Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of 2012

I don't make New Years Resolutions, they are unimportant. But, I will make a promise, first post of the new year, I will explain what the Era of the Knight is. When that post happens, it could even be on December 31st 2013, because that would be the first post of 2013, I will explain.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black Isle Donation

It's not a Kickstarter, hell it's not even an Indiegogo. It's a donation and Black Isle Studios has raised 5000 dollars so far with 171 investors. What does Black Isle Studios want? They want your money to make a tech demo of a game to show to investors. What you get, access to a forum for 10 $ and input in the game for 20 $.

Now, many people are complaining about this, bitching about it actually. First, I'd just like to say, the game they are talking about, recolonization mixed with Fallout, is a wonderful idea and I would love to see a tech demo of such. I get that you might not get your money back, but 20 dollars is not that large of an investment, hell just give 5 dollars. Well, I don't get why people are bitching so much. Here are there points:

It's Not Black Isle Studios - What? It's legally trademarked as such. The website says so, as does the resume on it's five employees. Hmmm. Oh wait, it doesn't have Fergus Urquhart! Well, does it need to? I mean, if the team determined the name of the studio, then Black Isle is currently known as Obsidian Entertainment. I mean the studio has employees who have worked for Interplay in the past, of which two worked for Black Isle, Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green. Oh, and then there is the fact that by the end of Black Isle's first run, people treated it as such, but there was no J.E Sawyer, there was no Urquhart, just Folleto. But it was still called Black Isle. I sense hypocrisy here. Nevertheless. Legally, it is Black Isle Studios. Now don't pull some spiritual crap on us.

No Refunds? - I don't know about you, but when I donate to charity, I don't really ask: "Will I get a refund if the kid still dies?" Basically, people are asking, will I get a refund if the project dies? No, you probably wont, but it is a donation. 5000 dollars is a lot to make a game, hell with that much, Interplay can pull of a small fun Unity 3D RPG game. With 16K, they can pull off a 10 $ Unity 3D game. No matter what, you can't deny that Herve Caen is not an idiot, a blundering intellectual that I hate, though Yafisz seems to adore, the man did pull a company from a lot of debt into the green zone. So either way, they have neough money to make a game, they will have more than enough by the end of the campaign. So if 20 people pledge 20 dollars a day, hell, if 50 people pledge 5 dollars a day, by the end of this campaign, Interplay could have enough money to make a small and fun game or a good tech demo. I don't know about the world, but I'd rather see more games in the world, even if some are quite shitty.

MMO? - It doesn't say MMO anywhere, so how can it be the next stage in Project V13? They also mention that a lot of the assets were thrown away. Well, a lot of these assets that they had to dump were simply source code and game prefabs directly related to Fallout. MMO codes were likely kept for future updates. A lot of people would likely jump in and contribute if this was MMO, that's what I'm hearing. But hear ye here ye, the game can be PV13 even without being a MMO. PV13 was the concept for a post-apocalyptic game designed by Interplay, which is what they are trying to make right now. At first PV13 evolved into FOOL, but rights forced it back into PV13 and the team had to take in a different direction.

The Video Sucked - This is the only one I understand and I have to ask, really, really?

Cash Grabs - Okay, it's a company that survives on making games. Why the fuck would they just take your money and do nothing with it. Do you see the logic behind that?

Herve Caen - Yes, also understandable. But all Herve did was try to make PS2 games without marketing. I think he's realized that Interplay will sell on PC because of the history the name has with PC.

The Eric Caen Pledge - Hey, at least he's pledged.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Irony

India is know for it's riots and wars with Pakistan, all the leading causes of death in the country, other than many cholera, famine and diseases. Yet they have the world's second largest population.

How the five wars or riots that have claimed more lives than any other armed conflict or disease on Earth has involved China to some capacity? Ye thte have the world's largest population.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Duke's Survival

I love Dwayne Johnson. Although he was in my first wrestling match, to me, he was an actor first. Though the name Dwayne Johnson was unheard of to me until 2005. But do I agree with him becoming the main point of G.I Joe 2? Yes. That way 3 can reinstate Duke's credibility as the main character.


