Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodbye Breaking Bad

Hopefully we'll see Need for Speed succeed so Aaron Paul has a movie career. Hopefully Bryan Cranston either becomes Jim Gordon in the Batman reboot or Lex Luthor in Man of Steel II: World's Finest.

I don't watch Breaking Bad much, but the show and I are familiar with each other. This will be a short post, but a retrospective one with meaning. I remember the first episode I watched was halfway through the second season with Walter White doing what he does best, argue. I saw Aaron Paul's acting and was fascinated, wondering why he didn't do more roles.

I watched the entire first season and the show was so different from anything Cranston had ever done. I haven't seen all the episodes, that way there will be more for me to watch after. Anyways, I've watched sporiadically from now and then. Maybe I will watch the finale, maybe not, but this is goodbye as it gets on this blog.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

DCCU to Focus on TV?

Sorry for no post yesterday, I don't think I'll be able to post on Fridays.

From what we've seen of the DCCU, we know that Superman will be the main focus. From what we have speculated, it's that Arrow and the Flash will tie into that universe because their being made by the CW, an affiliate of Warner Bros.
I love this meme.
Now comes the news of Gotham Central (or is it Gotham or Detective Gordon?) a show made by Fox set in the days of Gotham City prior to Batman. This could very easily tie into Man of Steel II: World's Finest, but where would that leave Arrow or the Flash? Well, it's not hard to believe that it could be set in the same world since all Fox seems to be doing is airing and financing it. However, even if this series does or doesn't, it's probably best to ignore it since it's set in the past and it's events probably won't even be mentioned.
If only...

Constantine, however, could very well tie into the DCCU and Arrow. NBC is financing it and airing it, it will also be penalized if it does not air it. So expect this show to hit the air. Guillermo del Toro has expressed interest for Dark Universe: Heaven Sent to tie into the DCCU, and considering Goyer is writing this, it's not a long shot to expect this show is being made primarily as hype for that movie. That movie will likely be in the DCCU, but with NBC making Constantine, could it tie into Arrow or the Flash? I mean, could Constantine make a cameo attending a Queen Industries press conference and then in his own show be investigating something in Starling City (I think) completely unrelated. It's not unbelievable, no, especially given the circumstances Spider-Man was to be integrated into the MCU. NBC appears to have more of a production role than Fox, but honestly, I really believe the only reason this is airing on NBC and not the CW is because Supernatural appears to focus on almost the same thing. So, it's not unreasonable that Constantine, Arrow and Flash will be in the same world as Man of Steel, but DC seems to be on to something here, so I guess stay tuned.
I liked it... before I read the comic


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arkham Origins Season Pass

Big news coming way from Arkham Origins today. A season pass has been announced and it comes with a bunch of goodies, including new costumes (which is nice), a Bruce Wayne challenge mode (which I won't play) and a new story (which I will play).

So, is the toilet the uncle or something?
 So I may or may not be getting this. Of course not on launch, but maybe.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review

Let me just say that I heard about the Detective Gordon show called Gotham coming out and I have mixed feelings towards it. Primarily because Fox is making it, not the CW. It's going to be an awkward show for sure. I myself want Arrow and Flash to join up into the DCCU that Man of Steel is starting. The only way this could work is if there is some communication between the CW and Fox, I mean, a Gordon show set as a prequel to Man of Steel II: World's Finest, that could work. Let's just see, though, and I'll keep you all updated.
Yet Superman gets crap for his first go...

Now, onto the review, last night Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuted and while the premise was pretty simple, it did give out a few plot teases about the future of the show. I remember an idea that was floating around about AIM being the main bad guys for Phase Two of the MCU, if they are in Winter Soldier, I'll concede, but the way things are going, for the first season of Agents, they seem to be. I like this idea, it makes the show feel a lot more like the early Iron Man movies and stays more in tone with the science aspect and really brings back the coolness of being a spy.

