them. Turns out the contact is Goatboy and the Assassins League has infiltrated Gotham, with the members of Leviathan slowly replacing the members of everyday lives and such, taking over the GCPD, Judicial Court and Schools. So eventually the hints given by Goatboy, and another female singer, go awry and Matches ends up getting captured and tortured by Levi. Damian, who is hidden by Bruce to ensure that he stays safe, as Robin is thought dead, dons the identity of Redbird and goes to save "Bruces" Malones.

Movie Casting: The Savage Hawkman

Carter Hall -Brian Austin Green - He's got the Physique
Professor Ziegler - Timothy Dalton
Gentleman Ghost - Neil Patrick Harris - YES YES YES YES YES.
Emma Ziegler -Rosamund Pike - again, why not?

All my info on Hawk comes from Daniel and Liefelds New 52 comic.

Movie Casting: God of War

So, here we go:

Kratos - Tom Hardy - Just watch The Dark Knight Rises
Hades - Steven Brand - He fits the role of menacing
Hera - Jennifer Aniston - I guess?
Aphrodite - Ellen Page - sure...
Athena - Amy Adams - Go Lois Lane...
Ares - Jason Bateman - With CGI, he could look intimidating

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Guardians of the Galaxy Can Work

Sorry for skipping 3 of the 12 days, I'll make it up by posting 3 times tomorrow with 2 of the promised casting ones.

This post is about Guardians of the Galaxy. How can it work? Its not like the Avengers, as the characters are not as well known and thus need no real buildup. So the best way to introduce them would be like in Serenity, a Whedon film which I found okay. Even though Serenity was the sequel to Firefly, you didn't need to watch that to watch this film. So basically, you shouldn't need the Avengers for Guardians.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Casting: Team 7

And I mean the New 52 Team 7.

Amanda Waller - Robin Givens - Black, yeah, that pretty much sums this up.
Steve Trevor - John Cena: Because he's your everyday Superman.
Grifter - Burn Gorman - Saw him in The Dark Knight Rises, he's a good choice.
Slade Wilson - Bob Backlund - No, no I'm kidding, its actually Steve Borden
Fairchild - Jessica Nora Kresa - All I can say is not wrestling, but its the one thing this movie would be missing: BOOBZ.
John Lynch - Tom Hardy - Another TDKR choice, as I've never cared about Lynch, I'll screw him over.
Dina Lance - Blake Lively? Fuck this choice.

I'm taking out the director and producer crap for now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

21 days since my last post, its been a while guys, so the way I see, one post a day for the next 12 days is what I owe you guys, starting with movie casting posts three days in a row.

Saw the midnight premiere last night at the local theatere and I am starstruck. Oh and to a side note, after the Man of Steel trailer showed, I shouted, though nobody responded in their awe, a couple laughs sure, but they were amazed at my audacity. I shouted, "WHERE'S AQUAMAN!"

The film begins off very slow and flooded, making it seem as if Nolan just wants to get his ideas out there and not do anything about them. But the way these ideas are intricately connected and the way they come together, such as the Two-Face dilemma from the previous film, makes the film, about twenty minutes through seem amazing. I initially, after the Bane intro, thought the film was shit and then twenty minutes through, the way it pulled itself together, like a suspense and mystery novel, made my feeling about the whole movie change to amazing and that the beginning, not shit but instead excellence. That is the power of Nolan, he makes us believe a piece of his film is shit, and then just later that it was wonderful.

The acting in the film definitely goes to Anne Hathaway, whose performance as Selena Kyle steals the show. By showing different personalities, sweet, hating, caring and approving, she pulls off the most fantastic performance in the film, though she still falls short of Heath Ledger. Going on to the hero, Bale and his comments about a not very healthy crusader do not fail to deliver, the saddened man, under grief for eight years, returning to action once at the plea of his friend decides that the city does need him after learning the true nature of Bane. How he pulls the man Who Doesn't Fear Death, but Fears Where He Dies, is spectacular, the transition from Begins to Knight to Rises is made so clear in this film by Michael Caine's character, Alfred Pennyworth, that you can literally watch this film alone. And because of that transition, Bale's acting is even more clear and amazing than it was in The Fighter.

