Saturday, February 12, 2011

WWE RAW 2011 Vancouver Review

This was awesome. Fricking awesome. First off, I don't care what people say. It's not fake. Yes, it's fake as in matches are predetermined and so is what they are supposed to do. But they do hit each other. WWE Wrestlers actually hit each other. I had front row seats I saw everything. The punches were real and unless you have padding under your skin, you can't fake a slam. And then Sheamus, really pale dude. Got hit in the back with a Cindo Stick that broke and you could see a red mark across his back. What would have made this event even better, if The Rock was there. But of course he's filming like ten movies right now and doesn't wrestle any more. And no I'm not reviewing the Diva's matches.

Match One: Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd: I didn't get why everyone was cheering for Bryan. Kidd's the Canadian. Well this match was for the United States Championship so that made it a little enticing. But it was an overall good match. They're both brawlers so it's interesting to see how this would go. While Kidd held the advantage in the beginning, a fatal mistake made things shif to Daniel Bryan where things shifted for basically the rest of the match except for one small moment where Kidd got the advantage. Brayan wins but Kidd had a good run. But personally I would have chosen David Hart Smith for this. But the match was still awesome as Hell!

Primo Colon vs Zack Ryder in a Sing-Off: Well this was interesting. Zack Ryder sung the Star Sprangled Banner or however you spell it. In Canada. But it's okay because he replaced every word with Woo Woo and Woo. And then Primo sung salsa before beating up Zack Ryder.

David Hart Smith vs The Referee vs Ted Debiase in a Dance-Off: Well first Ted Debiase did some perverted dance that was funny and then Dave did a weird dance nobody's ever seen before, it's funny, and then the referee did a hip-hop dance that was humerous and won the competition.

Match Two: Dave Smith vs Ted Debiase well after the Dance-Off, they had a match. A very good one by the way. I would have replaced Dave Smith with Tyson Kidd for this one. But it is still very good. In fact it was neutral alsmost all the way until the end when Dave Smith did the superplex on Ted Debiase. When that happened you knew that Dave Smith was going to win. And during the match Debiase got a microphone and said: "I Hate This Country!" His girlfriend Maryse, a Canadian, came out and sat on Justin Roberts lap made Ted jealous and then Dave Smith wins.

Match Three: Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov vs The New Nexus well this match was funny and Kozlov is huge. I mean he's a giant. First off Santino started and tagged into Kozlov who was beating up the Nexus until Santino screwed him. This match was for the tag titles by the way. After Santino screwed Kozlov for the rest of the match Kozlov was getting beat up until he tagged into Santino who did the Cobra for the victor, I'm proud of this Canadian man.

Match Four: CM Punk vs Mark Henry well first off, CM Punk came in saying Canada sucked. Everyone booed him and he shut up. Then he said he had the best hair in the WWE, best looks, was the fastest and was the strongest. This provokes Mark Henry who says Canada rocks and challenges CM Punk. And Punk does quick swift dodges and top rope moves to take down this huge guy. And then Punk manages to take down Mark Henry for the victory. But he definately got hurt. And then when Henry is leaving the ring, he looks at me for five seconds and leaves. Doesn't shake my hand.

Match Five: King Sheamus vs John Morrison that's right folks and in a Stree Fight. Well it wasn't in the streets but used street weapons. This match was awesome. Especially since they showed all of their raw power before bringing out the Cindo Stick. They both hit eachother with the Cindo Stick for a long while until Joh Morrision hit King Sheamus in the back with the Cindo Stick and it broke. And you could see a big red mark. Sheamus then brought out a chair to smash John Morriosn with, but Morrison turned it around and hit Sheamus with the chair. Then in a tribute to the Vancouver Canucks, Morrison won the match after smashing Sheamus with a Hockey Goalie Stick.

Main Event: Randy Orton vs The Miz that's right and for the WWE Championship. Randy Orton and the Miz fought neutrally unitl stupid A-Ri  would interfere and hit Orton. And then when the match reached out of the ring Orton smashed Alex Riley into the the steel steps. And guess what happened before that, Randy Orton hit the Miz with the RKO and A-Ri pulled the Miz's leg onto the rope. And then Orton got ready to punt the Miz and the stupid Nexus interfered. And CM Punk tried to punt Randy Orton who reversed it and RKO'ed all of the Nexus. And then I got to shake his hand. So all you noobs got poned.