Monday, October 27, 2014

Destiny Review [Yafisz's]

Did you see what I did there? I put up my name in closed brackets to indicate that it's my review but am still going to give my classic - MYK at the bottom because that's my schtick. Destiny is like that Daffy Duck cartoon you watch when your little, your excited, you love it, you play it and you wonder what he's going to do to Porky next week but then you don't care because it's going to be Bugs Bunny and Porky (Shadow of Mordor) next week. That's what Destiny is, a perfectly enjoyable game that has so many flaws you realize when you look at the internet.
If I cared enough to use Photoshop I'd add another TV Screen.

Where to start? Gameplay, as Knight mentioned, is top notch. There is no FPS out there with better gameplay, a testament really because while it's good, your wondering how it got wasted on something like this. It's only really as enjoyable as it's environments are. That I guess is the biggest flaw of Destiny, not it's tower-defense based gameplay, but the environments. It makes everything feel either as if it's out of High Voltage Software's Conduit 2 or Anna's posts. Also, I've been going on the CBR forums using Anna's name because they banned me when I was myself and when I was Knight, so fuck you CBR! Back to the review, the environment ruined this game for me. It doesn't make sense half of the time and unless it's Earth, it feels like their trying to make something solar system local (not local) feel like it's from Earth. Everything is distant, feels wrong and I wonder if I stepped backwards in time.
They can't mean that kind of infection, can they?

How does this affect major gameplay aspects? Characters don't look lively and in online, if an Exo teleports behind me, I don't care enough to look back to use my shotgun. It's as simple as that, the gampelay is not inspring. Not like that Tower map from Halo 3 where my friends and I spent hours upon hours upon hours playing. Damn that was intense. Yeah, I'm comparing it to Halo because that is what Bungie should've based it upon. Good graphics don't matter if you don't make something grapically appealing. That's the lesson. Graphics do matter. If you make something with amazing gameplay but horrible graphics that just leave a bad taste, nothing feels right, especially with Peter Dinklage's ghost spending half his time up your player's ass.
Just putting this out there, rape is not a joke.

Biggest thing to worry about, the game shouldn't be bad. It's got intense online and does get a little better with each update. Here is the thing, though, just like Call of Duty: Black Ops, this game was released unfinished. Strong sales be damned, the game is worth it when it gets a price cut. Not bad, just not amazing.
I'd add a meme, but let's just look at the hot girl.

MYK (you motherfucker!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Destiny Review (Knight's)

Yafisz is going to have his own review of this up later, but seeing as how I'm the one who uploads gameplay of this to YouTube, I feel that I should have my own review up first. Destiny is the latest game by Bungie and their first big major thing since they announced the Bungie Aerospace Project. Destiny has been a huge success, it is perhaps the most successful single original video game project of all time that is not a legacy product. Some may say it is, something that Bungie, based off of the success of Aerospace, went the easy road on and made too similar to old games. Aerospace was successful and Yafisz is working on a post for that as well, that's my intro.

The thing about Destiny that I really like is that it defines and has legitimized first person shooters. Half Life 2, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and the original Battlefield. Those games are the ones that are synonymous with first person shooters. They each present a different and unique approach. Half-Life 2 gives intense, but relaxed and linear gameplay (although I cannot play it without my stomach hurting). Call of Duty 4 gives fast paced and intense gameplay where the goal is to go as fast as possible. Halo 3 gave fast paced gameplay and intensity while giving an intrinsic story. Battlefield gave emphasis on other elements of warfare while being relaxed but intense. Destiny takes all of those and what I really like is that it almost seamlessly meshes them into one.

