Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Perfect Shazam Crew

I haven't done one of these in such a long time. However, with Shazam coming out sooner than 2019 it seems like, it is probably best for me to do at least one more. I am very excited for this film, of course I am excited for really any film that looks like it has potential. This film, though, is so out of the blue that the main character has a suit made of red. I have a feeling that it will be the most "Marvel" DC film, yet the character of Captain Marvel, in this case renamed Shazam, has never been bereft of dark moments, it is just that he approaches them with a light heart. Like, imagine a possible Spider-Man 4 where it starts off with Spider-Man all retired and such. The movie is dark and brooding, he's lost his best friend, his girlfriend, with no Spider-Man he doesn't take pictures anymore and for 9 years, nobody has seen the webslinger. Yet he is forced out of retirement and the moment he fights the villain or villains of the film, in the suit, he is cracking jokes and not being depressed. Shazam should be like that. You can make it dark or anything, but as soon as Billy Batson transfroms into Shazam, he is going to be lighthearted, even if the movie itself is dark.

So, who could possibly make this film great? Let's see:

Director - Wes Anderson; after watching The Grand Budapest Hotel I finally began to truly appreciate the talents of Anderson. He gave us a comedy, yet even though it was hilarious, it was serious. Plus, given how much he hates critics of this genre, having one of Hollywood's best directors make a film in it would be amazing.

Shazam - Tom Hardy; He loves Warner Bros, loves DC Comics and needs to be a hero. Unfortunately he already has a DC television project in the pipeline.

Black Adam - Dwayne Johnson; because it is already confirmed...

Billy Batson - Dylan Everret; not sure if I spelled his name right, but after watching this kid act in Supernatural, I feel like he could pull it off. He may be a bit too old, but I feel like they should go with somebody around his age.

There aren't that many people that are important to the Captain Marvel mythos. So, I suppose that is going to have to be my "perfect" crew for Shazam.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Holy Shit Dude!
My view of Leadbeater's "articles".

It seems like every time I come on to this blog nowadays is to bash on Alex Leadbeater. Well, this post is no different. So get ready to hear me bitching about a guy bitching about Man of Steel. We hear at 2BIN have established we love that movie and I have established that Alex Leadbeater is not a bad writer, just a horrible writer when it comes to comic book films. Now, I was reading a new article on WhatCulture, because generally it tends to have good articles. This article, titled "12 Movies That Were Ruined By One Dumb Decision" tricked me into thinking it was going to point out a stupid decision made in the plot of the film. Rather it criticized design, production and development decisions. The more I went on, the more I skimmed. Then I realized it was a Leadbeater article when Man of Steel was the final film.

How odd? I though Leadbeater had a host of reasons why he didn't like that film? Now he has narrowed it down to one, very specific reason? Let us analyze that reason. First paragraph, he talks about The Amazing Spider-Man and Maleficent. Is there a point there? He says that Marvel Studios understands that people want to see new things, when he criticizes those earlier films for doing new things? At least when Knight starts his articles about fucking Troodons he makes the article relevant later, I doubt Leadbeater will do the same. He then says this all happened because of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, which may be true to an extent. This is the second paragraph now and I haven't read a word about Superman. Yet now he says this was necessary, only because of past failures and the fact that there was a gritty Batman comic. Third paragraph and he criticizes a company called "D.C." for their cinematic universe! Wait... isn't D.C. a city? So this article is actually criticizing American congress! So why is the panel supposed to be about Superman...? Oh I get it, he just misspelled DC as D.C., don't people know to know their enemies? So apparently he hates the film because the dumb decision was changing everything from Superman: The Movie. I cannot even tell you how dumb a statement that is. So I'll try. It's fucking moronic. I mean why make the film if you are not going to change anything, why not just re-release Richard Donner's movie on blu-ray (which I think they did)? Then he criticizes them for keeping the glasses? I thought you wanted things the same you bitch!
Hell, I thought it might've even been the shoes company!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Supernatural Season 10 Review

So yesterday I wrote a post in which I detailed why Supernatural should continue for a few years, basically detailing the brothers' relationship. My main reason was that a relationship doesn't end, it always evolves and Supernatural has now become the perfect case study of a relationship between family. This tenth season has wiped the slate clear for the show just as the fifth season did and it has been the best season since the aforementioned fifth one. This season gave to us some things that we expected we would never see, evolved the relationship between the brothers and set up what I am sure will be a stellar next season.

