Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What should be next for the MCU?

MCU: Marvel Cinematic Universe

What should be next for it?

Well, we have finished the initial arc, getting Tony Stark to realize it is not just him, getting Bruce Benner to go and come back to New York, having Thor pop out of nowhere and having Cap wake up and lead the Avengers. Whats next? Easy, they have announced Avengers 2, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

Iron Man 3 will start filming in two weeks maybe and will focus on the Extremis arc which will transform Tony Stark even more.

Then will come Thor 2 which will deal with the fate of Loki.

Now, both of these may deal with the Chitauri, Stark Towers in IM3 and Loki in Thor 2, but we both know that the presence of Thanos and the Other are going to be quite mum, especially through Captain America 2, which may or may not happen. What we do know is that the Inhumans are going to happen.

Chitauri are Skrull. I think, I'm not sure, Inhumans are Kree. The Avengers introduced the Chitauri trying to get the Tesseract as a source of weaponry, they have no want to invade Earth at all, but why do they want this weaponry? Well, in the Other's talk with Loki, who speaks of a "he" and a "him", this he and him is likely a deity of sorts and that deity is probably Thanos. This means that Thanos is the god of the Chitauri/Skrulls and his smile at the end means that he does want to invade Earth and use the Tesseract to do so, or he was using the Tesseract as a ruse. So the big Chitauri/Skrull plan is to likely invade Earth to expand their empire to gain new and better fronts to use in war, meaning that Thanos is not at all concerned with Earth at all and that he can invade it at any time and that he is learning the terrain of Earth to plan for a war that is probably happening but due to the two enemies knowing each other so well, it is at something of a standstill.

On one side, Chitauri/Skrull led by the Other, on the other side are the Kree.

The Kree, learning of the Chitauri's "failed" invasion of Earth, decide they can do better and they activate the Inhumans, making the Inhumans Movie. But when the Inhumans turn on them, they decide to cancel the project. The Other and maybe Thanos, played by Damion Portier, will star in this one. This sets up the Kree-Chitauri/Skrull War and founds the basis of the Second Chitauri Invasion of Earth which sets up The Avengers 2.

That is what is happening, bold it out dude.

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