And the antagonist... Bane... played by Tom Hardy is menacing, chaotic and intelligent, everything promised by Nolan. In Begins, you never really had an opinion of Liam Neeson's Ra's al Ghul (Resh al Ghul?) but figured him to be a father figure to an extant. In Knight, we all loved Heath Ledger's Joker, but in a way, that was the villain we wanted to meet, but feared, even though it was a film. Hardy's Bane, the opinion of him is that you should hate him, fear him and not want to meet him. In this way, his performance is much better than Neeson's and far different, though less varied, than Ledger's. Simple moments such as the two fights against Bane get you crying and going "Kick his Ass Batman! KICK HIS DAMN ASS!"

The directing by Nolan, how he pulls off such a story, such an emotional tale, it gets you to feel very sad, tearing up near the end, and then saying: "Ha. Easter Egg...!" The first film was definately an origin story, so it set up the themes for the sequels, which are different through the fine line known as Goyer. Under direction of Nolan, Goyer and Jonah manage to weave an emotional picture that is so different from the chaos and tragedy that was The Dark Knight.

And of course, the score. It isn't so different than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but what it still is and that folks is fantastic. Thank you for blessing us with your music again Hans, thank  you for pulling it all to a dramatic and wonderful close.

My score: 8.5/10.

Update: While The Dark Knight is undoubtedly the Best Batman Movie, comicbookmovie too, I am going out and saying, this one is My Favorite.

And I hope that the 60 people injured in Colorado get better and are able to watch the film in peace and to the families of the 15 dead, it'll get better someday, I'm going through a situation similar myself right now. Don't worry, you will miss them because you loved them and I hope that you, someday, feel better. And just because the shootings, who gives a fuck about the box office gross, the highest thing talked about before the release.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green Lantern 2 Cast

So here is the given Saturday that the now sporadic casting game will begin. But for this one it will be Green Lantern 2 and trust me, my ideas on the film: excellent.

Now, my approach to the film would be similar to G.I Joe: Retaliation, the simple answer? Kill Hal Jordan. Now I am not in favour of killing Duke in G.I Joe and I'm sure that what they did now was just put him in a coma or something, but this would work for Green Lantern. Why? Well though Hal is iconic, the simple fact is that though Ryan Reynolds could pull off a good performance given a good script, people don't want him as a GL. I'm sure that Hal's death will be met by backlash, but trust me: it will be for the good. Why? A conniving Sinestro literally kills the main character of the last movie, which should be looked as a prequel and this film as the official standing point of the series, would add emotion to the film and actually give reason to watch it.

Story: The Green Lantern Corps are experiencing peace, blah blah blah, Sinestro turns on them, Hal Jordan dies, Carol Ferris learns of it [leads for Star Sapphire]. John Stewart, an architect at Ferris Industries is given the ring and the battle against the Sinestro Corps begin. (Its late right now and I'm not elaborating on the plot)


Jaimie Foxx - John Stewart: This makes sense, he has age, it would give him the perfect incentive as to not wanting to be a Green Lantern. He is a senior at his company and thus just wants to finish all of his goals and retire, eventually, in peace, but then comes Hal's ring.

Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan: Kill him Off.

Blake Lively - Carol Ferris: Cameo.

Guy Pearce - John Moore: Pre-Red Lantern. Have him have an integral role.

Mark Strong - Sinestro: Villain

Rashida Jones - Fatality; Further set up the Star Sapphires

Angela Basset - Amanda Waller; Increase the role of DEO, set it up like a rival to Lexcorp because even though Snyder said no JL tie-in, we all want it Scott and it'll be confusing as hell to have TWO Supermen.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jak and Daxter 4

Could it happen? Chances are no, why? Because we were going to get it through Naughty Dog  but that game ended up morphing into the Last of Us. Now the Last of Us will undoubtedly share a lot traits from Jak and Daxter, but will be more akin to Uncharted stylized in the vein of I am Legend. Recently we got Jak and Daxter HD which included all of the Naughty Dog Jak and Daxter games, minus the racing catastrophe.

