Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Batboot Cast

Its well known that Batman will be rebooted to accommodate for the JLA film that will include the current Green Lantern and new Superman cast, this is my cast for the Batboot.

Bruce Wayne/Batman - Thomas Dekker: The kid is young, he's proven he can act in the shitty Terminator show by making it slightly good, he's got the physique as he's proven, why not? We could get a Christian Keaton out of him.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Lithgow: Why not? Sure he may not look the part, but Michael Caine wasn't exactly a skinny butler with male pattern baldness but evident jet black hair and some small white streaks. Plus with his recent performances in Shrek [no not Shrek], but the way he showed he can act in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the old guy has still got it.

Commissioner Gordon - James Woods: He would do the part, maybe not the voice, but he can alter that for sure. He looks like him, he's not young like Gary Oldman so we don't have to start him off at Lieutenant and have him work his way up, so he can just start at commissioner due to his age.

Vicki Vale - Ellen Page: Some people say Batgirl, performance in Inception and in in Family Guy, BOOM, you got Vicki Vale.

Hush - Eric Bana: Come on, Bruce Banner and Hector, this actor is amazing, he is a must.

My plot, as Bruce returns he contemplates on how to fight crime, and as he figures out how to become a detective, solving a case that involves his past, he slowly becomes Batman and faces off against Hush.

Alternate: Been Batman for a year, people don't accept him and he faces Hush.

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