Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 Villains

As my penultimate post on this blog, I've decided to do a Top 10 list. Everybody does it, so, why can't I? I can, and so I will. I'm doing this on the Top 10 villains, not in comic books, not in film, but of all time, and I think my list may intrigue you.
No backstory, but still...

10) Scar - I guess you could say the uncle from Hamlet, as well, but quite frankly, the allegorical representation of him as Scar in The Lion King is a much more fitting adaptation than the character. It's funny, Disney made a Shakespearean character better than Shakespeare. He is pure villainy, not shown to have any tragedy in him. He doesn't care that he killed his brother, drove out his nephew and is starving the kingdom. He only cares about being on top, a trait that, while would make most characters seem flat, actually makes him quite round.

9) Dracula - One of the most renowned villains in all of literature, with the ramifications of his creation being felt the most today, even though he is rarely mentioned in most vampire books. If you read the book, you'll see a lot of attempts by the author to flesh him out, but honestly, if you go down to it, the count is little more than a mass murderer. That is what makes him so great, despite of all that he wants, he is little more than a cowardly criminal. I guess cowardly in the sense that he runs away from his problems is wrong, but cowardly in the sense that he does what he does would work (why Batman calls Joker a coward).
Alien vs. Predator (2004) - Alien.jpg
Aliens just wanna have fun!

8) The Alien - Not any of the Xenomorphs featured in any of the other films, but rather the very first one we ever laid our eyes on in Alien. This creature alone seems more terrifying than the multitudes we encounter en masse in all of the other films. This is a very stock character, and that is a very good thing. It shows the danger of one of these creatures, considering how it takes out an entire crew and still almost wins (the original script HAD it win). The simple fact that all this creature wants to do is kill puts it on this list. The original itself is more dangerous than anything in Aliens (where making multiples of the creature makes that singular seem weak) and Prometheus.
And you're going to hear me: ROAR!

7) Godzilla - Now most Godzilla flicks that people watch are either the Matthew Broderick one or the ones where Godzilla is the hero. Rarely do people get the chance, simple due to it's age, to watch the very first big monster flick. In here Godzilla is initially presented as a monster with a rage for wanton destruction. As the film goes on the viewer learns that it is actually a vendetta against Japan, let alone a primitive one. Watch the eyes of the Godzilla puppet knowing that the creature is just out for revenge, you'll appreciate the monster more.

6) Magnus "Max" Eisenhardt - Not Erik Lensherr, Max Eisenhardt was the comics version of Magneto. The two may share similar qualities, old men who ware very popular and hate humanity. However, the difference is that while Lensherr is as much hero as he is villain, Eisenhardt never truly becomes a hero or a villain. He is an antihero, and that is what makes his villain great, the fact that he really is not one. A tragic hero some may call him, suffering from Nazis in Concentration Camps and Politicians in freedom, but an antihero he is, trying to kill the wrong people for the right reasons.

5) Sauron - Rarely ever seen in the novel, but rather a background presence whose name is mentioned with fear, disdain and mistrust. The Lord of the Rings makes a good villain because in truth, he is never in the actual story. A being who watches over Mordor, representing all that is wrong with the world, he really shouldn't be on this list. Why? He doesn't do anything, he is championed by the Witch King, shown through orcs, so why is he on here? Because he doesn't do anything, how great a villain that need not do anything to succeed?
I'll eat your nose.

4) Hannibal Lecter - While Anthony Hopkins' presentation may have been wonderful, I'm talking about the Hannibal from the novel. He is a villain, yes, but is shown as a villain whose trying to be a hero by being the villain. As in, he's definitely a bad guy, yes, but he's helping a good guy by being a bad guy. If it doesn't make sense, read Red Dragon and you'll know exactly why Mr. Hannibal is on my list.
Sneer, sneer, sneer!

3) Voldemort - His character was built up over seven novels and eight films, yet only at the very end of each of those did we truly understand Lord Voldemort - Tom Marvolo Riddle. He's a stock character all the way up until the end, portrayed as the Wizard Hitler, and honestly, he's quite boring, Yet he is on this list not because of the danger he represents as a sole individual, but the fact that he's not entirely wrong in what he wants, he's wrong in why he wants that. He is wrong to me, but others would see why he could want wizard supremacy, because why do they have live in secrecy?
It's the Professor X Macbeth!

