Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Casting Choices 2: Batman vs Robocop

Lets ignore that new Robocop Remake. This is the new Robocop, he is slimmer, stronger and less clunky.

Director: Roger Spottiswoode - With James Bond on his list, he can pull of a perfect Batman adventure flick and make Batman seem more like the Avengers than the Dark Knight. If this movie were to be made, that would be a necessity.

Screenwriter: Skip Woods - His work on the original G.I Joe proves that he can work with science fiction perfectly to make the embodiment that is Robocop. He can also write Robocop in a way that it seems as if he and Batman are two opposite beings, but very much alike.

Producer: Alex Young - It is his sole work on X-Men Origins Wolverine that would grant him this spot. For with Skip Woods, an underdog, he could produce a movie like none other that only Roger Spottiswoode could direct.

Actors -
Batman - John Rhys Meyers: To collaborate with Spottiswoode again on a flick like this, Meyers could make the perfect battered man that Batman is. After being blamed for murder by the mob and continuing his relentless crusade, Batman wonders, has he finally had too much?
Robocop - Paul Bettany: Who better than Michael? Jarvis? Priest? Than to play RoboCop, a police enforcement cyborg whose thoughts on his form of justice are conflicting with his inner nature while he is hunting the fugitive Batman.
Julie Madison - Kate Walsh
Commissioner Gordon - Dylan Walsh
Batgirl - Ellen Page

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