Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hourlies and Saturday Night Slam

My review of WWE's Saturday Night Slam, it is basically NWA Canadian Promotions but with predictable endings. That doesn't say it's not good talent, though. What it could use is Antonio Cesaro as it's flagship star, just as Orton is Smackdown's Franchise Player and Cena is Raw's (arguably the whole WWE's). Why? It could be a way to revitalize the US Title, as well as a way to make new stars, like Heath Slater, show they are the future of Smackdown and Raw. So I guess you could say a half-hour FCW for kids on-air.

As for the product that cryptically hinted at in the past, well, I couldn't come up with a good enough blog post so I copied Rodrigo's, a guy who works for the company that makes the product, example for me. And I quote:

"Hourlies are online listings that allow anyone to easily sell their services or skills on a small project basis, starting with as little as one hour. They take just minutes to create and the idea is that people with something great to sell can connect with buyers all over the world, fast! The concept is taking freelancing mainstream and we’re seeing some pretty amazing Hourlies posted like this one from Lydia. She can create an illustrated version of you doing anything, in 8 hours. There’s also James, who can produce an interactive 3D model of a house in 5 hours. Or there’s Siobhian’s, where she can restore old damaged photos in 2 hours.

It’s pretty cool stuff and it’s super easy to use. Graphic designers and illustrators in particular have already been using PeoplePerHour and achieved some great things! Marcus was able to find his true calling with PeoplePerHour’s help; Liz is able to earn while taking care of her family and Lauren is a successful full-time artist who dazzles clients from all over the world."

- Rodrigo Martucci

I hope that this product helps you guys in the future.


Friday, August 17, 2012

What WWE's Rumble and After Plans Should Be

About that product, it should be up by Tuesday, just learning a bit more about it myself.

Royal Rumble: The Rock vs Cm Punk

Winner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Rumble winner, CENA (hope not, but yes)

Elimination Chamber: Big Six Man Match to determine contender as Cena's not yet chosen, it's Punk and he's going to Wrestlemania for a rematch (Rock defends against Big Show or some worthless crap). Next day, Cena decides he wants to face the Rock again.

Triple-Threat match, so that the Once in a Lifetime match doesn't happen twice (Mostly so WWE doesn't rip me off from something that'll have happened a year ago).

Friday, August 10, 2012

No WCW in WWE '13

Remember when I said that WCW was not necessary for WWE '13's Attitude Mode to thrive? I was right, it wasn't necesseary, because although they competed for ratings and occasional mentions were made, they were small and sporadic and each show had their own distinct storyline. Now to get WCW superstars would be hard, as most are signed to TNA, with Hogan being the only TNA star who can be exempted. Although ratings could still be implemented, that will likely, and hopefully, be in Attitude Mode. It would be even harder to jam WCW in there since all of the stories were jumbled together, even more than in TNA. This is good, it will let people know there was more to the Attitude Era than fighting WCW. Yes, the Monday Night Wars will be in the game and likely WCW's mentions will be more than in the actual era, so you can get an idea that you will play through the five years of the Attitude Era, with minimal references to WCW, up until the the DX Invasion and the Purchase of WCW.

For a better and clearer understanding of this, since I don't believe I explained it properly, read this:

With WWE 13 we really wanted to focus on the WWE side of the history and really experience the Monday Night Wars from the WWE’s point of view, so we won’t be seeing the WCW in the game. We’re really coming at the story with the Attitude Era as the main focal point so we’ll be focusing on the WWE characters that really made that time a success.

Check this interview for more info:

And tomorrow, tune in for the info of a product that you may want to use.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWE '13 Wrestlemania 28 Edition

Sorry for being gone ten days, sorry I wasn't able to fulfill my 12 posts promise. I'll try that now, but no promises.

So what I'm saying is, after the release of WWE '13, at least a couple months after, announced at least one month after, THQ Should publish the Wrestlemania 28 edition. It's got all the DLC's and everything in it, and the cover looks exactly like the Wrestlemania 28 poster. John Cena and blue electricity on one side, Dwayne Johnson and yellow electricity on the other. At the top, in between their head's, WWE '13, at the bottom where it should say "Once in a Lifetime", it should say "Wrestlemania 28 Edition" or "Wrestlemania Edition".