Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let's Get Everything Clear

When I left this blog, it was because I had enough of it. I had Yafisz replace me and he took the blog to record heights. It's just that, I needed time for the blog to stay away from everything and so I asked Yafisz to step down. I've been trafficking a lot of attention to my YouTube Channel, Knight12ify and have begun remixing songs as well. I'm not back for good, no. I will start posting more, however, but they will be sporadic nonetheless.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Suck Vince McMahon

Yes, I'm back. Vince McMahon you stupid piece of trash, what the hell were you thinking? That match was a piece of garbage anyways. Brock Lesnar? I... it's unbelievable. What the hell! Not even the last match, it was before the divas match. Joey Styles you dumb loser, it was probably your idea. If Undertaker wanted to lose, you should have slapped him and made him win. Just no!

Yeah, Joey Styles, you and David Kapoor can go die!