The Collection contained NO HINT as to a future Jak and Daxter game, thus leaving Jak and Daxter 4 in doubt. So will it happen? No, consider the series dead. Why? The HD Collection sold very well, but likely not enough for Sony to consider there to be enough fan support for the series, this was also probably another reason why Naughty Dog does not have a third team working on Jak 4. So get the collection and call it quits, because Jak is no longer at Sony, he is in All-Stars, likely, but that's it son, he's the Captain Falco of Sony now, say hello to him when he appears in a 3D Remake ten years from now.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What the Spider-Man Movies Could Have Been

Now, lets ignore Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing Spider-Man and get this into the open: I loved Spider-Man 3 and I thought it was amazing, but it could have been better. I fucking hate the Amazing Spider-Man.

Now, if I was in charge of the Spider-Man series I wouldn't change Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, but I would change number 3.
My Spider-Man 3:
How? Storywise, take out the New Goblin and Venom, keep Sandman. My story for Spider-Man 3 would be, Peter is preparing to propose to MJ, Harry decides to try and let Peter prove himself and the two decide to meet somewhere but their meeting is interrupted by Sandman thus shattering the best friends relationship. Trying to catch Sandman, Peter's relationship with MJ also shatters. Peter's life goes from bad to worse when a new photographer, Eddie Brock, gets the staff job that he deserved.

Peter then goes out with his lab partner Gwen Stacy, unknowingly picking up the Venom Symbiote on the way. He is called by Aunt May to accompany her to the police station where he discovers Sandman to be Flint Marko, the man who actually killed his uncle. Enraged, the symbiote takes over Peter giving him the black suit. The black suit makes Peter even more enraged, he ruins Eddie's life, viciously beats Harry (doesn't disfigure him) and ruins MJ's job.

Realizing what he did wrong, Peter seeks redemption, though his ultraviolent acts as black suit Spider-Man have declared him an outlaw. When Sandman attacks a bank, Peter attacks him and starts to lose, but eventually gets the upper hand against Sandman where he confronts him about Uncle Ben. When he learns the truth (the same thing that happened in SM3), he regrets his decisions and actions against his friends and decides to go on a vacation for a while.

So that was my Spider-Man 3, my Spider-Man 4 would obviously have to be different, wouldn't it?
My Spider-Man 4:
Peter, despite quitting as Spider-Man, discovers that he is subliminally continuing to act as him and his methods are getting near suicidal. Continuing his relationship with Gwen Stacy, Peter begins a new life with  her, and though Aunt May is sad at what happened with MJ, he is able to handle Peter's decisions. Harry Osborn keeps on brooding and is visited by images of his father who wants harry to take vengeance.

As Peter begins to have a breakdown due to the stress the black suit puts on him, Harry begins to start taking the formula that his father took to become the Green Goblin. Taking off the black suit in the Church, it ends up going to Eddie Brock who decides to use it to take vengeance on Peter for ruining his life.

As Peter's grip on reality continues to break due to what the black suit did to him, Eddie ruins Spider-Man's image even more, branding hm a murderer and all. Eventually, the two decide to meet up with each other where they will have a fight. They do and Peter wins, then deciding that NYC does not need Spider-Man as he will continually put them in trouble.

Post-Credits Scene: Harry puts on the Green Goblin Mask, the silver one as to differentiate himself.

My Spider-Man 5:
Basically Peter is wondering how the city is getting on along without him, but some unprecedented disaster happens and he has to stop it, I'm going for the Vulture or the Lizard on this one.

My Spider-Man 6:
As to end the series, Spider-Man vs the New Goblin.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Casting Choices 2: Batman vs Robocop

Lets ignore that new Robocop Remake. This is the new Robocop, he is slimmer, stronger and less clunky.

Director: Roger Spottiswoode - With James Bond on his list, he can pull of a perfect Batman adventure flick and make Batman seem more like the Avengers than the Dark Knight. If this movie were to be made, that would be a necessity.