Starting off, we have to talk about the story. What is it? Essentially it starts off with Dean as a demon, a powerful and uncontrollable demon who not even the King of Hell can stop, so how can an injured Sam possibly try and do so? The first "mini-arc" seen on Supernatural in a long time, fans were extremely excited, mostly because Dean Winchester has gone evil. We got to see some great acting from Jensen Ackles, the uncaring and violent demeanor that he portrayed as his undead self was chilling and actually terrifying. If somebody only watched those three episodes, I am certain the show would evoke fear in somebody for the first time in years. Jared Padalecki's acting has never been as great as Jensen's in my opinion, but he has always been wonderful nonetheless. He showed a new side to Sam, a nuclear and relentless man who will do anything to fix his brother. This is something we usually see in Dean, but in him it is subtle and more subdued. In Sam, Jared shines as being vocal and edgy or dodgy. When Dean gets cured, they find they still have to deal with the Mark of Cain. Now, just a brief note. I have no doubt that the writers wanted to continue Demon Dean as well, but once cured, it would become a reused plot thread and if they continued, the 200th Episode would not have been as great as it was. Speaking of the 200th Episode, it was so meta, so filler and so great. It summed up opinions of the show in a nutshell and proved why we keep watching, even though we always complain. As the Mark of Cain plot thread progresses, we see Dean slowly and slowly become more uncaring, slightly more violent and more dark. I saw a lot of complaining that we actually were not seeing this, but as I have pointed out, Jensen Ackles' acting style is much more subdued. Instead of seeing uber-violent Dean as a demon, we were treated to a laid back deviant. So when the Mark of Cain takes hold, we go from Ackles' character trying to deal with it, accepting it, getting sadder and then just uncaring. It is all so subtle that you need to applaud Ackles for his performance. As the Mark continues to worsen Dean, Sam goes to extreme lengths to find the cure, a move which results in a girl whom they care for like a sister, Charlie Bradbury, getting slaughtered by the Styne Family. Dean finally loses control and murders all of the Stynes, but even then, Sam is willing to forgive him. Sam agrees to lay down his own life, so Death can take Dean away but only agrees to do so if Dean remembers who he once was. Sam is insistent that there is good in Dean. It is a powerful scene.

Production values for this show do seem to go down for normal episodes and every year the show seems to rely more on practical effects than CGI. The last CGI heavy season I would argue was season 7. We don't get that big of a budget on this compared to The Flash, which needs it for Gorilla Grodd. Yet whenever we need these effects, practical or otherwise, it comes off as amazing. When Dean killed Cain, it was amazing and all practical. When the Darkness got released, it may have not seemed very original, but proves that the studio technicians still have it.

Perhaps the worst part of this season would be the writing. When the filler was mediocre, it was very mediocre. When the filler was good, it was amazing. Perhaps it is good that much of the writing staff has departed, new blood means new chances and people who cannot wait to sink their claws in to the game. All while this happens, we keep some of the best writers and hope for a good spin-off soon.

Overall, while this season had its troubles, it was still the best since the fifth.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Supernatural Should Continue

Supernatural just finished its eleventh season and has proved to be the CW's most successful show not adapted to DC Comics yet again. It has never been the number one show on the network, as initially it was on the WB and when that turned into the CW, it was always slightly behind Smallville. Then for a little bit, The Vampire Diaries and then finally Arrow. As of now it ranks third on the network at pulling in views, right behind Arrow. It may even come fourth soon, when DC's Legends of Tomorrow premieres but even then, will still be first when you ignore adaptations to DC Comics. Why is Supernatural so successful? It is a character study, that shows two brothers and their relationship. Let me say something that I'm fairly certain Yafisz may have said before me in a different fashion: a relationship in real life does not end after ten or eleven years and in a relationship there are no overused plot threads. Ever since the Season 5 finale, people have claimed that Supernatural has not been as good, that the CW should let it die and so on, but I disagree. Should the show have ended at the fifth season, maybe, but should it end at the eleventh season, no. It still has a few years in it, a few more years to explore the brothers' relationship. We can now officially divide the show into: 1) The Kripke Era 2) The Post-Kripke Era 3) The New Era.

Now, let me describe to you the brothers' relationship as the show goes on. In the beginning, the very first season, the two brothers are looking for their father, who is obsessed about avenging his wife. The two brothers get along, have fun, make jokes and work well together, despite not having had seen each other for a while. It is here we begin to get the idea that Dean will do whatever it takes to keep Sam safe. As the second season begins, we see Dean conflicted towards Sam, being told he may need to put his brother down. Sam takes this as Dean shunning him as a monster and feels hurt and even though it works for the Demon's plans, Dean brings Sam back to life. The third season introduces Ruby and we see a rift begin to form between the brothers, Sam wants to defeat Lilith and is willing to work with Ruby to do so. Dean is morally against this idea and believes that working with Ruby will make him lose his brother. Dean's resurrection in the fourth season proves just this and Sam's obsession with Ruby's blood turns the two brothers on each other. Eventually, though, Dean realizes the error of his way and sees that he has just pushed Sam away and goes to do what he always does: save his brother. Yet Lilith dies and Lucifer rises. Dean lies to Sam subsequently, saying it will be all right, but feels the pressure of Michael on his shoulders and feels betrayed: his brother chose a demon over him. Yet in the end, because they are brothers and love always endures, Sam overcomes Lucifer and Dean is forced to let his brother go.