The show's tone is very different from Whedon's previous shows like Buffy, and while the show definitely does rely on the backstory of the Avengers, it can certainly stand out well on it's own. The first episode's premise was a very simple one, but sometimes simplicity stands over deep complexity that really forces us to think. While this got us thinking, it also showed us that heroes don't have to have superpowers or be considered superheroes <<Batman>> to be taken seriously.

The worst drawing of the Hulk ever.

Honestly, the show was very good and is off to a good start while certain characters, aside from Coulson (who I hoped after Iron Man would not be forgotten as an agent), may need to have more establishment... it is a very good show. I hope some plot themes, like this Coulson possibly being a spy, Chitauri technology in the wrong hands and Extremis being used even more will not be the focus of every episode, however. I do want to see some stand alone episodes that show what else S.H.I.E.D. does when not involved with superheroes.


I will not be reviewing every episode, at most the season premiere and finale.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Success of the New 52

Many people love to bash on DC Comic's New 52 initiative, mostly because they hate the fact that continuity got messed up with and DC did it at the wrong time, story wise. That is correct, completely correct. If DC waited two years, we would have gotten the ending to Batman, Incorporated that Grant Morrison intended and likely the ending to Green Lantern that Geoff Johns intended. Sure Court of Owls would not have had such a big impact, but the Batman continuity would be cleaner sure. However, DC was in rapid decline in 2010 and 2011, if they had not hyped up this reboot as much as they did or done it as quickly, have no doubt that it would have meant less later.
How many people even know why they have the underpants?

Profit wise, the first three months of the New 52 were a huge success, putting DC right back on top after a long time. However, the thing was that while half of the books were terrific, half were rightly horrific. That is to be expected. After all, half of an actor's movies are wonderful (Argo) whereas others... aren't (Gigli). Sure DC wasn't the top dog again by the end of the year, but they were certainly credible and beyond death, after all, most of the top 10 still belong to them.

Due to large events coming from the other companies, the early quarters of 2012 saw the market share and dollar market share fall for DC, not by much mind you. Some people claim that the numbers got back to where they were pre-N52, but we cannot accurately judge this. After all, New 52 continued to be labelled a success and considering the fact that digital sales cannot be tracked... well, lets just say a lot more people have switched to digital.
Wait? Is his watch bronzed?

Now, recently DC's market share and dollar market share have risen. Those numbers, print numbers are very good for the company. Bounding back in market share by eight percent and market dollar share in over six percent is a very good turn. Have no doubt that Superman Unchained owes to this and Villain's Month may or may not increase this.

Then there are the editorial controversies and the premature cancellations. While I do not regard Dan Didio's response to negative feedback as very good for public image, the fact that editors seem to interfere so much makes me more curious than mad. Then I think about it, several of the books that have controversies tend to be disputes with the direction of the book rather than editors interfering. For George Perez it was a lack of information, being unable to be let in on Grant Morrison's doings. With Rob Liefeld, that was all his fault. The fact that he got as pissed off about it as he did proves that. Yeah, editors have problems, but be a man and tell them your problems against them, don't just quit and shit on Snyder.
Where are t he feet Rob?

The Gail Simone Batgirl thing seemed to be more of an internal conflict. As for the JH Williams the III one, that is the only one I can really sympathize with and blatantly call wrong.

But aside from this, the New 52 has been a huge success commercially, critically (with a few busts) and has gotten a wider audience to DC. Editorially, it is a failure.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Saints Row IV Review

Ah, Saints Row, the original GTA clone. Ah, Saints Row II, the original GTA clone to try something original. Ah, Saints Row the Third, the most fucked up game you will ever play. Ah, Saints Row IV, the most wacked out, drugged out, Medecine Shoppe game you will ever play. That is until Saints Row V comes out in which case something else related to craziness will have to be brought up.

