Saturday, November 26, 2011

Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Gotham City

I am the first to predict that Rocksteady's third (possibly last) Batman game will be called Batman: Gotham City. Here is my guess for the storyline:

The Order of Saint Dumas take up high city council positions virtually taking over the city by controlling all of its politicians and richies except Batman. Batman then finds some troubling news about the Arkham City explosion, fearing that Azrael is actually working for the League of Assassins and goes to find Ra's al Ghuls body which is taken by Bane. Batman finds out that Bane has taken over the League of Assassins and is going to use them to destroy Gotham City using the Protocol 10. He then discovers that Hush has taken over the Order of Saint Dumas.

The game, I'm guessing, will be more RPGesque and you will be able to choose one of these endings: Batman takes over Gotham (or America), Batman takes over the Order of Saint Dumas, Batman takes over the League of Assassins, Batman helps Bane and the League of Assassins, Batman helps Hush and the Order of Saint Dumas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bane and TDoubleDDeckerRises

So we all know Bane, Batman Forever, big stupid moron created out of a small stupid skinny man.

So we all know Bane, smart, hulking, big huge guy who break's bat's back?

So we all will know Bane who is an intelligent, terrorist who shoots down pregnant women while working with the League of Shadows.

Lets have a better look at Bane's history: After leaving Gotham post-Knightfall, Bane impressed Ra's al-Ghul who was looking for an heir to carry on his legacy after Batman duped him. Bane accepted, but after Ra's betrayed him, Bane destroyed all the Lazarus Pits in the world.

Now lets look at the Dark Decker Rises and the League of Shadows. Ra's picks out Bane to be his heir, then Ra's meets Bruce and trains him personally, seeing the potential that Bruce has. Ra's wishes for Bruce to succeed him, Bruce saves him. Years later Ra's attacks Gotham and easily bests Bruce in combat, but Bruce tells Ra's that he wont kill him, but wont save him [that can't be how it works... or I would have tried it by now... ON YOU!]. Bane takes advantage and viciously seizes control of the League.

That is my guess on Bane's connection to the League of Shadows.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

Okay, so everybody's heard the possible spoiler about Batman 3's prologue. Well, that person is right. So what happens is Batman is fleeing from the police, injured, and is also being traced by the SWAT who have detained the Joker, but Bats escapes. Or does he? Near his escape exit he crash into two trucks, even more injured and is approached by Bane and his henchmen. Bane challenges the overinjured Batboy and breaks his back.

Why is this (or most of it) probably right?

Watch the teaser trailer again:

Pause it at 1:28 and tell me, as the lumbering Bane approaches Batboy, who is that man with a gun in the corner? Then pause it again at 1:04, whats Bruce doing? Rehabiliting.

Now this is my guess to the story, the above happens and Bruce cant take it as being Batman anymore. He knows Bane is out there and Bane is controlling Gotham City in a bit of a Cold War and he controls it because he controls the city officials and he bribes police through threats out of the way and they cant do anything, why you may ask, because all lawyers, all bad cops, all judges and attorney's are part of the League of Shadows.

After Ra's al Ghul chose Batman to succeed him, Bane was pushed back, and when Batman, lets say, "administered" Ra's death in the train, Bane became the boss and decides to take vengeance and make sure he stays the boss by breaking Batman, not necessarily kill him. He destroys the Batman not just physically, but also mentally by showing him how Gotham falls apart without the Batman.

Now Josie Gordie Levitt decides to fight back in a sort of Cold War and attacks Bane, beginning to cripple the Perfect Organization. Bruce in the meanwhile begins to rehabilitate and administers all control over Gotham to Miranda Tate who could be Talia or the less known Nyssa al Ghul. Bruce hears of John Blake (Levitt) and reveals his identity to him, he trains Levitt to replace him.

Bruce, later, fully rehabilitated goes after Bane and to this point I'm out of ideas.

What I'm guessing is something involving Jean Paul-Valley Batman happens, but this would make an already puzzling film too long. Though I'm sure that John Blake is chosen to replace Batman.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Defines a Tyrant?

Lets look at those who have been called tyrants: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Hussein.

Which of those four were really tyrants: Stalin & Hussein. Don't get me wrong, Hitler was a bad man. The worst man to have lived in fact, nobody in the world was worse than Hitler. Hitler was so bad that in Futurama, even the people in the future cared about his atrocities, things like that don't go away.

Tyrant definition: a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly.

Yes, Hitler was unjust, but not against his own people. No, let me rephrase that, Hitler was the most unjust motherfucker to have ever lived, and was not oppressive against the Aryans. His Aryan and Nazi class cared for him and I cant say he did back, but I can say that he gave them respect and good lives while he murdered everybody else (kind of showing who's special)

Now I don't need to explain why Stalin was a tyrant, but I'll do it. Murdered the most people in WW2, over 60 Million, during the war period millions of Soviets died from starvation.

Why was Hussein a tyrant, look at the Iraq War and Iraq Lobster. Phase one, paranoia - try to invade Iran because your scared that he's going to get your people to rebel. Phase two, distrust - murder your own people [Kurds]. Phase three, anger - invade your nations biggest ally  because they cant afford to pay you. Phase four - the fall, get your ass kicked by bigger assholes.

Now Lenin, Lenin was different than Stalin. Made a tyrant in the 1960s image fade 70's 80's, made a dictator in the 90's. Now, he was made a tyrant by the US discrediting the Soviet Union. They say that he and Stalin were no different, killing their own people, but Stalin did not know where to stop, thus making Stalin a tyrant, Lenin knew where to stop. Lenin did kill people, he was vicious and mean, but he knew where to stop. If it were not for Lenin, we would not have things on the Moon, or orbit the Earth or a Mars Rover or Iraq Lobster. Lenin was a revolutionary, Stalin was a murderer, Hitler was a nationalist and Hussein was paranoid.

Three are the qualities of a Tyrant; two were tyrants; one was the worst of all four; and one was unjustly made the worst, they never thanked him for starting the Space Race... did they?