Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay, Developer Journals and Other Goodies

So like I've said, I've made a new YouTube. This channel, called Cutlock Crew focuses on a couple of friends of mine and of course, yours truly. Now the thing about this channel is that while I do post videos of me gaming, that is not what the content is about. I talk about several things, I talk about the games themselves, I talk about strange stories, I talk about funny stories, hilarious stories. I do videos on hip hop, called rap talks. One of the videos that I am especially proud of is this one. While it has not gotten nearly as many views as the other videos on this channel, I am very proud of it.

I address one of the big issues regarding the Grammy Awards, their failure to truly understand hip hop. I'm thinking of posting a text based version to We Real sometime during the week maybe.

My most popular videos so far have proven to be my Developer Journals. These talk about my experience as the screenwriter of Mesozoica, the video game project you all know that I am signed on. I'll have a post on the progress of that coming out soon hopefully. Check out my most popular video right here:

Monday, March 7, 2016

We Real

Hey everyone, so this will be my first post in a while. Just to let all of you know, I have not abandoned this blog but I will be retooling it. So after looking at my stats, I lost a lot of my audience during this hiatus. I will make it up to all of you, I will build you all back up. However, I have a lot of other pressing concerns as well. I have started a new YouTube channel called the Cutlock Crew, check that out at the link above. Remember to like, share and subscribe content there.

I have also started a new website, a Wordpress called We Real. This is to supplement the YouTube channel by focusing on hip hop. I want this site to grow, to focus on the Cutlock Crew and our opinions, what we think will happen - what we predict albums, songs, singles and stuff in the world of hip hop will sound like. Thanks to all of you who stuck with this blog during the hiatus, and check out We Real by clicking the link above.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront Where art Thou?

Ah, stupid unforseen consequences. They have indefinitely delayed my Hook video and the post that I was going to make that accompanied it. They also delayed me from getting Star Wars: Battlefront and I assure you, if I had the game right now I would be making a follow up video right away. That game series deserves it, it deserves it!

However, I do not have the game and am not making any videos. This was just a post to let everyone know that I'm not dead. I'll try to post more, but only in mid December will I get the real chance. When mid-December comes, I'll be uploading a ton of gameplay of Star Wars: Battlefront. I'll also get a review up. Maybe I'll make a video review? Who knows.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Dakotaraptor steini

Yes, it is true that Mesozoica is not the king on the front of being scientifically accurate. However, we must be doing something right. After all, our wonderful and talented creature modeler Robert Fabiani would not have been contacted by Robert DePalma on the behalf of the University of Kansas to help model the new dinosaur, the Dakotaraptor steini. It is a brand new dinosaur and Mesozoica has the honour of being able to make the first model of it for a game.
Isn't it beautiful?

This will be a slightly shorter post. However, I am having another second thought on putting in a beat I have made for the Hook video. The reason is because I don't want to just put my own material out there, because well, then I don't really own it anymore aside from having had made it before the next guy. It's kind of why I make remixes, because I've bought the music or downloaded it and am putting it up there for fun, within creative commons. Until I can profit off of my own beats, I don't feel like putting them up. So, the Hook video may take longer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront - Hopes

So, I'm actually editing the video right now. It's going to be a longer video because I'm adding stuff in it that was not in the beta. What video you may ask? A video of me playing Star Wars: Battlefront. It is fairly funny, but keep in mind, I'm not a gamer on YouTube. I'm a producer and a screenwriter. So, I'm doing what I do best, editing some funny clips and stitching them into my gameplay. It's coming out by the end of the week, if I'm lucky I'll get some of it done today.

One more thing. Hook. I want to write up the post and I want to make the tribute video. However, I have determined that none of my recent remixes are good enough for a video on Hook. I need to come up with something that fits. To that end, I think I may end up mixing my own beat. Will I sample or go for something urban, who knows. However, the post goes up with the video and the video only goes up with proper music.

Back to Star Wars: Battlefront. I was not too disappointed when I heard there would be no maps from the Clone Wars. In fact, I liked that all the maps in the game would be from the Galactic Empire Era and that there would only be ten maps. I believe that DICE, given focus can make ten amazing maps and from the three that I have seen, it does appear that way. I love the online mode, as you will see. I love the fact that there is two player, couch co-op, splitscreen - whatever you call it - I have lamented about this in the past. One of my favorite two player games is Uncharted 3, the co-op is simple, just like Call of Duty but a lot more fun. I love that Star Wars: Battlefront at least has splitscreen but am disappointed that it may not extend to the online aspects of the game. Disappointing, but hopefully untrue but likely true. I hope that just like they are adding two maps from Jakku, in the future they my add co-op in an expansion. I still hope Destiny adds splitscreen in an expansion.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Small Future Update; More Remixes Out

 I have multiple projects incoming for all of you. I'm currently not working on Mesozoica, but news on that front will be coming soon. In news more related here, I do have a bunch of stuff to talk about.