Screenwriter: Skip Woods - His work on the original G.I Joe proves that he can work with science fiction perfectly to make the embodiment that is Robocop. He can also write Robocop in a way that it seems as if he and Batman are two opposite beings, but very much alike.

Producer: Alex Young - It is his sole work on X-Men Origins Wolverine that would grant him this spot. For with Skip Woods, an underdog, he could produce a movie like none other that only Roger Spottiswoode could direct.

Actors -
Batman - John Rhys Meyers: To collaborate with Spottiswoode again on a flick like this, Meyers could make the perfect battered man that Batman is. After being blamed for murder by the mob and continuing his relentless crusade, Batman wonders, has he finally had too much?
Robocop - Paul Bettany: Who better than Michael? Jarvis? Priest? Than to play RoboCop, a police enforcement cyborg whose thoughts on his form of justice are conflicting with his inner nature while he is hunting the fugitive Batman.
Julie Madison - Kate Walsh
Commissioner Gordon - Dylan Walsh
Batgirl - Ellen Page

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Move Casting Choices #1

The start in the first of a series of blog posts that I will try to do every Saturday, which means I likely wont do it like DOG, which when I start on a Saturday, I'll continue.

So the movie, keeping in tradition with what we've been doing here, I am casting is Shazam.

Director: J.J Abrams [He works for this kind of movie if its made in a Super 8 fashion, if not I'm going for Garry Ross]
Screenwriter: Simon Pegg [Chronicle]
Producer: Garry Ross [If director, then J.J]

Shazam: Anthony Hopkins
Captain Marvel: Daniel Gillies (The name popped in my head, I would in reality cast someone buffer but you can't have a Shazam movie without Marvel, so I just went with what came)
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson
Billy Batson: Nathan Gamble
Mary Marvel: Hailee Steinfeld

Friday, May 11, 2012

4's in Movies

Now, lets think about it. Usually the first film in a saga is great, a second film is lukewarm, but good enough to get you thinking, I wonder where they take this next, and number three sucks ass. Examples: Spider-Man 3 (I don't agree with this one), Godfather 3 and Crocodile Dundee 3.

What about 4's, what about movies that are good enough to warrant a fourth sequel?

Well, if the director is Christopher Nolan and is not story wart at the same time and will cave in to the studio. Let us think that the new Superman film series by Zack Snyder will not be a trilogy but a quadrology merging with the Justice League movie. In the new movie, it will deal with Superman being alone in the world, an example first brought by Bryan Singer in Superman Returns. He is an alien amongst humans, he has powers nobody else has, he is good but viewed malign, he is alone. The only others of his species, Zod and Faora, are fucking evil. So the second movie will undoubtedly deal with the aftermath of it, him coping with the fact that he is alone instead of just dealing with it. the third film will have him accepting himself, if the Dark Knight Rises goes that direction and I'm thinking it will, so where will the fourth film go?

Well lets look at my proposed villains:

For Man of Steel we have Zod
For the sequel which is say should be called the Men of Steel, we have Bizarro or the Eradicator (see why?)
For the third-quel we should have Lex Luthor himself, trying to break the public's trust in Superman.

Zod will break the humans trust in Kryptonians and make Superman an Outlaw, but how can you catch an invincible man who runs really fast? Hit him with a train, it happened in the new Action Comics it can happen here. On the point though, in the sequel, you need Bizarro, the Eradicator or the Cyborg Superman. The simple reason why is, he is fighting himself, essentially. He needs to realize that he is alone and he needs to do something about it, he cant face others like him, so he's got to face himself. He's also got to become the face of the public some time in this  movie. In the third film I'm guessing Lex and his robot suit or something like that will have Lex succeeding in tarnishing Superman's public image but Supes still coming on top.

What room does that leave for a fourth movie? None. The Dark Knight Rises wont and maybe this one wont either, Spider-Man 3, despite the development of Spider-Man 4, did not leave room for a sequel except for Sandman blowing himself away.

