Sunday, July 29, 2012

Charon's Claw Sample Chapter

One more to go.

So, its been out for about two (three?) weeks now, but since the book arrives in about a weeks time, I think this is a nice reminder. This is the final novel in the prologue to the Neverwinter game series, and THE final appearance of Artemis Entreri.

Find it here:

Now I personally think that this series has at least six to three more books left in it. With D&D 5e coming out in a year and half worth time, I'm guessing we'll jump ahead about half a hundred years. Drizzt is at about age 200 and most Drow live to 400. Drizzt won't since it is quite obvious he'll die in battle, like Rambo. So after this series, expect at least one more and at most two more, since Salvatore is getting older now, he might get tired of writing the same character for twenty years.

 That or he'll pass the character off after this book, kind of like Bourne but more believable. That second option would be welcomed by me, a new fresh take on the character.

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