Monday, March 30, 2015

He's At It Again

Goddamn it Alex Leadbeater, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be a great, no a fucking amazing movie. Just because you don't want it to be because you were one of those bitches who complained about Man of Steel for some nonsensical reason doesn't mean that you should continue your dumb rant. Yes, we get it, you don't have faith in the movie. Now shut the fuck up. Here's his latest "article". He's judging the character portraits.
This is Alex Leadbeater. He needs to fucking get a haircut instead of complaining.

I'd assess his dumbass judgment of Aquaman, but I already did it here.
I'll deal with him.

So let's go to Wonder Woman after that. Okay, so he says it looks like it's made out of plastic and he wonders why Amazonians would wear skimpy clothing? Read the comics you obsess over so much Leadbeater. As for plastic, that's a matter of opinion, I think it looks chromatic and rustic.

This moron's biggest problem seems to be the lighting, the fact that this movie seems to have a different tone from the MCU, the fact that the tone isn't what he wants it to be. So Superman can't do dark, or shouldn't do dark? He's trying to say Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman shouldn't do dark and that Aquaman should either not be in a movie or look like a dumbshit. I'm getting tired of this shit Leadbeater.
I love this.


Saturday, March 21, 2015


Like I said yesterday in my post, a review of The Order: 1886, I am working with an extremely talented team as the screenwriter on the upcoming indie game Mesozoica. Created in the style of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Mesozoica is not just a tycoon simulator, it is a Grand Tycoon Simulation. What do I mean by this? Well, let me start off by introducing Mesozoica.

Mesozoica: An upcoming indie game where users are invited to create their own park in the vein of Jurassic Park or create a Site B where dinosaurs roam. We have several prehistoric animals in both the leathery reptilian style that people have come to expect or the more recent scientific feathered versions that my generation is accustomed to. With a unique breeding system, dinosaur personalities and many different kinds of dinosaurs, Mesozoica alone on that concept is just a tycoon simulator. However, Mesozoica features several more unique ideas, but only two which I am at liberty to talk about, the quest system that I created. The quest system is differentiated into two formats: Specifics and Paths. In the beginning, the player will have to choose which company to sign with and Specifics are small choice related quests that will show up here and there that differ per company. Paths are quests that are more general and are linked to the dinosaur instead of company and are longer and more arching quests that will take more time and have more consequences. Unlike Specifics, each Path will have a specific name, such as the Carnotaurus' Path being called Dinosauria.

There, that is Mesozoica, an upcoming Grand Tycoon Simulation. Now, many of you may be wondering, what makes your game so great? Well, gameplay is tried and true and proven over a long time. Graphics, just take a look at this video and tell me they aren't great and realistic looking. Also, after looking at that video I want you guys to realize that we have come thus far out of our own pockets. We will have a Kickstarter soon that I will include a link to once it's up and I just want to say, our goal is attainable and once we attain it, imagine the heights we will go.

Now some of you more invested in this genre may say, "Look Knight, there are a lot of dinosaur themed indie games coming out this year, how is yours unique?" Let me list these games and tell you how our game differs from them.

Prehistoric Kingdom: I'm going to talk about Prehistoric Kingdom first because of all the other games, it is the most similar to Mesozoica. At the root or zero, it is the same game. A prehistoric park tycoon simulator. However, down to the tonal value, Prehistoric Kingdom is a completely different game. I mean look at our Spinosaurus model and then look at theirs. You can tell that they are approaching this project from a completely different angle and the point is this: we are not crafting the same game. I wish Prehistoric Kingdom's developers good luck on their project because it is very clear that they are crafting a wonderful adventure that I too hope to enjoy, but aside from similar base concepts, our games are nothing alike.
Saurian: I actually found out about this game during our livestream yesterday and from what I can tell, it seems to be the most different in this list. As such, from what I can tell, you play the life cycle out of an available dinosaur and you do it in a recreated simulation. The game will be similar to our Site B mode but different in that the focus is on the dinosaur rather than on the human.
Primal Carnage: This game is the only one of the list that is actually already out. Essentially you can either play as a host of dinosaurs or humans in what is shown to be great combat. Yes there will be dinosaurs in our game and they will fight each other and humans, but it is not the focus of our game. Primal Carnage is a game with a heavy following and a great online component, but aside from being tangentially connected to us, it isn't something we are trying to emulate. What I'm trying to say is, Primal Carnage is like Call of Duty, but with dinosaurs and that is very unique and refreshing.
Dinosaur Battlegrounds: Out of all the aforementioned games, Dinosaur Battlegrounds is actually the one I am most excited for. It has a similar structure to Primal Carnage, but instead of putting more of an emphasis on the Multiplayer aspects that Primal Carnage has mastered, it highlights RPG instead. That's why I'm most excited for this game, because it combines elements of Saurian and Primal Carnage. Again, though, if we're turning right, these guys are going straight.

There you have it. All of those games are great and obviously I hope that you all get a chance to buy and enjoy all of them, but if you have only one choice, remember guys, go with Mesozoica.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Order: 1886 Review

Wow, it has been a long time. Never mind that, though. I have a bunch of things to talk about. The first of which are my Destiny videos! I have so much recorded but I've just been so lazy! Never mind that, though. I'm going to put it all on a USB and edit the footage and then put it up. After that, who knows, I might put the inFamous: Second Son footage up and all. I have some Shadow of Mordor and WWE 2K15 footage, but that all depends for now.