Here is what you can do, make a standalone movie that ties in to the greater franchise. We don't need Superman in a series involving his own problems anymore, lets focus on the world now. That is why we need a Justice League film. While the Avengers focuses on the problems of its characters, the Justice League movie needs to focus on the world. Lets say the DC world is just like ours, because hey, DC is much more realistic [I mean Marvel needs to reboot their comics, the stuff they are doing is like, hey, is this same continuity? Did they not do this twenty years ago and the public still has the same reaction... guhhhh.], it will show the poverty and the cryings of the people.

So this fourth Superman movie needs to the cornerstone of a said DC Cinematic Universe. It needs to show Superman facing something bigger than himself, something like Mongul. Someone that can literally beat the shit out of Superman and kill him that way, of course he needs to be insane like Doomsday to actually do it, though. So lets say he faces Mongul, the public learns: If you hit something hard enough, it can bleed. Going in to that, lets enter the first two Justice League movies, number one: the Parademons and Darkseid. If Mongul beat the shit out of Superman, what will these guys do? Simple, it will make Superman less important and therefore the need to exclude Superman, as he is a huge ass character anyways, and put the same amount of emphasis and importance on other guys like Aquaman and Wonder Woman will be given and therefore the public wont say, "Why didn't Batman make a plunger and shove it up Darkseid's ass?" or, "Wait... he's Superman... why didn't he just be super?".

One question will, however, be asked, "He's Superman. I thought you can't beat him up?"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What should be next for the MCU?

MCU: Marvel Cinematic Universe

What should be next for it?

Well, we have finished the initial arc, getting Tony Stark to realize it is not just him, getting Bruce Benner to go and come back to New York, having Thor pop out of nowhere and having Cap wake up and lead the Avengers. Whats next? Easy, they have announced Avengers 2, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

Iron Man 3 will start filming in two weeks maybe and will focus on the Extremis arc which will transform Tony Stark even more.

Then will come Thor 2 which will deal with the fate of Loki.

Now, both of these may deal with the Chitauri, Stark Towers in IM3 and Loki in Thor 2, but we both know that the presence of Thanos and the Other are going to be quite mum, especially through Captain America 2, which may or may not happen. What we do know is that the Inhumans are going to happen.

Chitauri are Skrull. I think, I'm not sure, Inhumans are Kree. The Avengers introduced the Chitauri trying to get the Tesseract as a source of weaponry, they have no want to invade Earth at all, but why do they want this weaponry? Well, in the Other's talk with Loki, who speaks of a "he" and a "him", this he and him is likely a deity of sorts and that deity is probably Thanos. This means that Thanos is the god of the Chitauri/Skrulls and his smile at the end means that he does want to invade Earth and use the Tesseract to do so, or he was using the Tesseract as a ruse. So the big Chitauri/Skrull plan is to likely invade Earth to expand their empire to gain new and better fronts to use in war, meaning that Thanos is not at all concerned with Earth at all and that he can invade it at any time and that he is learning the terrain of Earth to plan for a war that is probably happening but due to the two enemies knowing each other so well, it is at something of a standstill.

On one side, Chitauri/Skrull led by the Other, on the other side are the Kree.

The Kree, learning of the Chitauri's "failed" invasion of Earth, decide they can do better and they activate the Inhumans, making the Inhumans Movie. But when the Inhumans turn on them, they decide to cancel the project. The Other and maybe Thanos, played by Damion Portier, will star in this one. This sets up the Kree-Chitauri/Skrull War and founds the basis of the Second Chitauri Invasion of Earth which sets up The Avengers 2.

