Monday, January 28, 2013

Wade's Not a Cop?

Well, his role in Dead Man Down is a gangster working for Terrance Howard. This takes away a little credibility from his character in my opinion, as a conflicted anti-hero cop similar to Javert would be a good way to prove that he can act. But this new development, in terms of acting is just "Guh". Although I must admit, if he's given a large enough role, like the role that white ninja guy had in Jet Li's piano movie near the end, he could play his character to perfection. But seeing as his character is even more minor than I figured, I guess the film is less important to his future.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Long Huh?

Wow, the 2BINProductions blog has been around this long. This is actually longer than most blogs, since normally people forget their password or launch their blog as a temporary project. 2BINProductions was a temporary project born within what never was.

I have cut the locks.

2BINProductions and what Muhammad, Denny and I (Knight) have coming up is golden.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dead Man Down: Live WWE Studios

The Hive or the Call, or whatever the hell David Otunga was filming, we all know that it's going to surpass it's budget, but that is only because such a film would not have a high budget in the first place. But Dead Man Down is the film that showcases the Barret Barrage. It is going to be WWE Studios first successful theater film. It has a story that looks good, a trailer that confirms as much and appears as if it will make a lot of money.

Why? Look at the cast, Colin Farrell is a wonderful actor, sure his name has been slightly forgotten, but this movie seems like it could be the bump to get his name back on the road with the other greats. Noomi Rap... Rapak...Rapace is a wonderful and recognizable actor, though from name you won't realize her. And Terrance Howard, a lot of... damn kids ... won't recognize him simply because he hasn't been doing that much recently, but still: wonderful actor. Now many people might see this and say, WWE Studios... no wrestlers?

There's the thing though, it is like The Mummy Returns. That showcased Dwayne Johnson in really little more than a critical role presented through a cameo. Wade Barrett is in this movie in a role of a police officer who is hunting Farrell, this appears to be a shortened version of Luke Hobbs from Fast 5. This is not overexposure as we have seen from previous WWE Studios films, but rather a smart technique. It could allow Barrett to become the next great wrestling film star, become something that many, even the icon Hulk Hogan failed to do. Something only done by the Rock.

And if this movie is successful, and that is what Vinnie Mac is looking at, a lot of people could get their wish come true: A Wade Barrett World Heavyweight Championship Run.

Dead Man Down will be a great film.

It will be critical to Wade Barrett's future.

Not to mention Colin Farrell's.

Monday, January 7, 2013

First Post of 2013

What is the Era? It's simple. This blog is moving beyond having multiple directions, to one simple direction: THERE IS NO DIRECTION. Confusing? Slightly. Well the simple fact is, that from now on, I'm posting whatever the hell I want to post. It's not going to be racist, and god forbid sexist or support rape, because that stuff isn't funny. But it is going to be my opinion. Sure I've dropped a few f-bombs in the past, but I have always tried to restrain myself and I'm going to continue doing so, but the truth is, it may be less and less.

Basically, we are going from news, to video games to news/comics/games/sports and a helluva a lot more, well, once Mr. Youtube and Muhammad get working, it's going to be a ride? Who is Muhammad, we'll see... oh and next post: Dead Man Down.