2) Macbeth - The protagonist of the story is the villain, whereas Macduff, the antagonist of the story is the hero? One of Shakespeare's smallest plays, yet one of his most influential. Yes it hasn't been reaped and sowed as many times as Hamlet, but Macbeth presents the character Lord Macbeth. Calling him a tragic hero is a sad excuse for saying protagonists must be heroes. He is tragic, yes, and that is why he's such a good villain. Eventually the guilt of his actions hits his brain and he becomes a full fledged villain, feeling immortal.
With his breathing, he can also deliver your baby, just BREATHE

1) Darth Vader - Could you expect anybody else at the top? Darth Vader, the champion of the Emperor. This is the guy that if you are a good guy, you don't want to face off against. If he finds your lack of faith disturbing, he'll force choke you, even if you are on his side. He is a round character because he is a flat character. What is he, a cybernetic assassin who lords over the galaxy with an iron fist all because his leader tells him to? Yes, he is that, but what many people forget is that because he is that he is a tragic hero, a real tragic hero (hear that Macbeth). He thinks that he is doing the right thing, keeping everybody in tyranny, believing that the Dark Side of the force can keep everyone in order, believing that the Dark Side of the force is the good side. He's wrong, and that is why he is on top.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arkham Origins Playthrough Videos

While you guys should still expect Knight's other videos (Uncharted 3/K Os, Matrix, Little Talks Remake), I am happy to let you guys know that he is finally making those gaming videos he promised oh so long ago. They will each be focused on the boss fights with each major boss in Batman: Arkham Origins and while it's not a traditional approach, I hope you guys enjoy it. I did include Knight's latest video in my last post as well as this one, it's right below.

The trailer for Wally Pfister's Transcendence (remember that movie I said that despite Johnny Depp would be shit) got released. Yes, the movie seems very interesting, but we've seen it all before, it's just a mash up of every movie that Pfister and Nolan have made together, with more computers. Honestly, I hope the film does well, but it looks awful.


Monday, December 23, 2013

A Secret Wars Film?

Let me start of by saying that if I'm right, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will follow the Ultimate Universe saga in which the Sinister Six offed Peter Parker for some Puerto Rican kid. Andrew Garfield already said he's not doing it, unless he decides to do it, I'm sure that is where Sony is having James Vanderbilt take the series. Now, these first three films were to be an origin for an expanded universe, correct? Now, lets see, what can Sony hit that Marvel (Shared Universe) or Fox (Time Travel) has not hit. I'll tell you, the Multiverse.
Don't forget the safe word!

No doubt DC will probably use the Multiverse before any company, but Sony should probably be the first ones to do it. I mean, if anything, they'll get Knight back if they have a Maguire-Garfield teamup. If Sony accesses the Multiverse, they could potentially do a film titled Secret Wars. Now, how can only Sony make this film? Look at the 1994 Spider-Man animated series. They did Secret Wars in that, sure it had the X-Men, but this could feature the villains and guys like Moon Knight or Cloak and Dagger. Hell, it would be the perfect way to introduce Venom, a factor that would put straying away from the comic in it's place. Sony could pull it off...
You tell em.

... but so could Fox. With time travel being discovered and Apocalypse being made, it's not hard to believe that X-Men: Days of Future Past could feature such an event so catastrophic that it features the universe being fractured. This results in the Secret Wars, and with the vast array of X-Men and the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, yeah, this could work. In fact, Fox has the best chance out of any company...

... except maybe Marvel. The thing about Marvel is that they own the Avengers, who rival Spider-Man AND the X-Men and even though they have nowhere near as many characters as those two compnies together, they have the mass appeal.Downey Jr. signed onto the first three Iron Men because of the stories, The Avengers for the appeal and it's sequels for money. He would do a Secret Wars movie for the appeal and story, I'm sure. No, they cannot use elements of the story because most of it was key to Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, but they have the characters. They could really do this...
Now available.

... but what if all three studios collaborated? The most imaginative film ever worked on simply due to the sheer amount of studios backing it up with them stacks of benjamins (fuck you Annie!). This would cost just about as much to make as Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End, have maybe more than one director and surely at least six or seven rewrites. It would also be more than one film, I'm sure of it. However, Marvel's got their Infinity arc to play out, Inhumanity to introduce. Fox has to save the X-Men and according to Knight, Sony can go "fuck themselves". We'll never see it, but, just think about it for now.
I don't think those boots would not get wet.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Batista Returning?

Sunday WWE post everybody. So, the word out is that Batista could be returning to the WWE. This is interesting, very interesting indeed, especially since the news was leaked. Now, it could be just that the arena or stadium put his name up there due to his association with the company. WWE could just be mad with them because they put up wrong information. Of course this always gets translated as leaked return and WWE anger at this.
Who the fuck is Darrell Barnhardt?