That is what is happening, bold it out dude.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWE and My Life

So basically WWE has had a lot to do with my life, with it starting when it was WWF. Most of it has to do with Smackdown, with Raw only actually recently entering in 2011 when Smackdown got bad.
This was in the year 2000, or 2001, the heart of the Attitude Era. I was from the start a fan of Dwayne the Rock Johnson and hated Steve Austin and I still do. I stopped watching after a while, though the fights between Johnson and Hearst Helmsley rung high in my head. Then I started again, a year later, in 2002, after watching Wrestlemania 18 was it? That next show came Brock Lesnar, when Lesnar beat the Rock I quit watching until the Smackdown after the Wrestlemania when John Cena won. Cena instantly became my favorite, his rapper hardcore moves aspiring to me.
When Cena left and Batista came, my attention would divert to the Undertaker, Edge and Randy Orton. I loved those four guys and the stories they would have. I think I quit watching this sometime after the Batista-Mysterio Union, so after Eddie died.
I would see some Raw around this time, mostly what Cena was doing and some stuff involving Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels. The Smackdown I would watch was to see what was happening with Rey and Batista.
Then I would return again in 2008 after Rey got his title shot at the Royal Rumble and Vickie Guererro was the GM. I would keep watching this until the story became about Hells in Cells, Triple-H, and then the Championship Scramble which would dovetail into Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk which was where I stopped watching.
I would start watching again in mid-2010 when the storylines that started in 2008 had all but finished and started in a new post-Shawn Michaels storyline that was interconnected involving the Straight Edge Society, Big Show, a veggie Taker and  a mad Kane. I quit this storyline early because this was when I knew it - Smackdown got bad.
When the Nexus storyline got good, I jumped right in, the Smackdown stuff was bad - admit it, though I would keep up on it through PPVs. Nexus dived into Miz getting the title and them trying to win the Rumble, around which time, the Rock would return, the Awesome Truth would happen and of course, Wrestlemania 28.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey, Chitauri are Skrulls and My take on a Justice League Film

A lot of people presumed that the alien race in The Avengers were the Skrulls; this was reasonable for various reasons. Number one, it would mean that Loki teamed up with Super Skrull and that gives way for the whole cosmic universe film saga that Marvel is planning. Then Kevin Feige said that the aliens were not Skrulls, I repeat not Skrulls. Now Joss Whedon has stated that they are the Chitauri. Now Chitauri are an alien race that exists only in the Marvel Ultimate Universe and upon encountering the F4, they reveal themselves to be known by many names including Skrull. Chitauri are Skrulls and in the Ultimate Universe they do have a ... form ...  of shapeshifting and hence you lied Kevin, the Skrulls are in The Avengers, but they are called Chitauri.

Now, my take on a Justice League movie would be similar to the Avengers. But first, have the Superman and Green Lantern series build up two things, Earth and Space. Man of Steel 1 and 2 give the basis for what Earth is in this universe and Green Lantern 2 shows what happens in Space. Then have the Batman reboot and the Aquaman film be interconnected with each other and dovetail right into the Justice League movie which introduces Wonder Woman.

In my story for a Justice League movie, the alien race called the Tsaurons arrive on Earth, led by General Ortiir. They hide amongst humans for a while, but ally with wealthy businessman, secretly assassin, Slade Wilson to infiltrate the goals of the Earth. They unleash the Braniac virus on the Earth and the heroes unite to save it, but discover that the Tsuarons plans include far more than to just conquer Earth. What is the Tsaurons home planet? You guessed it, Apokolips! That paves the way for Man of Steel 3!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baldur's Gate is Back Bitch!

So that's official, Baldur's Gate is back. Of course we will firstly only be getting iPad remakes of the first ones. Soon after though there will be a third game that will not be iPad and hopefully PC and even consoles with Kickstarter Funding, though I don't know how that will turn out.


InXile has never made excellent games. The Bard's Tale was a 50 % game at its best, then their Devil game was 47 % at best and so I can't tell if Wasteland 2 will be better than New Vegas.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Awesome Story I Thought Of

Obviously it'll never be a movie, but it would make an awesome one:

Five people killed during the Samnite Wars are resurrected, the first to regain his memory dons a red and white suit and hat and begins to hunt down criminals to repent his sins. Soon after the other four do so and recognize him and find that they are either with him, or against him. The UK government takes notice of this vigilante and an M16 agent becomes obsessed with finding him. As magic begins to envelop the world, new dimensions begin to be created, wizards return, creatures of myth are created, elements cause forces of nature to clash, the world to slowly start collapsing on itself as time begins to rewind to an unknown stop point and space begins to fold into a crumpled. Only one answer can answer all the questions, the question and the search behind it: "Where's Waldo?"