How does it do this? Well, if one is looking for the greatest design of gameplay ever seen so far into an FPS, they should have Destiny. Everything plays out so smoothly, that this is almost a third person shooter for me. I love TPS' and feel that they are more enjoyable than an FPS. So if an FPS plays like a TPS for me, it is amazing. That said, translating into PlayStation Plus, exclusive content missions and online gameplay are very fun. Exclusive content I'll deal with in the next paragraph and let's talk online. Why? Online is what defines first person shooters nowadays and I have to say, compared to Titanfall or Call of Duty or any other FPS, Destiny does this best. Perhaps it's because back when Half-Life 2 was king, only Halo rivaled in it's glory? Online modes are all fun, intense and fast paced. Like I mentioned, though, it is all relaxed. Even when players rage like they do in Call of Duty, it just seems so much more smooth. As one can see in my YouTube videos, I kind of suck at the online but even though I do I feel comfortable playing on and on because that is how good it is.

Moving on, let's talk exclusive content. If there is exclusive content worth for the PlayStation Plus membership, it should be worth that right? Instead, it's hum-ho and I didn't even know it was Peter Dinklage. Yeah, I didn't know it was Peter Dinklage and until we went and confronted the people to bargain for the key for the Black Garden, I didn't even know my main character spoke. That's how dull the story was. Being a fan of tower defense games, I thought it was kind of refreshing to wipe out waves of enemies. It's not survival based, though, it's the presentation that makes this seem repetitive. If presented better and more uniquely, like say in the flair of the Dr. Freeze boss fight in Arkham City, this could be very good. Instead, it's like the Tower hub, so boring. It should have been like Mass Effect, where we can talk to people and get their backstories. As we progress, things get worse and better and worse and better. Yeah, the entire campaign portion of the game is decent.

Now Yafisz doesn't give scores, but I do, so Destiny gets a 7/10.

Monday, October 20, 2014

What Just Happened?

Okay, on my computer, the blog is showing encircled minus signs everywhere? I have no clue what the hell just happened, weird. Anyways, I thought I'd just post what videos are coming out soon. I plan on having some more gameplay tests of Destiny, but I am also working on remixes of Numb Encore and Gangster Luv. I said that in my previous post. The Gangster Luv video will have videos of Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester the Cat with them. The Numb Encore will be a tribute of the X-Men Film Series. That's all for now, I'll post when I have something to post of.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So Dang!

Okay, Yafisz convinced me to put the blog on lockdown, which means that you guys won't hear of the fourth writer for a while now. Why? I'm working on a slew of new videos at this very moment right now. I forgot to post when I uploaded a new Destiny Gameplay Test, and I'm uploaded another new one right now. Both of those feature commentary and start off with raps under my rap name Big Will (hey, Will Smith ain't using it anymore, who says I can't?). Anyways, to a sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum to the announcement of a film as obscure as Cyborg by Warner Bros to the horrific casting of Ezra Miller as Flash in that new film, there was a bunch of new news. I just needed to break commentary to tell you all. The only real bad part of this news, however, was that Shazam will be coming out in 2019. Dwayne Johnson will be 47 by then, sure it'll probably film when he's like 45 and he'll still be jacked until he's at least in his sixties, but it doesn't leave much franchise room. From the instantaneous rumors that have popped up, it's actually very good news when the least exciting film announced is Suicide Squad.

In other news. I have a bunch of remixes coming out. Some of them would be up here already but I cannot figure out what video to do to any of them. So, if you guys want to know, the first remix is of Gangster Luv, I've just added in Jamie Foxx and Ludacris. The next one is of Numb Encore. Remember the Numb Encore remix including 50 Cent and Eminem, yeah, I'm actually remixing a remix. Then, it's kind of strange, because I'm taking a Mozart symphony and adding in some form of acapella in the background. Then, well, the project after that will harken back to the very beginning of 2BINProductions and Knight12ify and Cutlock and will prove that I have come a long way from slideshows and have mastered the craft. Upon doing that project, I will be content to focus on Destiny gameplay videos (although I'll have other games up by then, hopefully). Anyways, Anna has a post below, read it, I'm officially taking the blog off lockdown, so you'll get Yafisz and our fourth writer posting whenever they get off their lazy asses (Yafisz isn't lazy, he posts a lot, it's just me).