Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Era: Why I Wont 2

Why wouldn't I switch from Blogspot? Why would I never want to switch from the company when on my own I could do so much better? Get better ratings, get a bunch of people posting maybe, why would I not? Why I wont do it is simply because of the loyalty I feel towards Blogspot, since before it was Google's tertiary bitch (How'd Plus work for you faggots?). Personally, if Blogspot ever gets shut down and I'd have switched, I'd feel myself to be a part of the problem. If Blogger ends, then I go down with it. If the Blogs stay, then I'm going to keep using the Blogspot domain name until the end. Thank you Blogger. But the main reason is, I just like, I feel would be less annoying for you guys to type and so I don't do it.

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