So, undoubtedly, the madness that is Saints Row IV became a number one best selling game, automatically warranting a sequel. The game is more childish than it's predecessor, something which was, admittedly, hard to think of. They added more wackiness over repetitive gameplay, something which I hated about some of the old PSP games. However, the added superpowers and upgrades, something borrowed from the Prototype series, makes you forget all about these repetitions, for a while anyways. The gameplay really bugged me, it honestly, did remind of these PSP games that they just made for money, ones that I bought because I thought like the Avatar DS game they could be something different.
Rip Off

One of the game's highest points is the fact that it perfects the open world reality that we have all come to love. Prototype 2 was the pinnacle of open world games, I do believe it was better than Saints Row the Third. However, IV destroys this mark and while the gameplay does slow it done a tad bit, not enough for somebody to have a lot of GTA styled fun. The craziness just goes on and on, and while the plot may sound stupid, the jokes put into it make it amazing to play. This is a must buy game because the fun continues and continues, it is amazing and is probably the number #3 game of the year (Last of Us and likely Arkham Origins will come in front).


Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Beginnings

What did HP stand for? Harry Potter of course. So guys, Knight may not be blogging with us anymore, but rest assured he will continue to post videos to the Knight12ify YouTube account. In my opinion, his YouTube videos may have started off as okay slideshows, but his recent Tribute Videos have really started have him carve his own niche into YouTube. Hopefully the view count starts to rise soon because the quality of his videos improve each time. This one may be a bit long, but I hope you guys all enjoy it, I thought it was very well done.

Now, as I alerted you guys last post, I have also joined a new blog, Tru School Sports, and am very glad to be a part of it, it's a very ambitious and fulfilling project. So I have uploaded my first post there today, it is on the Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan feud so please check it out. I believe that through that blog I will be able to provide some valuable insight into the WWE, so thank you Brendan Taylor.

Now, onto my main news for the day. Jurassic Park 4 is going to be called Jurassic World, forgive me for reporting this late. Now, from a marketing standpoint, this is a wonderful decision. Not only does it distance itself from Michael Chricton, whose death was a burden on making any new films because if done badly, they could tarnish his legacy. It also avoids being dependent on the success of the first two and the failure of the last one. So I understand why they would do such a thing, I just wish that it was still called Jurassic Park 4, I mean Jurassic World just doesn't slide off of my tongue right.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tru School Sports

Hey guys, just to let you all know, I have also joined another blog, Tru School Sports, and there I will be posting about WWE. Yes, I will continue to post about WWE here, but that will be a monthly segment which I will do every day after each PPV. There I will post my opinion about what is going on in WWE and so forth. I joined that blog because, like this one, Knight requested me to do so.

I will try posting on that blog at least two times a week, but let me assure you guys, my loyalties lie here. The simple fact of the matter is that 2BINProductions is my blog. That is Brendan Taylor's blog, I am merely helping him make it more popular than it already is. Don't worry, though, I will stay with this blog forever.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Comic of the Month

Sorry about no post yesterday, my cousin thought it would be a good idea to uninstall SoundMax off of my computer, so I spent a while getting that back. I'm no computer whiz, that's Knight.

So, I read comics, a hell of a lot more than Knight. I was always a Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine kind of guy. The small fry's, they never interested me. Nowadays, John Constantine, Animal Man, Gambit and Angel really catch my eye. Nonethless, I picked up a bunch of Villain's Month Books, while Creeper was of course the worst, many people tend to think Brainiac to be the best. While Brainiac does clear a lot up, it was more of a piece of encyclopedic work than anything else. It was good, though.

I liked the Bizarro one, but I feel there should not have been one. Really it should have been the Lex Luthor one double sized with those two stories. A lot of the Batman and Flash ones were good, okay at best, with the likes of Mr. Feeze, Clayface and Grodd sticking out of the pack, much like First Born. The one comic I thought was really good, and only picked up because of Man of Steel, was the Zod one.


