Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

In my final post on this blog, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all. It's been a good three months, and considering that I've been very consistent on my posts, got the blog a constant audience, I know that I did good. Knight, the original writer, should come back soon sometime this month. Remember, I was only going to ever be here for three months, I thought and hoped for a while maybe longer, but this is best.
But, it's for the best.

I'm going to start off by talking about Dwayne Johnson's DC Comics film. Kevin Feige made it clear that he wanted Johnson in a Marvel Entertainment film, but the Rock and DC go back further, with him set to appear in Captain Marvel and Lobo. Both of those may have fell apart and while I do not doubt that Johnson had talks with Marvel, it seems that these talks with DC are actually coming to something. If he does play a character, it should be Black Adam, he is made for that character.
Hopefully his performance in Hercules: The Thracian Wars is awesome enough to let people ignore Ratner's lazy directing.

In WWE, Brock Lesnar returned. I have no doubt that after Randy Orton beats John Cena, Lesnar is going to come out and use his match at the Royal Rumble. It makes the most sense, especially with Batista set to win. After all, if the Rock isn't going to face Lesnar, how about the next most valuable guy (that isn't Lesnar)? I really hope and I still do, that John Cena faces the Undertaker.
I'm in movies now!

Finally, Batman: Arkham Origins announced that it's DLC would be Mr. Freeze based. Expect the announcement of the next game in March-May. I thought that they would be doing maybe another Joker DLC or maybe a Scarecrow one. Mr. Freeze seems kind of wooden to me, but his boss battle was very good in Batman: Arkham City, so if WB Montreal can improve on that, best of luck to them.
Oh, screw you.

Logging off.