Now I want Shazam.

Glad that Duke survived, simply because for a lot of G.I Joe's history, Duke was advertised as the main character. The flaws of the first one made people blame Tatum for the characters failure. Tatum is a good actor and I do believe that this new film and his survival will make him credible again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who the Hell is Morrissey?

Whoever he is, I think I like him:

"Even with the recent story about the nurse killing herself in King Edward Hospital, there's no blame placed on Kate Middleton who was in the hospital as far as I could see for absolutely no reason," Morrissey said in a wide-ranging interview with New Zealand television outlet 3News released today. "She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she's saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering, absolutely staggering. And why it's allowed to be I really don't know."

I totally agree with this. I bet you anything, if Middleton commented anything it would reach national news. Wanna know something, it would be along these lines: "We are extremely shocked by this turn of events. We had never hoped that something like this could happen. Our deepest prayers are with her family." Bullshit. I bet you anything, the only reason she killed herself was because she likely got berated a lot by somebody from the royal family. That or it wasn't a suicide.

"Does she have a health condition?" he asked. "Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy? We don't know. But what is the health condition? I mean morning sickness already? So much hoo haw and then suddenly as bright as a button as soon as this poor woman dies she's out of hospital? It doesn't ring true. It doesn't ring true.

Okay, so you are in the hospital for some morning sickness. Really? You gotta go out and announce it to the whole world crying out loud. Pray for me, my tummy hurts. Fuck You!

"And I'm sure the Palace and Clarence House (Princess of Wales residence) put maximum pressure on this poor receptionist and nurse, and of course that's kept away from the press. I'm sure the British press hounded this poor woman to her death, that's kept away. And by this time next week she'll be forgotten. And that's how the British royals work.

No way to explain how true this is. Okay, first off, you're going to be hated by your nation if you live, people are never going to stop following you, and thirdly, you're going to be forgotten either way and when you are remembered, it's going to be in shame. That's if she lived. Now that she's dead, it's not her that's being sympathized for, it's the royal family for having such stalkers. We don't see The Nurse Died Because of a Radio Prank. We see the Nurse Who Attended Kate Middleton is Dead.

"They (Royal Family) had to do that because they were losing their grip, so they had to try to reinvent themselves and put themselves forward as the top shop Royals for now and drag in Kate Middleton and so forth as the voice of youth," 

Yeah, why is Kim Kardashian on the news? Her ass. Why is Pippa Middleton on the news? Not because she's related to Kate Middleton, but because she's related to Kate Middleton and has a surgical ass. Why is Kate Middleton on the news? Because she went out and boned some inbred loser and claimed to be "Common".

"And therefore with the Olympics, with anything else that has happened in recent years, they hijack every event to make sure that any celebration of England is really a celebration of the Royal Family, which of course it isn't. But the Royal Family believe they are England and nothing else is England. And if you live outside London, it's not England anyway. But the way they hijack everything and shove their face in is extraordinary. Because what do they say? Please tell me one thing the Queen has ever said or William or Kate? I mean they are zombies but they are a business and it works." 

Again. True. Okay, you're at the Olympic Games. Show your face once. Why is the Queen getting James Bond as security. Why is the whole Opening Ceremony focused on her? How come I saw more Inbred Princes at the events that they attended than the actual events? How come she is the "Face of Canada". She's only a part of our gogovernment in name. I vote Pierre Trudeau for our coins. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Era: What Canada Shouldn't Care About?

Kate Middleton and her fucking baby.


This is making headlines over actual politics.

Sure some will argue that Canada, being a constitutional monarchy, should be up to date and have the utmost attention to their royal figures. But the truth is, the monarchy does virtually nothing for us and are symbolic figures, and I'd be okay if they simply stayed on our coins, as a tribute to history. What, who cares if it's a boy or a girl, I call transgender. Oh wait... make that transnationed.

You see, there are two things Canadians would rather put on the front page of newspapers: 1) Our election. 2) The American election.

And since none of these are happening any time soon, we're stuck with this fucking bitch, her dork father-in-law, dumbass husband and tranny baby to be.