Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revenge Brings Equality. Part 1

If the price of freedom is death, then the taste of revenge is none other than that of equality. When a person is broken, when people are shattered and split, reason does not bring them back together. Reason may get them to work with each other once more, it may get them to talk to each other and occasionally be nice to one another. But when two people of lets say the same citizenship are at odds with each other, they may be pulled to work with each other by some superior, but they will never like each other and would betray each other in the blink of an eye, given there would be no lasting repercussions. Sure revenge will not bring them to like each other, but it will unite them and they would, despite their differences, NEVER betray each other. Why? Because of their pride.

Pride brings the fall unless one is too vain to agree. Most of us are and if you don't agree, you do agree with me, if you do agree with me, your understanding. Lets say a militia of Fenians from Seattle besieged Prince George. The people would turn to a military general in the city, though he was retired, and would follow soldiers and strongmen in the city. Sure many of the people in the city would not like each other, let alone work with each other and follow the rule of a direct stranger. But many people would die for the freedom of their children if not themselves and so they would follow each other into death if it meant they could drive out these Fenians. The Fenians, say they still existed, would be united in attacking Canada, they failed before and they wanted revenge. The Princemen too would be united, given that once taken, they too would want revenge.

Revenge can bring terrible things. But it can also bring unity, even though it is through vanity.

More in part two.

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