Friday, August 10, 2012

No WCW in WWE '13

Remember when I said that WCW was not necessary for WWE '13's Attitude Mode to thrive? I was right, it wasn't necesseary, because although they competed for ratings and occasional mentions were made, they were small and sporadic and each show had their own distinct storyline. Now to get WCW superstars would be hard, as most are signed to TNA, with Hogan being the only TNA star who can be exempted. Although ratings could still be implemented, that will likely, and hopefully, be in Attitude Mode. It would be even harder to jam WCW in there since all of the stories were jumbled together, even more than in TNA. This is good, it will let people know there was more to the Attitude Era than fighting WCW. Yes, the Monday Night Wars will be in the game and likely WCW's mentions will be more than in the actual era, so you can get an idea that you will play through the five years of the Attitude Era, with minimal references to WCW, up until the the DX Invasion and the Purchase of WCW.

For a better and clearer understanding of this, since I don't believe I explained it properly, read this:

With WWE 13 we really wanted to focus on the WWE side of the history and really experience the Monday Night Wars from the WWE’s point of view, so we won’t be seeing the WCW in the game. We’re really coming at the story with the Attitude Era as the main focal point so we’ll be focusing on the WWE characters that really made that time a success.

Check this interview for more info:

And tomorrow, tune in for the info of a product that you may want to use.

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