It was exceptional, without a shot of a doubt, General Zod was amazing. The story was fastpaced, don't get me wrong and it all seems to happen very quickly. That may be it's one doubt, but every panel provided is up just right and really highlights the best friend relationship between Zod and Jor-El. While more emphasis could have been put into the split between Zor and Jor-El and Zod's involvement in the matter, Greg Pak's main mission was to get us into Zod's head and he did just that. And the art... FANGASMIC!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Singularity The Movie

Not that okay Activision game.

Okay, so I came across this movie, Singularity in late 2010, it had a different poster back then.

Singularity preview.jpg
So, out of wondering if it ever made any money, I looked it up again recently. They have not even released it. It stars Josh Hartnett, whose a big enough draw for this film to exceed it's budget (27 Million) and it will do at least 10 million in India, with Abhay Deol (who according to Knight belongs to some prestigious family). Honestly, this movie has been finished for one year. What are they waiting for, Hartnett to become a big star?

Probably, that's why they delayed Natalie Portman's movie about cheating sluts. I mean, with the premise and low budget, this film could easily do Gatsby numbers with the right numbers. Okay, maybe not that high.

But seriously, apparently this movie just finished in May and was said to be launched at some September festival. Half a month left. I won't lie, I want to see Ancient India, but really? This long for such a simple movie with a small budget. Apparently it's because some creditors didn't get paid, but that would mean the studio doesn't care or is bankrupt. If so, just announce it as cancelled already!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What After Days of Future Past?

The Wolverine, Fox's Iron Man. So consider X-Men: Days of Future Past Fox's Iron Man 2, an introduction into the MCU. So X-Force can be The Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four is Thor. Now, Bryan Singer said that he had booted this franchise twice, first with X-Men, now he is rebooting it with his inbetweenquel (quasi sequel) Days of Future Past.

It's meant to correct some of the continuity errors, likely to make it more inline with the new First Class timeline. As for the continuity errors in Origins, those may be addressed either very quickly or not at all, as Fox might even pretend that movie doesn't exist.

So, now in the Days of Future Past comic, in the year 2013, the Sentinels have destroyed North America in their search for mutants. In 1980, Kitty Pryde goes back in time and enters her own body and prevents this future. Now, with this film being set in about 2014/15 (a few years after The Wolverine) and in 1972, or was it 1971?, you can tell that the past must be changed in the 70s to negate what happens in the 2010s. However, as Brian Singer has said he is rebooting this, expect him, in favour of First Class to wipe out most of what happened in the original X-Men Trilogy and quite possibly The Wolverine. This could be an explanation to Hugh Jackman possibly leaving the franchise.

Don't expect the events of the first three and The Wolverine to be completely gone, though, just the bulk of it. This could bring back characters like Jean Gray, Cyclops, and stuff like Wolverine's adamantium. Honestly, though, this is rebooting the franchise story wise, not just starting a new universe, so people could be even more pissed if Cyclops comes back as somebody other than James Marsden.

Nonetheless, we shall all see now, won't we? I mean, with The Wolverine set to break X-Men Origins box office, the Days of Future Past is on track to beat The Last Stand.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Night of Champions Review

Night of Champions is one of my personal favorite pay per views of the year, though I wish they would rename it Vengeance: Night of Champions once again. I always look forward to seeing every championship defended, so I was definitely dismayed when the Intercontinental Title was not being defended. Seeing Triple H announce as such, a nice little gem. However, it was very face of him and out of character, hence, it would be better if it was Brad Maddox, a guy Heyman sicced the Shield on, who changed the stipulation.

I didn't watch the pre-show, but I knew that the Prime Time Players would win, simply because of Darren Young's coming out. The match between Curtis Axel and Kofi Kingston was nothing special. I'll admit, I don't like Axel, I can't take him seriously as a heel. He looks like a retarded beaver! The match was nothing special.

I didn't care much for the Divas match, since it made only sense for AJ to win. I wanted del Rio to beat Van Dam since I really don't think Van Dam deserves a shot at the world title, makes an awkward partner with Rodriguez and failed to win the US Title. Now, obviously, given his current role, Dean Ambrose is unable to pick up the title, but how about somebody who has proven they can beat Del Rio. Somebody who is better as a face? Somebody like Big E Langston.

