Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green Lantern 2 Cast

So here is the given Saturday that the now sporadic casting game will begin. But for this one it will be Green Lantern 2 and trust me, my ideas on the film: excellent.

Now, my approach to the film would be similar to G.I Joe: Retaliation, the simple answer? Kill Hal Jordan. Now I am not in favour of killing Duke in G.I Joe and I'm sure that what they did now was just put him in a coma or something, but this would work for Green Lantern. Why? Well though Hal is iconic, the simple fact is that though Ryan Reynolds could pull off a good performance given a good script, people don't want him as a GL. I'm sure that Hal's death will be met by backlash, but trust me: it will be for the good. Why? A conniving Sinestro literally kills the main character of the last movie, which should be looked as a prequel and this film as the official standing point of the series, would add emotion to the film and actually give reason to watch it.

Story: The Green Lantern Corps are experiencing peace, blah blah blah, Sinestro turns on them, Hal Jordan dies, Carol Ferris learns of it [leads for Star Sapphire]. John Stewart, an architect at Ferris Industries is given the ring and the battle against the Sinestro Corps begin. (Its late right now and I'm not elaborating on the plot)


Jaimie Foxx - John Stewart: This makes sense, he has age, it would give him the perfect incentive as to not wanting to be a Green Lantern. He is a senior at his company and thus just wants to finish all of his goals and retire, eventually, in peace, but then comes Hal's ring.

Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan: Kill him Off.

Blake Lively - Carol Ferris: Cameo.

Guy Pearce - John Moore: Pre-Red Lantern. Have him have an integral role.

Mark Strong - Sinestro: Villain

Rashida Jones - Fatality; Further set up the Star Sapphires

Angela Basset - Amanda Waller; Increase the role of DEO, set it up like a rival to Lexcorp because even though Snyder said no JL tie-in, we all want it Scott and it'll be confusing as hell to have TWO Supermen.