It is probably false, mind you, as there were several better opportunities for Batista to return, and his Twitter remarks to those, just as truthful. He wasn't returning. Batista is the last name, outside the Rock and Brock Lesnar, that people wanted to return. However, unlike those two, he is not in his prime anymore. He's almost 45, what would he do upon return? I'm just guessing be an enforcer, promote Guardians of the Galaxy and leave. He hasn't tweeted anything in a while, but, people, like me, do that from time to time. It may seem strange, however, he's an avid tweeter and if this is true, he's just avoiding media until this all blows over.
I know that feeling...

What if he did return, however? Who would he face? The reasonable guess would be Daniel Bryan or CM Punk at WrestleMania 30, the latter who deserves to headline the show. Now, Batista could provide WM30 (who, without the Rock, looks really undearachieving compared to last year) the push that it needs to be a success. Both of those wrestlers look like they could pull off the big fight with Batista, since, due to John being involved in a Hulk Hogan angle (likely the special guest reff for the match against the Undertaker). CM Punk seems most likely for the match, since, it is probably going to headline and he deserves it the most. I mean, let's face it, Bryan's going to rep Vince McMahon (in a twist of fate!) against the tyrinnical Triple H.
the fuck?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Reviewe

Short film review, but I hope it's worth it.
Knew it.

Starting off, the film does feel very rushed and not Middle Earth like at first. The one scene I was looking forward too was Bilbo versus the Spiders, unfortunately everything stopped being rushed almost immediately after this scene. Each scene before the dwarves' imprisonment was completely not worth it, and likely to be expanded more in the expanded edition. So, don't fret. It's just that considering how long this film was, I'm just saying, if this was a two-part series, it would not have been very good.

The acting of Bilbo by Martin Freeman is phenomenal, as expected, but it is the actor who acts Thorin (lost his name) who really steals the show. He's essentially the Aragorn of this film series, and he really takes it up. Even though his appearance is brief, Luke Evans knocks it out the ballpark. "No right" is probably the best line in the movie, said with so much honour and conviction, Evans' acting is the best.

Then we have the story, purists do not fret, the general story of the film is essentially that of the novel. It's just how those events play along that is changed. There's also the tidbits of knowledge, like Smaug being aware of Sauron, the Necromancer sending his cronies to the Mountain, that the fanboys may be pissed off about. However, the general story is translated very well into a 2013 fashion, so thank you Mr. Jackson.
Don't whine purists, Tauriel can shut you up!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Venom and the Sinister Six?

Well, I've got a couple of news to give out. I haven't posted in a week and I apologize. It's just that something came up, and with all the news I wanted to post. The first thing is that after December, in the new year, whether or not I will continue to post at Cutlock will be in doubt. I'll try to inform you guys more about this.

The second is, Bad Roomies by Patrick Renna. This is a project on Kickstarter that I say you all pledge a dollar too, I feel it's something that deserves the money compared to all those half-assed RPGs that everyone promises will have the same thing as each other yet beats it's pledge by so much. Considering how much they ask for as well...

Next I have Randy Orton becoming the first titled WWE World Heavyweight Championship (though both titles prior were also those names in technicalities). I am glad John Cena did not win. How many times does a man have to define his career?
No, he was wrestling when wrestling was cool.

Now, lastly Venom and Sinister Six. Knight is probably mad, he didn't want this universe to continue and told me he would only watch another Spider-Man film again IF they rebooted the franchise once more, even if it is a semi-reboot in this universe (Puerto Rican Ultimate Spider-Man anyone?). However, this news for Venom is good because the character may get some respect that people want him to have. The problem is that in Spider-Man 3, Venom was wonderfully used as a plot device, something that his fans didn't want him to be. As for Sinister Six, I feel this is a wonderful opportunity, but it has to lead to a Doctor Octopus movie starring B.J. Novak. This film will only work if it's like that casino movie with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. I posted on this topic here, and while Sinister Six is left wing, I did agree on Venom.
Alex Kurtzman.JPG
Never directed a thing in his life. Get's Venom.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

That Godzilla Trailer

So, the trailer for Gareth Evan's Godzilla was released today.
Remember this? Neither do I!

Unlike every Godzilla movie ever made, for 2013 standards, it actually looks good. Given our expectations aren't that high in the first place, blow up stuff, show a big monster, show Godzilla die and see him come back. It should satisfy us, but... it's Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the dude's only good role was Kick Ass.
Godzilla is one 100 m.

I don't trust him and think he should die in the film.
Weasel faced mother fucker.

The end.
Yes, I must type in my initials.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

WWE Live Vancouver 2013 Review

In February 2011, Knight posted his review of WWE Raw House Show at the PNE Agredome in Vancouver. Now, nearly three years later, WWE finally returned to Vancouver with a show featuring many of the same superstars those years ago. Now, I did not attend that event, nor this one. So how, say you, can I review it? Simple answer, I can't, my WWE post this Sunday is written by Knight. All I am doing is analyzing his words. This is not his return to the blog (by January, he'll be back and I'll be gone), but rather a prelude. Let's start.

