Monday, May 21, 2012

Jak and Daxter 4

Could it happen? Chances are no, why? Because we were going to get it through Naughty Dog  but that game ended up morphing into the Last of Us. Now the Last of Us will undoubtedly share a lot traits from Jak and Daxter, but will be more akin to Uncharted stylized in the vein of I am Legend. Recently we got Jak and Daxter HD which included all of the Naughty Dog Jak and Daxter games, minus the racing catastrophe.

The Collection contained NO HINT as to a future Jak and Daxter game, thus leaving Jak and Daxter 4 in doubt. So will it happen? No, consider the series dead. Why? The HD Collection sold very well, but likely not enough for Sony to consider there to be enough fan support for the series, this was also probably another reason why Naughty Dog does not have a third team working on Jak 4. So get the collection and call it quits, because Jak is no longer at Sony, he is in All-Stars, likely, but that's it son, he's the Captain Falco of Sony now, say hello to him when he appears in a 3D Remake ten years from now.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What the Spider-Man Movies Could Have Been

Now, lets ignore Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing Spider-Man and get this into the open: I loved Spider-Man 3 and I thought it was amazing, but it could have been better. I fucking hate the Amazing Spider-Man.

Now, if I was in charge of the Spider-Man series I wouldn't change Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, but I would change number 3.
My Spider-Man 3:
How? Storywise, take out the New Goblin and Venom, keep Sandman. My story for Spider-Man 3 would be, Peter is preparing to propose to MJ, Harry decides to try and let Peter prove himself and the two decide to meet somewhere but their meeting is interrupted by Sandman thus shattering the best friends relationship. Trying to catch Sandman, Peter's relationship with MJ also shatters. Peter's life goes from bad to worse when a new photographer, Eddie Brock, gets the staff job that he deserved.

Peter then goes out with his lab partner Gwen Stacy, unknowingly picking up the Venom Symbiote on the way. He is called by Aunt May to accompany her to the police station where he discovers Sandman to be Flint Marko, the man who actually killed his uncle. Enraged, the symbiote takes over Peter giving him the black suit. The black suit makes Peter even more enraged, he ruins Eddie's life, viciously beats Harry (doesn't disfigure him) and ruins MJ's job.

Realizing what he did wrong, Peter seeks redemption, though his ultraviolent acts as black suit Spider-Man have declared him an outlaw. When Sandman attacks a bank, Peter attacks him and starts to lose, but eventually gets the upper hand against Sandman where he confronts him about Uncle Ben. When he learns the truth (the same thing that happened in SM3), he regrets his decisions and actions against his friends and decides to go on a vacation for a while.

So that was my Spider-Man 3, my Spider-Man 4 would obviously have to be different, wouldn't it?
My Spider-Man 4:
Peter, despite quitting as Spider-Man, discovers that he is subliminally continuing to act as him and his methods are getting near suicidal. Continuing his relationship with Gwen Stacy, Peter begins a new life with  her, and though Aunt May is sad at what happened with MJ, he is able to handle Peter's decisions. Harry Osborn keeps on brooding and is visited by images of his father who wants harry to take vengeance.

As Peter begins to have a breakdown due to the stress the black suit puts on him, Harry begins to start taking the formula that his father took to become the Green Goblin. Taking off the black suit in the Church, it ends up going to Eddie Brock who decides to use it to take vengeance on Peter for ruining his life.

As Peter's grip on reality continues to break due to what the black suit did to him, Eddie ruins Spider-Man's image even more, branding hm a murderer and all. Eventually, the two decide to meet up with each other where they will have a fight. They do and Peter wins, then deciding that NYC does not need Spider-Man as he will continually put them in trouble.

Post-Credits Scene: Harry puts on the Green Goblin Mask, the silver one as to differentiate himself.

My Spider-Man 5:
Basically Peter is wondering how the city is getting on along without him, but some unprecedented disaster happens and he has to stop it, I'm going for the Vulture or the Lizard on this one.

My Spider-Man 6:
As to end the series, Spider-Man vs the New Goblin.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Casting Choices 2: Batman vs Robocop

Lets ignore that new Robocop Remake. This is the new Robocop, he is slimmer, stronger and less clunky.

Director: Roger Spottiswoode - With James Bond on his list, he can pull of a perfect Batman adventure flick and make Batman seem more like the Avengers than the Dark Knight. If this movie were to be made, that would be a necessity.

Screenwriter: Skip Woods - His work on the original G.I Joe proves that he can work with science fiction perfectly to make the embodiment that is Robocop. He can also write Robocop in a way that it seems as if he and Batman are two opposite beings, but very much alike.

