Friday, September 30, 2011

Creeping A Missile

The Most Bloody Uprising in History: 2011 Syrian Uprising
The Most Dangerous War of 2011: 2011 Libyan Civil War
The Most Dangerous Situation of 2011 (aka: More Dangerous than the Last Two): the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and Post-Mubarak Transition

Today Anwar al-Awlaki died. A fact that al-Qaeda is breaking down. Anwar was a United States citizen born in New Mexico, he helped plan the 911 bombings. He has killed a lot of people. A lot of the people he killed were not killed by him, but by people trying to kill him. He was the most dangerous man on the Earth. Anwar al-Awlaki was considered one of al-Qaeda’s top recruiters and had been highly sought after by both American and Yemeni officials for years. Al-Awlaki was also internet-savvy, using his fluent English and Web presence to draw recruits. Experts say this is a future model for terror recruitment. Despite his pedigree as a internet-savvy spiritual leader, al-Awlaki was also a U.S. citizen, meaning some see civil rights issues in this situation

Anwar was worse than Osama Bin Laden, the man that officially planned 911. Anwar was the worst man alive in the 21st Century, no mistake about that.

But you cant always get it right two times can you?

Today, America tried to kill another Al-Qaeda member, or was it Taliban? or something completely different? Nevertheless that bomb did not hit their target, but it hit Pakistani citizens. The people in India are parding. The people in Paksitan are protesting. Those protests want America out, America destroyed Iraq and allowed the Taliban in because they thought Saddam was making nukes, it was a war of no reason. They attacked Paksitan due to its close proximity with Afghanistan and the fact that some Taliban hid there. They attacked Pakistan because it was at a Civil War started by the Soviet Union and Osama went there after bombing America.

Consider this the Arab Spring of the U.S Military Conflicts.

Due to the Tunisian Revolution, the Egyptian Protestors started what would become the most dangerous situation, 1000 people dead, 6000 critically injured. Sure the death rate is not as high as Syria or Libya, but if you go there, you will get hurt and you will get hurt bad. I bet you the death count and the injured count is being under counted. The Egyptian Revolution started protests all amongst the Arab Spring. Now it could lead Egypt to war with Israel.

Egypt's Bloody Revolution led to a short one in Yemen that I believe is ongoing. The death of Anwar is supposed to curtail this revolution Yemeni Loyalists probably hope that their leader will stay. Al-Qaeda will probably crack. The Yemeni Loyalists will fail. And America's fatal mistake on trying to get it right could start a U.S Military Revolution that starts when Pakistan demands the U.S to leave it alone. Will the U.S soldiers quickly leave Paksitan, take out all deployed soldiers in Iraq and quickly end its Afghan mission?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Vita Sony

Please Note that this is an Update of a previous post titled the Playstation Vita, this, however, adds three extra paragraphs.

It started with the launch of the Playstation Portable as a competitor to to the Nintendo DS. When one company came out with a new model for their handheld system, the other did as well. So this put Sony and Nintendo as the primary competitors for the handheld market, always releasing new stuff to compete with each other in every way.

This was until the Nintendo DSiXL was released; Sony did not release any handheld back, at this time people assumed it to be because of the PSPgo's failure. Sony did not even discuss something like the PSP has a long or short life ahead of it. Nintendo had already announced the 3DS.

It was after the Nintendo 3DS' launch that people began to speculate a PSP2, for about two month's these rumors were halted due to the many presumed official revelations of the Sony Experia Play, the Playstation Phone. Then the big announcement came, the NGP.

As the 3DS lagged in both sales and good quality games, with the most anticipated (yes, Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy is not going to come out) being canceled, Sony showcased the NGP, showing its power to the max, without giving any specifics.

At E3, Sony unveiled the NGP's spec's and details, everything about the NGP was revealed from price to hardware. The NGP became known as the Playstation Vita and from its time known as the NGP, it already had a blockbuster lineup in its hand, Call of Duty, Killzone, Uncharted and yes, Badman.

Also at E3, the Wii U was announced, and upon announcement, Nintendo lost a lot of shares. The Playstation Vita was then shown to replicate what the Wii U could do and on a modern generation console, no need to switch to the future. It can do what the Wii U controller can do, but more, such as a back touchpad and co-op.

To show their advantage over the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, the Playstation Vita and the Playstation 3 showed off something they else they could do that Nintendo's products couldn't do: get good games and work together.

Nintendo then announced a new peripheral for the 3DS, a second slide pad to compete with the Playstation Vita's two joysticks. With the radical price drop of the 3DS, this second slide pad would increase the price by little, however, the question was then brought up, which games from the lagging selection.

With Nintendo barely releasing any original titles, with the only originals having been remakes and a Mario game; third-person parties too are making many games, compared to how much Nintendo is making. Nintendo's titles have been very good, a third-persons party sucks, ass.

The second slide-pad was created to give developers more room, but the titles released pre to the announcement will likely be stranded now, a new strategy for Nintendo to compete with the Vita, however, in doing this, it seems that all support for games without a second slide-pad will be knocked away. Due to the awkwardness of the slidepad's location, and the fitting location of the Vita's second joystick, Nintendo could discontinue the second slidepad before the release of the Vita.