The Mis vs. Fandango? Remember when Fandango was set to win the Intercontinental Championship? Yeah, that concussion concussed his credibility backstage and his complete push. Feuding with the Miz? I like the Miz as a heel, as a face he is just not working. Fandango should have won this one.

Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk was good, but again, I can't take Axel credibly. It was fun to see Punk beating on Heyman, since I hate that New Yorker. The twist at the end wasn't really a twist, but if it was somebody else it might have felt better. I mean, Ryback can't bully CM Punk, the dude went one on one with Brock Lesnar.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler. Wasn't Dolph the World Champion a few months back? Yep. For the time it was given, this match was very good, but Dolph was not going to win. Just knowing that, I mean if the rest didn't lose, neither would he, kind of ruined the mood of the match for me.

Lastly, Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan exceeded expectations in terms of match. I don't like Daniel Bryan's moveset, I don't like the Yes, No gimmick, I don't like his beard. I don't like Orton's character (so he works as a heel) though I like his wrestling, I just had the idea this match would be very good. It was better than that. For Bryan to win, though? In the fashion that he did, you know it won't last. Tomorrow, Brad Maddox is going to go out and either reverse the decision, or Triple H is going to call out the fast count and vacate the title.

So, on Raw tonight, I believe these points will be addressed thoroughly:

* Ryback vs CM Punk (near the middle, like usual)
* Brad Maddox or Triple H and Orton vs Daniel Bryan (scattered throughout)
* The Shield vs the PTP (only because Young is gay)
* The Miz's next stupid feud.

See you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

DOG Returns

Hey guys, MYK here, just updating DOG like I said into post-page thing. We'll see how things work out. I'm trying to make it so that DOG has the ability to become an active page again.

Let me just recap history for you since I'm deleting all the information that was on that page earlier. It started as Halo Hunter, a fan site created by Knight. He moved it to a page in the blog and decided that Halo was too small a topic. Changing it to Dawn of Games, it became a page where he posted his reivews. After changing it to DOG and promising something new, finally happening, he forgot all about it. Now, as a part of my hostile takeover, I'm making the page relevent again.

Reviews on this page:
Halo Reach: 7.5/10
PSMove: 10/10
New Vegas: 8/10
SvR 2011:  8/10
The Conduit: 6/10
Kinect: 9.2/10
Black Ops: 7.05/10 (no idea how he got this measurement)

Now, much like Knight I plan on posting only once per day, because of blog work I have posted twice. Otherwise, see you guys tomorrow with my Night of Champions/Raw review.


Iolaus Will Die

We all know that the Rock is making a movie on his childhood hero, Hercules, a role that he wanted badly. Now, I haven't read the comic book that the new film will take inspiration from, so forgive me if I'm wrong or right unknowingly, but from a simple look at the cast and characters, I can tell you that we will be going down the Troy Road. Remember in Troy, when Achilles' cousin died and he went ape-shit on the Hulk? Yeah, that is what I believe we will get in the film, but moreover to lead to the climax rather than show badassery.

Iolaus is a legendary hero commonly regarded as an Argonaut. I believe this will be alluded to some way in the film, but he is moreover recognized as Hercules' nephew, or his great-nephew (sister's grandson), so Hercules will be shown as caring for him in the film, training him and such. A close bond will be formed between the two and then, just as the big war is about to come, something happens and Hercules is forced to doubt even participating in the war (something in relation to Zeus, I suppose). However, he is betrayed, Iolaus killed, and they go to war.

Honestly, this movie will again show some very great acting by Dwayne Johnson and even if it doesn't hit number one on the box office, it will still make a ton of money. Let me elaborate, number one will make a whole lot of money, so number two's box office will be number one standards, only it will not be number one because number one exceeded number one expectations. Critically, expect this movie to do a 50 % to 70 % score with something like this on Rotten Tomatoes: While Dwayne Johnson again manages to perform the part of the warrior to excellence, thrills are given, but sometimes too many with director Brett Rattner's overblown sequences detracting the main purpose of the film one too many times.