Producer: Alex Young - It is his sole work on X-Men Origins Wolverine that would grant him this spot. For with Skip Woods, an underdog, he could produce a movie like none other that only Roger Spottiswoode could direct.

Actors -
Batman - John Rhys Meyers: To collaborate with Spottiswoode again on a flick like this, Meyers could make the perfect battered man that Batman is. After being blamed for murder by the mob and continuing his relentless crusade, Batman wonders, has he finally had too much?
Robocop - Paul Bettany: Who better than Michael? Jarvis? Priest? Than to play RoboCop, a police enforcement cyborg whose thoughts on his form of justice are conflicting with his inner nature while he is hunting the fugitive Batman.
Julie Madison - Kate Walsh
Commissioner Gordon - Dylan Walsh
Batgirl - Ellen Page

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Move Casting Choices #1

The start in the first of a series of blog posts that I will try to do every Saturday, which means I likely wont do it like DOG, which when I start on a Saturday, I'll continue.

So the movie, keeping in tradition with what we've been doing here, I am casting is Shazam.

Director: J.J Abrams [He works for this kind of movie if its made in a Super 8 fashion, if not I'm going for Garry Ross]
Screenwriter: Simon Pegg [Chronicle]
Producer: Garry Ross [If director, then J.J]

Shazam: Anthony Hopkins
Captain Marvel: Daniel Gillies (The name popped in my head, I would in reality cast someone buffer but you can't have a Shazam movie without Marvel, so I just went with what came)
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson
Billy Batson: Nathan Gamble
Mary Marvel: Hailee Steinfeld

Friday, May 11, 2012

4's in Movies

Now, lets think about it. Usually the first film in a saga is great, a second film is lukewarm, but good enough to get you thinking, I wonder where they take this next, and number three sucks ass. Examples: Spider-Man 3 (I don't agree with this one), Godfather 3 and Crocodile Dundee 3.

What about 4's, what about movies that are good enough to warrant a fourth sequel?

Well, if the director is Christopher Nolan and is not story wart at the same time and will cave in to the studio. Let us think that the new Superman film series by Zack Snyder will not be a trilogy but a quadrology merging with the Justice League movie. In the new movie, it will deal with Superman being alone in the world, an example first brought by Bryan Singer in Superman Returns. He is an alien amongst humans, he has powers nobody else has, he is good but viewed malign, he is alone. The only others of his species, Zod and Faora, are fucking evil. So the second movie will undoubtedly deal with the aftermath of it, him coping with the fact that he is alone instead of just dealing with it. the third film will have him accepting himself, if the Dark Knight Rises goes that direction and I'm thinking it will, so where will the fourth film go?

Well lets look at my proposed villains:

For Man of Steel we have Zod
For the sequel which is say should be called the Men of Steel, we have Bizarro or the Eradicator (see why?)
For the third-quel we should have Lex Luthor himself, trying to break the public's trust in Superman.

Zod will break the humans trust in Kryptonians and make Superman an Outlaw, but how can you catch an invincible man who runs really fast? Hit him with a train, it happened in the new Action Comics it can happen here. On the point though, in the sequel, you need Bizarro, the Eradicator or the Cyborg Superman. The simple reason why is, he is fighting himself, essentially. He needs to realize that he is alone and he needs to do something about it, he cant face others like him, so he's got to face himself. He's also got to become the face of the public some time in this  movie. In the third film I'm guessing Lex and his robot suit or something like that will have Lex succeeding in tarnishing Superman's public image but Supes still coming on top.

What room does that leave for a fourth movie? None. The Dark Knight Rises wont and maybe this one wont either, Spider-Man 3, despite the development of Spider-Man 4, did not leave room for a sequel except for Sandman blowing himself away.

Here is what you can do, make a standalone movie that ties in to the greater franchise. We don't need Superman in a series involving his own problems anymore, lets focus on the world now. That is why we need a Justice League film. While the Avengers focuses on the problems of its characters, the Justice League movie needs to focus on the world. Lets say the DC world is just like ours, because hey, DC is much more realistic [I mean Marvel needs to reboot their comics, the stuff they are doing is like, hey, is this same continuity? Did they not do this twenty years ago and the public still has the same reaction... guhhhh.], it will show the poverty and the cryings of the people.