Of course Spielberg would have to direct it.
Burton and Jackson would have to produce it.
Guiellmo Del Toro would have to be an executive producer.
J.J Abrams would have to script it.


Jamie Bell - Waldo
Update it later.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Im Back!

Okay so now that I am back, expect a shitload of more YouTube Videos mainly playthroughs that will be happening on YouTube. As for video game developing, I'm getting back there as well. April will be a fun month.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Start With Dazzle

In about an hour or so I am going to start making my first PS3 video.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Batboot Cast

Its well known that Batman will be rebooted to accommodate for the JLA film that will include the current Green Lantern and new Superman cast, this is my cast for the Batboot.

Bruce Wayne/Batman - Thomas Dekker: The kid is young, he's proven he can act in the shitty Terminator show by making it slightly good, he's got the physique as he's proven, why not? We could get a Christian Keaton out of him.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Lithgow: Why not? Sure he may not look the part, but Michael Caine wasn't exactly a skinny butler with male pattern baldness but evident jet black hair and some small white streaks. Plus with his recent performances in Shrek [no not Shrek], but the way he showed he can act in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the old guy has still got it.

Commissioner Gordon - James Woods: He would do the part, maybe not the voice, but he can alter that for sure. He looks like him, he's not young like Gary Oldman so we don't have to start him off at Lieutenant and have him work his way up, so he can just start at commissioner due to his age.

Vicki Vale - Ellen Page: Some people say Batgirl, performance in Inception and in in Family Guy, BOOM, you got Vicki Vale.

Hush - Eric Bana: Come on, Bruce Banner and Hector, this actor is amazing, he is a must.

My plot, as Bruce returns he contemplates on how to fight crime, and as he figures out how to become a detective, solving a case that involves his past, he slowly becomes Batman and faces off against Hush.

Alternate: Been Batman for a year, people don't accept him and he faces Hush.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Films that we Need

Swamp Thing - No not like those Wes Craven films, but something that can create a DC Cinematic Universe. Make Swamp Thing the antagonist like in ManThing, the protagonist? Animal Man.

Nova - An idiot who gets powers and can't use them properly, why the hell not?

Ghost Rider 3 - Part one was bad, part two was okay [fuck the critics], part three can be stellar.

Magik - Might now be one of the X-Men's stellar characters, but she can do good on a solo film that derives nearly completely away from the comics but stays true to it. I can see Proteus as being a good villain for this film.

Black - Ted Dekker and Lionsgate, YES!

Skulduggery Pleasant - Be a nice movie, with Adrian Brody! BAM BITCH!

The Last Apprentice - Sure its being made the Seventh Son and Ben Barnes is a good actor, but they could choose a way better title instead of one that inferences that somebody needs a vagina vacation, maybe The Spook. They should keep it true to the book, but make it in the fashion of a thriller film with an original plot based off the plot of the first novel.

Tales from Sinister City - Sin City - but fantasy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Next Stuff

So I just saw some of the screens from the game that I am currently working on and I am impressed and by impressed, I mean this will be a good start.

As for videos, I want to have my Batman video up soon, but that's not happening any time soon, at least not until June, and that is probably when I will upload my PS3 videos as well. Until then I'll be uploading about one video a month, minus any video in March.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why? WHY? WHY!

Sikhism had sacrificed its leaders for Hinduism, yet some of you motherfuckers still think it funny to joke about us. Your police find it humorous to torture us. Now in Canada, Hindu kid tried that joke on a friend of mine, we outnumber you 54:1, mind you, don't do your Indian shit here. That kid ended up remeniscent of this and he can't press charges as it was he that threw the first punch after Sardar Ji retaliated against Indira Gandhi, and Sardar Ji did not fight, Sardar Ji's friends fought in protection.

This is the kid, or how he looked at least: