Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Flash TV-Show?

Now, I'm posting so much because for most of August there will really be nothing and I just want to give all I have in July. So let's start with today's big news.

The Flash was mentioned as getting his own Film for 2016 to prelude Justice League and to take place after Man of Steel II. That was all fine and dandy but the Man of Steel II announcement was so huge that I figured they decided to save this announcement for a later date before all the fanboys died of a stroke. You know what I figure, though, Warner realized what I realized about a Flash movie and decided to can it quietly.

If released on the same day, more people would go see a Usain Bolt biopic than The Flash for the simple fact is, all the Flash truly can do is run really fast, or that's what the general public believes. For a Flash movie to succeed, he would need to first be introduced and have his other powers (a control over lightning/electricity, extreme vibrations) would need to be made more well known to the public. I also think they realized that with the negative fan reactions towards Arrow in season 2 (not all negative, mind you), the CW would need to save their new golden goose. Introducing the Flash into Arrow is a brilliant move, especially because of the Big 5 in the Justice League, the Flash is the smallest. Honestly, I could see this show lasting for only two seasons or skipping a season to accommodate for a film around 2016 or 2017, but that is besides the point.

The point is that the Warner is building a shared universe, in TV first, though. DC is better than Marvel at TV, everybody knows that. Arrow will crush Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., just as the Flash will, it is a proven fact. The point is that the Flash, not Arrow, is spearheading this universe because it is the Flash that is the first spin-off and because the Flash will be the first character in this universe who will have superpowers. Remember when Arrow's producers would say no superpowers? I think they realized that they actually might now have crushed Agents without this revelation. For Arrow, this revelation is a mighty boon, just as it is for the rest of the TV Universe. After all, what they mentioned about Amazon, if the Flash is a success they will give Amazon a shot.

Now down to the discussion everybody wants to have: what if this show is to gonnegt Arrow to the Man of Steel Universe. Well one thing, DC will have beat Marvel to the punch at something and another, it will be there to explain the consequences of Man of Steel. I'm sure there were plenty of discussions between Warner and CW about trying to connect Arrow to Man of Steel, and I am sure they all boiled down to the same resolution: they could not show the impact of the film enough in Arrow without devaluing Oliver. With the introduction of the Flash, however, and him spinning off into his own show, however, they could deal with the consequences simply by showing a rise in Metahumans and mentioning Superman once. Right now, though, that is a fantasy and we should be glad that we've got a live action DCU to watch on our televisions.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Detective Grimoire - The Best Indie Game I've Seen in Years

I don't normally post about indie games out here, but a long time ago I played a flash game called Detective Grimoire. It was a very well done game, wonderful graphics, for a Flash game, a well thought out storyline and there was just that element to the storyline that attached the person to the game. It had that special element that Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong and games like Ty the Tasmanian Tiger had to it. I read the comments and one of the co-creator said they were working on the sequel.

Obviously I wanted that sequel right away, it's only natural to want something like that right away. I actually checked day by day at a time, then month by month. Since I really only checked about every six months. Then the teaser for Detective Grimoire 2 came out, it stayed for a couple months before it became Mystery of the Swamp. The team was full fledged on making a sequel. Then they launched the Kickstarter and as I understand are now in Beta. It is a wonderful game and I want the next part after this one, there won't be one if the team is disappointed with how things go down, but the way this looks, true to itself and true to the original, Grimoire will be excellent.

Check it out here and remember to purchase it when it is released.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

About the Heat - This is a Rant

The Heat, a stupid dumb movie starring I'm almost 50 - Sandra Bullock and I think I'm funny'cuz I'm fat - McCarthy. I swear to God the moment I saw the trailer I almost threw up, who the hell would want to make this stupid movie? I mean, seriously that interrogation scene in the trailer? That is not funny, that is moronic, idiotic and everything else associated with the word foolish. I regret looking up the movie, I wish I could Eternal Sunshine it out of my mind! I can't believe it got any positive reviews and money it did, why a fucking sequel?

Just to prove my rant, the director, some dipshit named Paul Feig, thinks he is funny because he directed some Office episodes. To his defense, though, those were good episodes. But wow, look at all those other shit he has made, an episode of 30 Rock? WOW, SO FUNNY I'M PISSING MYSELF HERE! You know you suck to a certain degree if you Weeds on your credentials. This guy is a damn woman (not that there is anything wrong with that), Bridesmaids? Are you kidding me? Only people I know that like that are girls... wait, The Heat was obviously a movie for girls! Then what the fuck was it's trailer doing on Sportsnet 360? No girl, other than Sharon Glencross, watches WWE SmackDown! But this director sucks badly, I mean, I am David and Unaccompanied Minors?

Not all the director's fault, let's look at Peter Chernin, the producer. The dude is 62 and works for all these companies, meaning, all he wants is money! HE LIVES FOR MONEY! He can donate all he wants to charity, but this MAN WANTS MONEY! You are 62, Chernin, you've got what, 10 to 20 years of life left? Money ain't going to do you SHIT NOW!

Sorry to all those I offended, I just really wish I had never seen this trailer.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wolverine Review

The Wolverine was originally to be a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, except the fans ended up hating that one, even though the general public just did not mind it. So when James Mangold took over, he decided to adapt Frank Miller's acclaimed limited series as it would have been after X-Men: The Last Stand, but as a stand alone film. Stand alone means that you would not need to watch X-Men: The Last Stand to understand it, but this seemed a tad odd with Jean Gray in the film. Go into a mindset that you have not seen any X-Men film and watch it, you will see that through the interactions with Jean Gray and Mariko, the film manages to, in a few sentences explain everything and work stand alone.

This is the sixth time Hugh Jackman has played Logan, the fifth time in the starring role so one would expect him to have gotten stale while playing the character. Well, each time he has played the character it has been a different mindset. What is the mindset this time, it links greatly to the films central theme: to find a meaning in an immortal life. Jackman plays Logan again greatly, showing a troubled character, giving a few comedic moments and still playing the jackass we all know and love, plays him perfect. Aside from Jackman, the Japanese actors are relatively unknown to me so to judge them would be a tad too unfair.

The story is very good, it just is very good. Starts off in the Yukon, travels to Japan and is met with a huge conspiracy orchestrated by the Silver Samuri. The plot is done very well, partly due to the fact that James Mangold is a better director than Bryan Singer. The setting in Japan allows for a lot of freedom to be put in place simply because it breaks off a lot of the walls of restrictions another New York setting would behold. Mangold's direction makes us care about even the stupidest of characters, like Harada.

This is a shorter review, but the film was very good and I recommend watching it. Jackman is again good, after having the Rock train him and Mangold is a good director, good enough to restore the X-Men films back to their previous position in the comicbookmovie hierarchy. So I give this Wolverine Film a :


Thursday, July 25, 2013

About Max Landis' Death of Superman

I would have loved to have read the story Max Landis posted, but in an Elseworlds tale. However, nonetheless, many details would traverse very well onto the New 52 Earth, which is the only one I read. Honestly, though, looking at the solicits, it seems that the Superman editor, who was to have Greg Pak cowrite this with Landis before his duties got it shelved, is taking a lot of these ideas for the brand. Let's look at the solicits, shall we? Except, you guys can click on the link and read them because I don't want to post shit.

Batman/Superman #3.1
Long before Superman fought the unstoppable monster known as Doomsday, the beast’s reputation for death and destruction haunted The Man of Steel’s home world of Krypton. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/batman-superman-2013/batmansuperman-31-doomsday#sthash.pHioITbS.dpuf
Long before Superman fought the unstoppable monster known as Doomsday, the beast’s reputation for death and destruction haunted The Man of Steel’s home world of Krypton. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/batman-superman-2013/batmansuperman-31-doomsday#sthash.pHioITbS.dpuf
Long before Superman fought the unstoppable monster known as Doomsday, the beast’s reputation for death and destruction haunted The Man of Steel’s home world of Krypton. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/batman-superman-2013/batmansuperman-31-doomsday#sthash.pHioITbS.dpuf

Now, Greg Pak has already done interviews about this issue. Basically, he is imbuing Doomsday into the mythology of Krypton, reinventing it and making Doomsday more than just a plot device, but rather a character, a stock character nonetheless. Hence, we should be seeing some of Landis' ideas here, that Doomsday was a big part of Krypton before it ended.

Action Comics #23

Screw the main feature solicit, but rather look at the backup. It talks about General Zod, or Colonel Zod for now, well it seems like it's Zod. It shows the idea of Zod that was prevalent in Landis' video, that Zod was trying to achieve things through war and Jor-El was simply trying to end the conflict. Of course this was prevalent in Man of Steel as well, so maybe not so much this issue.

Action Comics #23.2

This one is confirmed to be about General Zod and guess what, it's written by Greg Pak. From what I can tell from interviews and concept art, Zod is at first shown to be a genuinely nice guy, just like in Landis' video. The issue is about the brotherly friendship and unfriending on Facebook that happened between Zod and Jor-El, just like in the video. Expect Zod to return shortly after The Return of Krypton and Cyborg Superman fiasco, and expect him to be gonnegted to one of those two messes.
Supergirl #23

Now what could this issue have to do with Landis' video? A story that reinvents Hank Henshaw is what it appears to be at most, to tell you the truth. It doesn't depict Henshaw in the way that Landis would have, but it does take one key note, but this too can be ignored because of vagueness, his interest in the Supers.

Supergirl #24

Here it is, the true gonnegtion to Landis' video. This comic is the first time, I think, that Brainiac and Hank Henshaw were put against each other. I believe in the video that first Henshaw as in control and then Brainiac beat him for control of the city. This appears to be taking a key point from the video, the rise of Hank Henshaw, though this will likely be detailed more in Supergirl #23 and the return of Brainiac and what they want to do with Metropolis. What should be interesting is their gonnegtion to Supergirl, though don't be surprised if it is only through Superman and the House of El. But believe this, this issue should strike similarities to the second half of the video.

Well, that's all that I can pull up and even if not most of Landis' ideas are taken in, I'm sure that some themes and concepts will be pulled.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UN Investigating Chemical Weapons in Syria

Well this is a rather interesting turn of events. The UN Team has been sent into Syria to find out about chemical arms. It is quite obvious that they are going to find it and nothing at all. From where they have been sanctioned to go, they will find nothing but evidence that there is, because they will find nothing. From that they will do some international ambassador's aide classic spy work and hopefully find out. No matter what they do, they will find something of note and an international tribunal will be held. America has stated they will get involved to some capacity if chemical weapons are found being used, so we shall all wait and see. Just remember, no sides, no consequences.

Supernatural Spin-Off

One of my favorite shows on television is the gorey, action-packed, gun-toting, yet storytelling masterpiece Supernatural. Season 5, cancellation seemed like the perfect time. I would accept it then, but it went on and while Season 6 confused me, I liked how it changed the status quo and what the series was about. Season 7 was going so strong, I loved it, it changed everything, gave a new villain until the ending became comic booked. Season 8 wasn't about new monsters or anything, it was just new and it was amazing. It was, oh how did that saying go, a breast of fresh ass.

The producer says his story goes on until Season 10. I'm not taking that as a cancellation date, I'm taking that as a date that the producer departs the show. I would be glad with it ending then, after all, that could give Jensen Ackles time to play Batman. Ever since I heard that news I would love for him to play the role. No, he's not as young as Christian Bale when he snagged the role, but was Michael Keaton? Yet Keaton's performance as Batman ranks as the best Batman thus far. So, yeah, that's kind of how I see things going for Supernatural, a good ending, five years after it should have been.

Season 9, I pumped and am excited for the premiere and how it all goes down for the two brothers. One of the episode that intrigues me, though, is episode 20. The spin-off backdoor pilot episode. It'll introduce a new character, who will get his own spin-off afterwards. I am intrigued, wholly excited, but more intrigued than excited. Remember when the Office was ending, they made the episode called The Farm that was supposed to be Dwight's departure from the show to start his own show? Yeah, remember they cancelled that before the episode aired so the episode kind of ended up sucking a whole lot. Then again, Supernatural takes place in a world where anything is possible. Although I would have loved to see a mockumentary on Dwight, I cannot deny that it would have felt shallow compared to The Office, especially since it would be little more than an extension of it. Perhaps that is why they cancelled that series, because it would be an extension of a beloved character whose story had really ended with the Office. You see, doing a spin-off on Castiel would be really more of the same thing, but this is a new character. That is what has be intrigued, will the spin-off, it will air because of The Originals, be inspired by the adventure in Season 9, or not? Personally, I feel that the episode should be to introduce the new character and his series will be about his own thing, it doesn't even need to mention the adventure or have a gonnegtion to it. It would be so much better if it was just another series set int he same world. It can succeed where other spin-offs have failed, showing a spin-off that doesn't need to rely on the success of it's parent show. That is where Castiel would have failed, people would have needed to know about him in Supernatural, that is where The Colt would have failed, people would wonder why Hell on Wheels with Demons would make sense. That is why Angel failed after five seasons, people wondered why Buffy's boy-toy had his own show, same reason why that Joey show failed miserably. But this, this can be something new, it can be something great.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What Man of Steel II Should and Should Not Be

The more I think in the last few days, it's not about Batman in Man of Steel II: World's Finest (I wish this is the title) but rather how it could make the formula of Iron Man II a critical success (because we all know this film will be a financial success). The more I think about it, giving both titular characters enough onscreen time establishment and development would demand more than can be afforded, it would rob Superman of his rightful development and rush Batman. Splitting a film 50/50 would be a recipe for failure, as well as keeping the dark Batman tone from the previous film without making the indicated jump to a lighthearted film as indicated in the closing sequence. Yet not having a dark tone would screw over Batman but two dark Superman films is not good, really, I mean aside from Zod, who Goyer mentions will be dealt with, what does Supes have to worry about? Having it feature Batman prominently will ruin the film for Superman.

Now, before I get to Iron Man II, I have to talk about Superman vs. Batman. That is a huge recipe for a critical failure. There are so few storylines in DC that have gotten this concept right, and to do it in a film, it really would not be good. How would Superman and Batman come to blows? How would it end if there is no Kryptonite? Does Batman invent Kryptonite? Does Superman throw Batman out of orbit to end the film? Hell, as cool as it sounds, unless Batman has known Superman for years in the upcoming DCCU, Superman vs. Batman would not be a good film. Then it brings the last paragraphs article of character development back into play. Villains are normally underedeveloped to give the hero more sympathy, this was the case for Superman in The Dark Knight Returns. I don't want to see Batman taking on a Superman who seems to be a bit more badass from Man of Steel and I don't want to see Superman fighting a Batman because... well I can't think of a reason, which is because Batman is generally favoured over Superman. So would Warner Bros really make their golden goose the villain? No, and they would screw over Supes in the process. I love Batman and would not want to see this for him.

Now, underdevelopment, if done right, can be a very good thing. One of the things that I liked in Iron Man II, out of so few, was Black Widow. She was an underdeveloped character, but she wasn't the villain, she was a side character given as much prominence as it should have been. You see, Man of Steel II can be like Iron Man II and deal with the damage done to Metropolis, irradiation in the Indian Ocean and still feature Batman, an underdeveloped Batman and make it good. How? Presentation. Black Widow and villains are normally underdeveloped, Black Widow, in Iron Man II (not Avengers) is presented as such and villains are presented via villainy. Batman can be presented indirectly, though underdeveloped and still give a good character. Indirect presentation should be key. You see, Batman's role isn't going to be as minor as Black Widows, or as insignificant, but that doesn't mean the handling shouldn't be in the same way. It should be done in a similar fashion, for both Bruce Wayne and Batman, but done larger and given indirect presentation to indicate a troubling past, passive aggressiveness and just losing control. That would be how to handle Batman, the elephant in the film.

Now remember, Batman and Superman fighting in one scene near the middle won't be all bad, but as a culminating scene it will be terrible. The films story should reflect Bruce Wayne appearing as a playboy billionaire visiting Metropolis with an ulterior motive (Magpie anyone?), Clark's character development and Batman aiding Superman take down the villain's plans while Superman taking down the villain. That is a recipe for success, whilst I have a special post tomorrow.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Man of Steel II: World's Finest

So with news this big, I just had to post, didn't I? Yes, I would have posted had the news been much simpler, but this big? I was surprised they didn't announce The Flash, like reported, as well, then the crowd would have gone nuts. Maybe they are saving that announcement till later, who knows. But Scott Snyder came out, to a huge applause, announced Man of Steel II to a gigantic applause. So immediately thoughts swirled around my head, Superman deals with Zod's death, lighter film, Luthor makes himself known, battle with Brainiac. Thoughts about what next: World's Finest, Trinity, Justice League. But then Lennix said the famous words of Frank Miller and Man of Steel II became World's Finest, with the two leads established, Warner, give us one more League member film and then give us the League. What would have made this better? If Dark Universe: Heaven Sent was announced as well, but World's Finest is huge on it's own. As evident by The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is big enough to go against The Avengers 2 alone, with Superman, sorry Tony, you don't stand a chance.

We know that the Man of Steel cast will be returning, so I'm sure a majority of the film will be focused on Clark. So, while I would like to have the film divided fifty-fity, Superman/Batman, if not, it should seventy five Superman/twenty five Batman. That is if it is not fifty-fifty. How would this work, easy, give Bruce Wayne a background foreground presence, first establish him as Wayne, a playboy business competitor of Luthor who too is helping clean up Metropolis, but differently. Later Clark runs into Batman, and finds out he is already all prepped for Anti-Superman, with the suit we've seen in Man of Steel, but has as of yet figured out a true weakness. Yes Clark figures out Bruce is Batman, but when they meet again, he should be shocked to know Bruce knows Clark is Superman.

Again, just my two cents and inner fanboy unleashed!

See ye around.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wait... what?

So I've posted on the Syrian Uprising, or Civil War, before and it's quite obvious that I do not really support either side. Maybe in early 2011, I was all for the rebels, because lets face it, al-Assad is basically is father inept the ability to quash an uprising. You see, al-Assad is really just a tyrant, a king who falls under a greater king, Nasrallah. Now, let me clear this up for everyone easily:

al-Assad inherits one of the most powerful kingdoms and despite his attempts at reforms, he does not die a hero and lives long enough to see himself become a villain. Under the pressure of the greater leader in the Mesopotamia area, Nasrallah, al-Assad realizes he needs to quell the Arab Spring protests. He retaliates exactly how he should not, exactly how he would not have ten years ago, and goes with a violent militaristic approach. Now, two sides are fighting, al-Assad's military against the Free Syrian Army. However, the PYD, a third faction, has entered the fighting.

Naturally one would assume that al-Assad is the bad guy, the rebels the good guy and the PYD the wild card. True, but it all comes down to who is backing who.

The Syrian Government:

I myself have withdrawn all support on any faction, but let me clarify first. al-Assad is a leader of his own country, but a puppet in international tribunals, a puppet to Nasrallah of the Hezbollah, now the most dangerous terrorist group in the world (a position I would say it lost to al-Qaeda, but after recent strides, it is the most dangerous again) and a member of the Lebanese government. Naturally, Nasrallah would want al-Assad to stop the Uprising, but after the Uprising became a full scale Civil War, it was quite obvious that al-Assad would lose. So, against the better judgment of his people, Nasrallah sends in the Hezbollah militants, likely at the urging of Iran, hoping that they can stabilize the region. Now, that just makes you want to hate al-Assad even more, not only are his own troops dedicated, but he has the support of the two most dangerous countries in the region, both who want to stabilize the region through him. What is more, the arguable most powerful nation in the world, Russia, backs them.

The Free Syrian Army:

The Free Syrian Army is the militia group founded by the Syrian Government's crackdown on the rebels. This committee is essentially the antithesis of the Syrian Army, it is until the end of 2011, the guys we want to win. Here is the catch, though, only 50 % of Syria supports them, because unlike the situation in Libya, not everyone hates al-Assad. Now, like I said, this is the group that people outside Syria would want to support, exactly why the al-Nusra front is backing it. These Islamic Terrorists are ruthless al-Qaeda inspired militants who follow a more aggressive Mujahideen methodology and are essentially the FSA's antithesis to Hezbollah. Even after this, some people may claim it is okay, because despite their close ties, they aren't al-Qaeda themselves, right? Right. But their close ties to al-Qaeda has gotten hundreds, apparently, Taliban volunteers to go from Pakistan to Syria to fight for the FSA. So, I suppose these are the antithesis to Iran's participation in the war. If you are American or Canadian (as most of my readers are) and that does not make your blood boil, then this should, what is more, the arguable most powerful nation in the world, the USA, backs the FSA. The US backs the FSA, may not advocate their methods, but does back them, meaning they hope to have the FSA not be a government who is influenced from the Taliban or al-Nusra.

Wow, so the FSA isn't all that good anymore either, that just leaves one side...