So this fourth Superman movie needs to the cornerstone of a said DC Cinematic Universe. It needs to show Superman facing something bigger than himself, something like Mongul. Someone that can literally beat the shit out of Superman and kill him that way, of course he needs to be insane like Doomsday to actually do it, though. So lets say he faces Mongul, the public learns: If you hit something hard enough, it can bleed. Going in to that, lets enter the first two Justice League movies, number one: the Parademons and Darkseid. If Mongul beat the shit out of Superman, what will these guys do? Simple, it will make Superman less important and therefore the need to exclude Superman, as he is a huge ass character anyways, and put the same amount of emphasis and importance on other guys like Aquaman and Wonder Woman will be given and therefore the public wont say, "Why didn't Batman make a plunger and shove it up Darkseid's ass?" or, "Wait... he's Superman... why didn't he just be super?".

One question will, however, be asked, "He's Superman. I thought you can't beat him up?"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What should be next for the MCU?

MCU: Marvel Cinematic Universe

What should be next for it?

Well, we have finished the initial arc, getting Tony Stark to realize it is not just him, getting Bruce Benner to go and come back to New York, having Thor pop out of nowhere and having Cap wake up and lead the Avengers. Whats next? Easy, they have announced Avengers 2, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

Iron Man 3 will start filming in two weeks maybe and will focus on the Extremis arc which will transform Tony Stark even more.

Then will come Thor 2 which will deal with the fate of Loki.

Now, both of these may deal with the Chitauri, Stark Towers in IM3 and Loki in Thor 2, but we both know that the presence of Thanos and the Other are going to be quite mum, especially through Captain America 2, which may or may not happen. What we do know is that the Inhumans are going to happen.

Chitauri are Skrull. I think, I'm not sure, Inhumans are Kree. The Avengers introduced the Chitauri trying to get the Tesseract as a source of weaponry, they have no want to invade Earth at all, but why do they want this weaponry? Well, in the Other's talk with Loki, who speaks of a "he" and a "him", this he and him is likely a deity of sorts and that deity is probably Thanos. This means that Thanos is the god of the Chitauri/Skrulls and his smile at the end means that he does want to invade Earth and use the Tesseract to do so, or he was using the Tesseract as a ruse. So the big Chitauri/Skrull plan is to likely invade Earth to expand their empire to gain new and better fronts to use in war, meaning that Thanos is not at all concerned with Earth at all and that he can invade it at any time and that he is learning the terrain of Earth to plan for a war that is probably happening but due to the two enemies knowing each other so well, it is at something of a standstill.

On one side, Chitauri/Skrull led by the Other, on the other side are the Kree.

The Kree, learning of the Chitauri's "failed" invasion of Earth, decide they can do better and they activate the Inhumans, making the Inhumans Movie. But when the Inhumans turn on them, they decide to cancel the project. The Other and maybe Thanos, played by Damion Portier, will star in this one. This sets up the Kree-Chitauri/Skrull War and founds the basis of the Second Chitauri Invasion of Earth which sets up The Avengers 2.

That is what is happening, bold it out dude.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWE and My Life

So basically WWE has had a lot to do with my life, with it starting when it was WWF. Most of it has to do with Smackdown, with Raw only actually recently entering in 2011 when Smackdown got bad.
This was in the year 2000, or 2001, the heart of the Attitude Era. I was from the start a fan of Dwayne the Rock Johnson and hated Steve Austin and I still do. I stopped watching after a while, though the fights between Johnson and Hearst Helmsley rung high in my head. Then I started again, a year later, in 2002, after watching Wrestlemania 18 was it? That next show came Brock Lesnar, when Lesnar beat the Rock I quit watching until the Smackdown after the Wrestlemania when John Cena won. Cena instantly became my favorite, his rapper hardcore moves aspiring to me.
When Cena left and Batista came, my attention would divert to the Undertaker, Edge and Randy Orton. I loved those four guys and the stories they would have. I think I quit watching this sometime after the Batista-Mysterio Union, so after Eddie died.
I would see some Raw around this time, mostly what Cena was doing and some stuff involving Chris Masters and Shawn Michaels. The Smackdown I would watch was to see what was happening with Rey and Batista.
Then I would return again in 2008 after Rey got his title shot at the Royal Rumble and Vickie Guererro was the GM. I would keep watching this until the story became about Hells in Cells, Triple-H, and then the Championship Scramble which would dovetail into Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk which was where I stopped watching.
I would start watching again in mid-2010 when the storylines that started in 2008 had all but finished and started in a new post-Shawn Michaels storyline that was interconnected involving the Straight Edge Society, Big Show, a veggie Taker and  a mad Kane. I quit this storyline early because this was when I knew it - Smackdown got bad.
When the Nexus storyline got good, I jumped right in, the Smackdown stuff was bad - admit it, though I would keep up on it through PPVs. Nexus dived into Miz getting the title and them trying to win the Rumble, around which time, the Rock would return, the Awesome Truth would happen and of course, Wrestlemania 28.