Don't expect a sequel.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Will People Actually Believe That?

The Era of the Knight is over.

The Era of Khan has begun.

I am Muhammad Yafisz Khan, I've been mentioned on this blog by Knight a bunch of times. I usually represent the Knight12ify name (a name shared by Knight and I) through forums like WrestlingInc, CBR a bunch of wikis and yeah. I've been present on the Knight12ify YouTube, I made those crappy goAnimate videos just for fun and a couple of quick views. Now, let me just clarify, Knight is not gone, only on hiatus because he is making a bunch of YouTube videos. A hint to his next tribute video, it involves HP. More about myself, I'm a black Muslim athletic nerd living in Saskatchewan Canada. My religion, I'm not a fervent believer by the way (I can only speak English and know very little about religion actually), will nonetheless make it difficult for me to post on such things as Syria, which Knight posted on a lot. I will, however, continue to bring news about movies, will bring much more wrestling coverage and comics news. Speaking of which, let's go to comics and movies now. As part of my duties, DOG will now return with more coverage than before.

Justin Bieber posted a picture of the Man of Steel II: World's Finest and is trolling people about playing Robin. I really don't care about Bieber, Knight has some very harsh things to say, but I don't care. Let me lay out the facts for all of you reading this: Batman vs. Superman is not the official title, but rather a working title created by David S. Goyer, as in, it's not even the real fake title (like Rasputin was for Iron Man 2, I think); Batman: The Dark Knight Falls is an issue in The Dark Knight Returns, that issue is too small to base an entire script off of; speaking of which, that script he's holding seems like it's five pages; since when do scripts have colour logos?; also, if they do have logos now, I'm pretty sure they would have the real logo, not the fake one Knight found online for his World's Finest trailer; it says reviewed August something, was Affleck even cast then?; that area code doesn't exist.

Do people actually believe that Ben Affleck would be willing to lose a bunch of die hard comic fans (tied with CoD and wrestling fans as the worst fans in the world) for a bunch of teenage girls when his Batman movie comes out? Goyer and Snyder, sure. Affleck, himself a comic fan, is in no way going to lose the cadre of millions who'll watch his Batman reboot 15 times in theatre. Get real.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Who He Is.

How long has this been going on? Just me for three years, almost four. Well, guys, it's not the end, as the first two sentences could indicate. PLOT TWIST! This post, I am going to to first of all tell you guys that I am taking hiatuses way too quickly so I am going to take in Muhammad Yafisz Khan as a second poster. He will temporarily take over the blogging duties from me, either this week or next week. Yafisz has been with the blog for a while now, he started a Twitter, though that appears to have stalled for now and remember all those goAnimate videos, that was all him. The reason for this is that I am focusing more on YouTube videos.

Yes, I have restarted and my first video will be about The Lord of the Rings. In fact it's already up. Basically, I remember the Shaw commercial about a man's life, from University to Parent. Good commercial, had nothing to do with Shaw, but it was the song that really captured my attention. Always Growing, by Didier Tovel, whom I have found to have composed several other songs, but have not found him singing since. I felt this song fit in really well with The Lord of the Rings, and while some parts of my video may seem a bit off, I feel I got it all.

I had a limited amount of clips and so about halfway to completion, I realized I had only two scenes with Frodo, and everything else with Aragorn, the war scenes and the people at Aragorn's coronation. So I had to add more of him, most of it being from the Crack of Doom. Gollum's death was going to make it into the video as well, originally, but I reduced him down to a cameo. Not because I wanted to highlight other characters, but rather, he had little more than a cameo in The Fellowship of the Ring, book and film, and I wanted to pay homage to that.

Here is the video

Took me so damn long to put that up there, blogger was being weird.

See you whenever,

Goodbye for now,