Friday, November 23, 2012

Revenge Brings Equality, Part Two

It took me a while to write this. I'm not going to lie.

I'm a Canadian and I am proud. When somebody calls me an Indian, I laugh. They ask me why? Am I not Indian? I answer: You Know It Bro. I hate Britain's Royal Family, because the truth is, they do nothing. If the time came, the British Royal Family would not be willing to make a sacrifice for the greater good. They never have. British people are not stupid, just prideful. Why does the Elizabeth's face get to be on the coins of Canada? She did nothing for us. But the truth is, England did many things for us and we did many things for them. When we were freed, we were freed on the basis as to help the British Empire, whether or not we would exceed England one day. That day was July 1st, 2012. Why did we go to war in World War One or in World War Two? We were our own people by then.

Imagine somebody kills your father. You would want revenge on that person. We went to war to wrong those who had made us the power that we are today! I'm not a British citizen. I am a Canadian. Revenge brings equality.

Not all the time.

But it does bring equality.

As a group you will be more unified taking off an equal force that has wronged you all than against a force who has only wronged a few of you or a majority of you. Upper and Lower Canada were unified against the United States in 1815 in the War of 1812 because it was they who went to war and we who wanted revenge. Sure America succeeded, Canadians are indistinguishable from Americans, they are our brothers in arms, not Englanders. But we won. We won because we were angry, they seceded and now they expect us to join because of where we were? That's not how things worked and it's never how things will work.

Tell  me. When America was bombed in 9/11, were the people more unified in bringing revenge against Al Qaeda than ever before? Sure they killed some innocent citizens, but what's to be expected. The people were unified, they signed up to go to war. Hell, it dates earlier than that in America. Pearl Harbour. This works for Canada too you know, the Battle of the St. Lawrence. 340 Canadians dead.

The point is, that when somebody wrongs you as a people, you wont care what gets in your way. You want to get even.

That's how many of us here feel in Canada. We don't want to go bombing people. We want to resolve things the Canadian way: diplomatically. We are not extremists, got it Johnny? Those letters against you were letters of equality, letters brought by a momentum wanted by revenge against your lies. We wanted a diplomatic end to the death sentence, yet we got people bitching about abortion overpowering our more meaningful shouts. We want justice. We want equality. Whether brought by revenge or tranquility.

That's all folks.

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