Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWE and My Life

So basically WWE has had a lot to do with my life, with it starting when it was WWF. Most of it has to do with Smackdown, with Raw only actually recently entering in 2011 when Smackdown got bad.
This was in the year 2000, or 2001, the heart of the Attitude Era. I was from the start a fan of Dwayne the Rock Johnson and hated Steve Austin and I still do. I stopped watching after a while, though the fights between Johnson and Hearst Helmsley rung high in my head. Then I started again, a year later, in 2002, after watching Wrestlemania 18 was it? That next show came Brock Lesnar, when Lesnar beat the Rock I quit watching until the Smackdown after the Wrestlemania when John Cena won. Cena instantly became my favorite, his rapper hardcore moves aspiring to me.
When Cena left and Batista came, my attention would divert to the Undertaker, Edge and Randy Orton. I loved those four guys and the stories they would have. I think I quit watching this sometime after the Batista-Mysterio Union, so after Eddie died.
I would see some Raw around this time, mostly what Cena was doing and some stuff involving Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels. The Smackdown I would watch was to see what was happening with Rey and Batista.
Then I would return again in 2008 after Rey got his title shot at the Royal Rumble and Vickie Guererro was the GM. I would keep watching this until the story became about Hells in Cells, Triple-H, and then the Championship Scramble which would dovetail into Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk which was where I stopped watching.
I would start watching again in mid-2010 when the storylines that started in 2008 had all but finished and started in a new post-Shawn Michaels storyline that was interconnected involving the Straight Edge Society, Big Show, a veggie Taker and  a mad Kane. I quit this storyline early because this was when I knew it - Smackdown got bad.
When the Nexus storyline got good, I jumped right in, the Smackdown stuff was bad - admit it, though I would keep up on it through PPVs. Nexus dived into Miz getting the title and them trying to win the Rumble, around which time, the Rock would return, the Awesome Truth would happen and of course, Wrestlemania 28.

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