The PYD:

The Democratic Union Party in Syria is a group that showed up, I suppose, late into the civil war, though they had been founded ten years ago. I suppose this is because they were an underground political party at first and have just gotten into militaristic tactics as of late. Both sides, the FSA and the Syrian Army have made claims that the PYD actually works for the other end, while the PYD itself claims that it wants to make the government it believes Syria should have. Well, this wild card actually seems like the best bet as of yet. Wait, doesn't PYD sound familiar? Ah yes, the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Pary, those terrorists who hound Eastern Turkey? Yeah, declaring KONGRA GEL the leader of Kurdish people even though they are in a different country, the PYD isn't all sunny either. Here is the thing, though, they aren't backed by any country, just political terrorist parties. The PYD has, however, admitted that despite ideological similarities, it is actually not that close to the PKK. That sounds good, yes, but I suppose the KONGRA GEL thing is what lost it support by almost everyone but those guys with guns in Turkey. The PYD is only supported by the Kurdish people in Syria, a reason why the Kurdish National Council, another group of fighters, share control of captured areas with the PYD and vice-versa. Here is the thing, though, despite all their badness, they are actually better than the previous two parties, since they want Kurdish autonomy, not independence. But it is these qualities, and what they are willing to do to get it, that makes them just as bad, ideologically, they are the best, but otherwise, no. The PYD is not considered an official player because of how unknown they are, but they are the wild card.

In Conclusion:
I just felt like posting on this. It seemed like I needed to make my say more clear because I have talked about this in the past and no matter my opinions back then, my opinion now is what I believe others should be. Do not support any side in this war, the Syrian Government are tyrants, the FSA is a bunch of terrorists and the PYD is something backed by one goal. Honestly, even though this war will determine the course of a whole region of millions of people, it is not a war where we can just take a side because we are not there, we cannot decide.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seventh Son Trailer

I was actually surprised I found out about it as late as I did. I've been a huge fan of the book series for a couple of years now, but since I live in North America it is titled The Last Apprentice. I figured that it would get that name instead of the Spook's Apprentice or even the Wardstone Chronicles. I was completely surprised when Seventh Son was chosen, but I figure that it has just that much more mystique to it than another chronicles. The funny thing is, that when I read books, I imagine the characters in my head. I created original people for all the characters but John Gregory, after watching True Grit, only Jeff Bridges fit that role. I was happy when he was cast.

So, I haven't read the most recent novel on Grimalkin, but from my analysis of the trailer, even though Ben Barnes is a decade too old, the film looks pretty good. Now, I'm not one who complains about staying true to source material, because I personally believe that a film should deviate, because I believe in a multiverse. I believe in getting different adaptations of the same story. Hence, I believed that a strict adaptation of the first film, too off, especially since I think that the first novel is too short and not action packed to have a successful film adaptation. So I was glad at how they deviated, the effect it added was unique. Nonetheless, I still believe a younger actor would have done fine, but if Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield can play teenagers, so can Ben Barnes. But, now, don't trust wikipedia, it says 14, don't trust it. They probably amped it up so that he's nineteen and this is the late seventeen hundreds, not early 1700s or late sixteen hundreds. One thing I don't trust, however, Sergei Bodrov, after Green Lantern, the only older directors I trust are the ones that are more well known (Campbell was just a James Bond fluke to me).

My analysis of the trailer is that it will be a loose adaptation of the original novel. It introduces some new characters and so forth, but the basic plot appears to be the same. Coward Tom Ward is chosen to be the new Spook, Malkin escapes, Ward trains and ends the Malkin threat. Same story as the novel, it is what happens in between that I want to know more about. I saw some Hindu demon (or was it God?) in there, weird ogres and trolls and the power of the witches. It appears that they took the original book, drained it dry and put it on Bane's Venom. Honestly, though, say the film has four acts, it appears it will have at least two action scenes, one at the beginning and one at the end. From the look of things, it seems very good, but could very well turn out to be Eragorn 2. We saw hints of character development and action all around, but don't go right away. Wait for some reviews to come out, but don't worry, it comes out next year.

Monday, July 15, 2013

So in Conclusion...

... do not chase a bunny if you cannot catch it. Frankly, bunnies can have a heart attack if you scare them enough, I believe that is what happened here. So I chased it, nearly had it, grabbed it's right rabbit foot. Lucky me the problem is over, I guess the luck did not traverse over to the animal. It went out to the road, just stopped. I would have approached it had a bus not been coming. Long story short, the rabbit is in multiple places now, decomposing.