  • So, like I've said, I have recorded some footage of me playing the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. I've just been quite swamped right now and have yet to extract the footage from my PlayStation to my computer for editing. Once I do that, though, I will put the video up on YouTube for all of you to watch. Unsurprisingly, I'm badass at the game. Surprisingly, it barely ever shows when I'm recording.
  • I have a sequel to my post about Hook scheduled to come out. Now, I'd have put this post up already, except I have, as said, been swamped. The reason is, I want to make another tribute video, my first in months, about this film. I've created a remix to go with this tribute video, I've just yet to actually do it.
So those are three projects from me you can look out for in the upcoming future, a gameplay video, a special post and a brand new tribute video. Now, I have continued to make remixes. The thing about remixes, though, is that unless I have a video to go along with it, it does not go on YouTube. That is why the remix to the upcoming tribute video of Hook is not already on YouTube. As aforementioned, it goes to Vimeo. I already have a remix up on Vimeo, which you can view at this link.

However, I currently have several remixes converting on Vimeo. This includes my latest one, called Toppa, right here. I also have the one I made before that, called Complexxation converting here. Now, the third and final remix that I have converting there is called Run This Town, Version 3.0 and yes, it is an updated version of the Run This Town remix I already had on YouTube. I've included some vocals by Rihanna and Jay-Z to link it back to the original song. Some new vocals by Trey Songz. It also does not annoyingly cut out at the ending. Oh, and more verses from T.I., Kendrick Lamar and Mos Def. Version 3.0, where is 2.0? It's on my computer and you will likely never see it, even though it is better than 1.0, but not as good as 3.0. That final video is being converted at this link.

Now, as you may have noticed, I deleted the team page. Why? It's Yafisz and I on this blog, we don't need a page just to explain who we are. Our posts do that anyways. It's why, I have created to new Page Tabs, one which links to my YouTube account and one which links to my Vimeo account. This is so that if you're ever on the blog, you just easy access either. It just makes everything easier.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Prime Minister and Syriana

So Justin Trudeau is our new Prime Minister. Good job. I wanted a Liberal Party Victory, just so somebody who is younger, not too young mind you, becomes our country's leader. Stephen Harper wasn't much older than Trudeau when he became Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeau was older than Harper when he became Prime Minister. Yet the point that stands is that unlike Harper, both Trudeau politicians have accomplished one thing: they resonated with the crowd. From what I hear, Justin's approach is very different than his father's approach. Now, I wasn't alive when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, but I am alive because of what he did. I find it hilarious, though, that what people internationally are taking of our election is that Justin Trudeau is the "hottest" or "sexiest" world leader. It's probably true given that David Cameron look's like what you'd expect Margaret Thatcher's ass to look like. Yet, I'm glad, because Trudeau I am sure will do a lot of things that I feel will be best for this country.

Now, a lot of news came on the side as well. The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out and it looks amazing. However, I can already piece together the story. Finn crashlands on Earth and meets up with Rey. They join the rebellion and Finn becomes best friends with Poe Dameron. In their fight against the Empire and General Hux, Poe Dameron is captured by Kylo Ren and tortured on information on where to find the Rebels or Luke Skywalker. Finn accepts his duty as a Jedi and fights Ren while Rey rescues Poe. Since Finn isn't even a fully trained Jedi and Ren isn't a Sith, they both suck shit but Finn is winning until the rest of the Knights of Ren come. Finn retreats, they kill General Hux and stop the Empire to save the day. Just my theory. There won't be any post-credits stinger or anything, maybe a few leads to follow up or a The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers style ending rather than a typical Star Wars ending.

Oh, and I haven't written about Syria in a while. What I have to say, though, is that this fight was once between the FSA and the Syrian Government and at the core, it is still that. Eventually, the FSA led to what is now the Army of Conquest joining the conflict. This led the way for ISIL to make waves in the country. The US Government has long since supported the FSA and on the Syrian Government's side, maybe Hezbollah wasn't enough? Now, though, they have the power of Iran and yes, Russia, behind them. Russia is much larger and yes, let us admit, much more ruthless than the USA in their airstrikes. They will probably destroy a lot of ISIL advances just off of that. Now, people may bring up the Soviet-Afghan War as a reason why Russia may lose. Yet, who really lost that war? Yes, the Soviets retreated, but was Afghanistan the peaceful country it once was before the war after they left? Soviets could have stayed. They could have, but after what they had done, what was left to fight for? Russia can definitely do the same thing now, except this time, they have more supporters in the Syrian Government, Hezbollah and Iran. I know one thing, it doesn't seem like Assad will be going down.