"Okay, the show starts off with some announcer whose not Josh Matthews introducing a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Title. We all know how this'll end, but, I mean, it's fun to watch. R-Truth comes out into the ring. I see this one lady with a million signs. Lady behind me is wearing a CM Punk shirt and getting drunk. Some people are already getting escorted out. Every time Truth says 'Wassup' I say 'You Suck!'."

Well, I personally like R-Truth, I think he gets way more shit than he deserves.
That face.

"Then comes in Axel and the crowd starts chanting 'Axel Sucks!' and he gets angry and like a local wrestling league, interacts with the crowd. When Langston comes in with the title, he gets the biggest pop of them all. So the match starts with Axel running out of the ring and Langston & Truth competing amongst themselves until Axel kicks out Langston and starts beating on R-Truth.'

I too would say 'Axel Sucks!' and would cheer for Big E Langston. The interesting thing to note is that despite the set up being like Raw, but darker, WWE Live plays out like TNA would. I also like how Axel has embraced the heel role, but even at a house show cannot pull it off without looking stupid.
I loved evil Punk.

"Axel beats on Truth, kicks him out of the ring, Langston comes in and takes down Curt. Big Ending and this match is over. After this we have the Diva's Tag-Team Contest, The Bellas vs. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. This match plays out how we expect it to, the Bellas fight AJ, get beat up by Tamina and get a roll-up for the win. Then we have Xavier Woods vs. Hunico (sorry, this match happened before the Divas match, I just remembered it later). Not a bad match, the competitors are really trying to entice the crowd and they both buy into it, except more people know the ref Charles Robinson than either man. Xavier Woods' Titantron is so stupid."

It's okay, I understand the remembrance of the Divas. I like how the Intercontinental Title match supposedly ended and I get that WWE is testing out Woods and Hunico. However, without giving them any speaking time (I think, he never told me if they did or didn't), how can either get a push. This is especially true since Hunico is Sin Carly Rae Jepsen again.
Total Dibas!

"Now we have Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. This was a very enjoyable match to watch live and I am sad it did not end the show. It's basically everything they've done on tv, but watching it live makes it all the more enjoyable. The most memorable part was the Superplex, that was done fantastically. Basically Randy Orton wins after Corporate Kane comes out. Randy then gets a beatdown at the hands of Mark Henry."

I heard that Henry and Orton were supposed to feud. Perhaps bad buy rates for Survivor Series nixed this? He didn't go into much detail about the match, so we should take his word for it.
Add caption here you bitch.

"After that match an intermission happens. It fades by pretty quickly as Los Matadores comes out to face 3MB. Jinder Mahal is Punjabi and Canadian, so obviously the crowd is chanting '3MB' and only the little white kids are going 'Ole'. So yeah, 3MB dominates the match and then loses. Mahal and Macintyre stay in afterwards to recieve large chants from the audience."

Well, Mahal deserves that. He's one of those guys that got stuck in a gimmick based off his skin colour and that has really denied him the ability to shine, especially now that he's stuck in Heath Slater's gimmick. I know there's a lot of brown people in Abbotsford, so again, I get it.

"Now comes out Fandango, the crowd is dead. Then Khali and much like with Mahal, he gets a huge pop. Security guard in front of me is also Punjabi, he's laughing as this white guy spills his beer trying to do Bhangra. They have a dance off, all my people cheer for Khali. They have a match and Fandango gets quashed."

This is what a concussion did to Fandango, it robbed him of his Intercontinental Title Shot and sent him low card. I don't like Khali, I don't know what Bhangra is, so, I don't get this segment at all.

"Now for the main event: CM Punk vs Luke Harper. The Wyatts come out first and Bray sits down in his chair. CM Punk comes out and the crowd explodes in cheers. They have a match. The dumb bitch behind me is going off swearing here and there, not minding the kids. Drunk whore. So basically, Harper dominates the early match, but Punk bounces back and takes advantage, even getting in a few shots at Bray. This match was good, but not as good as the WWE Title Match was. At the very end, Punk says he loves Vancouver because it's the only city in Canada where immigration hasn't hassled him. He shakes the entire front rows hands and leaves."

CM Punk hasn't been putting on that many good matches since the Brock Lesner bout, so I get how this was kind of a letdown. However, I find it funny how immigration hassles Punk when they travel to Calgary or Tornto (given they go there a lot). So, that's it folks.
Ha ha ha.