There has been a bunch of stuff that I want to post about. The first I'll talk about right now: Mesozoica. I'll include more information later, but I'll talk about this right now and give some insight. First some pretext, for those of you who've been following the blog for a while, you would know that Yafisz and I have been trying to break into the gaming industry for a while now and my screenwriting expertise has finally paid off for us. I, P. Randhawa, am the lead screenwriter and Story Head on the upcoming game Mesozoica. You guys can check it out on Facebook or catch our weekly livestreams on Twitch. Essentially, Mesozoica is a Grand Tycoon Simulation that is stylized after Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Now, I've never played Operation Genesis but what I have done is played a lot of Roller Coaster Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon II and Roller Coaster Tycoon III. I've also played a whole lot of Crusader Kings II. What's similar between Crusader Kings and Roller Coaster Tycoon, not much actually, but one thing about Tycoon games that is fascinating is the fact that we control our entire world. I've created a quest system inspired by that from Crusaser Kings, so yes, not just a Tycoon Game, but a Grand Tycoon Simulation. I'll talk about the two quest systems in my next post, but they are called Specifics and Paths.

Have you all been keeping up on the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice news? Well, I have and does that Aquaman poster not look amazing? Yeah! It looks freaking fantastic! What I don't get, though, is why Zack Snyder would unveil the poster, I mean, Aquaman is only going to be in the movie for less than a minute, or in a pre-film short film, right? Anyways, don't believe rumours that a trailer got leaked on Twitch. I'll admit once again, Man of Steel had faults, but it was a great film and I have no doubt that DC's upcoming cinematic universe will rival Marvel's. Speaking of the MCU, has anybody been watching Agents of SHIELD recently? I didn't watch Agent Carter, but for the sake of it, I hope it gets a second season. Agents, however, is the third best superhero show on behind Arrow and The Flash but that is merely a testament to how good it is! Why has it been so good, the character of Calvin Zabo, that's why! His latest episode when created the team, well, I hope that this team resurfaces and aren't only used as a one off bad guy episode and that they go up against Coulson again. Even if they're without Zabo, it'll still be great to further explore these characters. It's funny, though, half of them: Angar, Faye Gideon and Zabo are all Daredevil villains. Oh yeah, the Daredevil show, that looks very, very, very good.

Now to get on to the main part of the post, a game so good, I had to blog once more for it. The Order: 1886 is a wonderful game that I recommend that everybody who reads this blog with a PS4 get. Now, I'm going to start this review by saying this, many people have been hating parts of this game and devaluing the product as a whole. These criticisms are often varied but piled up together, they make a valid argument. Let me list them: not enough gameplay variety, repetitive gameplay and lack of interactivity. Now, let me address all of these concerns like this, as stated, The Order: 1886 does not provide "the level interactivity that we've come to expect from a game". I'm quoting IGN there and in that quote is the essence of the problems with The Order: 1886. You see, Ready at Dawn put such an emphasis at crafting a beautiful game that had such amazing cutscenes and perfecting graphics for the PS4 that they limited themselves. These problems arose from the fact that the game was already delayed by a year and whenever a game is delayed, either hype for it dissipates like it did for Conduit 2 or in the case of The Order: 1886, rises to unattainable levels. These graphics are amazing, the cutscenes great and the story wonderful. The problem though is, that the story is not complete, one would think that with an extra year of development Ready at Dawn would give us a more complete story, right? No, though, they perfected the seven hour story that they had and therein you see the lack of interactivity. It's hard to do this right this right now and my teeth are feeling weird because I know I'm only beating around the bush. Okay, let's go talk about lack of interactivity a bit more. When people talk about video game interactivity, they refer to there being a lot of weapons in a game, open non-linear ways to complete a level, several trophies that accompany a campaign, an emphasis on gameplay and a good length to accompany it. The problem is not that The Order: 1886 was seven hours, the problem was the levels that were given in those seven hours. If Uncharted 4 was seven hours, nobody would mind for one reason, the majority of those seven hours would have been gameplay. Were the majority of The Order's seven hours gameplay? Yes, but how much of it were the great fights against the lycanthropes and how much it was a fight against rebels? How much of it was going from one place to another clearing enemies and how much of it was Heavy Rain stylized gameplay? You see, in those seven hours, Ready at Dawn provided intense gameplay, but gave it in short bursts which were too similar and rarely ever gave the fight against the mythological beasts that people wanted to kill. The problem was that after going through all that and killing Sir Lucan, players believed they were going to have to go through an epic volley of lycanthropes and then fight Lord Hastings and save the day. It didn't happen and The Order ended on a bad note. If The Order had that little quest I just had, people wouldn't complain because we are given these amazing weapons and like other games are forced to waste them on human enemies instead of what we want to face.

Now what were the original points I listed? Not enough gameplay variety. Not true, The Order: 1886 gives gameplay that is like a mix of Gears of War, Uncharted and Heavy Rain. Repetitive gameplay. The gameplay as I've said has great variety and in levels, we experience so much variety in these fights. The problem is that all the variety that we see in one level is transplanted in another level. Lack of Interactivity. See that big paragraph above, I tried to hit the bush in the stomach but couldn't so let me try and put it at a different perspective. Ready at Dawn gave great graphics, wonderful gameplay, a great story and all. It's just that once the game started to get good, it ended abruptly and rather shortly. As a result, looking back, all levels seemed to be quite similar to one another and players were felt feeling like they got shortchanged. There I think I got it. All in all, The Order: 1886 is a wonderful game that I recommend you all get, just be aware that the ending will likely disappoint you because it is a disappointment.

The Order: 1886 is an 8/10 game, that is 4/5 if you will.