That was The Kripke Era, now let us see the Post-Kripke Era:

Dean is with Lisa and Ben. He is happy, but if one pays close attention, they can see he feels so much guilt that he kept his promise to Sam. Yet when Sam comes back, he feels betrayed and the more time he spends with Sam, the more he begins to feel cautious about him. Learning Sam is without a soul, Dean makes a deal with Death to save his brother. This is the first true example of how codependent the two are on each other, that Dean is willing to bargain with the Grim Reaper himself to save Sam. Then he tries to make sure that the wall does not come down in Sam's head, and when it does, Dean once again goes to immeasurable lengths to save Sam. Yet when Dean dies due to exploding Dick (yeah, that happened) and ends up in Purgatory, Sam does not save him. Dean feels hurt, he just survived a war in the afterlife and finds himself not even missed. Yet Dean is Dean and moves past it and when Sam is in danger, he sacrifices Benny. Then Sam is once again faced with death. Except, if he dies this time, Sam seals the gates of Hell. This is the first time when saving Sam was the wrong thing, yet Dean doesn't realize it and lets Gadreel possess his brother. When this goes wrong and he once again saves Sam, Dean refuses to admit he did the wrong thing and finds himself shunted from the one thing that has truly kept him going. Then he accepts the Mark of Cain, dies and turns into a demon and Sam realizes then, what Dean felt. Sam becomes obsessed, doing this he would never do to save Dean and when the Mark of Cain persists, Sam goes to insane lengths. When Charlie dies Dean finally realizes that they are too dependent on each other. When Charlie dies, Dean admits that what he did was wrong and should have let Sam seal the gates of Hell instead. Yet Dean cannot kill Sam and turns against Death.

That is a huge analysis of their relationship and personally, call me selfish, but I would like to see Supernatural continue for a long time. If it has to end soon, it can, but I would prefer it be Season 13 or Season 15. No other show, I repeat, no other show has so thoroughly analyzed the relationship shared between two people. Relationships don't end, they evolve, sure they are forced to through similar adaptations, but they evolve. Sam and Dean's relationship is far from done, they are brothers after all. What comes next now that they have finally seen each other's point of view? How will this dynamic continue to change? I can't wait to find out.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Jimmy - Mesozoica

Okay, so I just got a huge surge of views from the forum of Prehistoric Kingdom, where it appears Yafisz Khan has been active doing some digging of his own. Again, I did not put him up to that. Yafisz is not involved with Mesozoica whatsoever. it is likely this story just intrigued him and he wanted to find out for himself. He is a journalist, much like me. Unlike me, though, he actually gets paid, consistently (I'm not consistent), for his journalism. I'm not going to reprimand him for doing this. I have no doubt that he may have not wanted to agitate me by asking, but I will not reprimand him (after all, he gets most of you to read this blog anyways).

So I looked back through Slack, and the messages and it appears that the Slack-post that Jimmy has linked was something that Jonny actually screenshot beforehand. Now, look, Max admits everything to being his fault. He has said so over and over again. Jonny has admitted that Max is genuine in making this game. Yet the fact of the matter is, this split happened because Jonny and Max came to a disagreement and agreed to part ways. Now about Jimmy, you can see his goodbye post. There is a reason it was taken down, as with most of Jonny's posts. Say you were working for a company and an ex-worker came in and started talking trash about your company to everybody who still worked there. That is how it felt. I actually took down most of Jonny's posts and locked threads, not Max, me. Again, I would have handled this differently and maybe if I had taken the more vocal role in development I maybe could have stopped this. If I was home and logged on to Slack, I maybe could have stopped this. The truth is, though, the forum was hacked. That is all right, not a very difficult thing to do. Max's bank account was compromised. That is crossing the line. Did Jimmy do it? No. Somebody who was angry at what happened to Jimmy decided to enact their own twisted vigilante justice. I can't blame Max for accrediting that for happening because of the fallout with what occurred between he and Jimmy, but I will say that I still have access to the forum: Max did not blame Jimmy. Viktor van der Bergh, I'm sorry if you have gotten blocked on Facebook. I don't know who out of Underdog Interactive has access to the Facebook and I apologize if you have been blocked. Max got his bank account compromised, I cannot blame him for being agitated and wanted to move on from this entire scenario.

You wanted this put in perspective? On May 15th at 1:45 PM, Max posted his announcement. On May 16th, at 12:55 AM, Jonny responded and at 1:24 AM, Jimmy gave his two cents on the announcement. Then at 6:12 AM, Jimmy answered a question to Nick, our soundtrack artist. At 6:34 AM, Jimmy posted a third and final time. From 8:48 AM till 9:31 AM, Jonny and Max had a discussion in which Jonny and Mak agreed to leave the project. They left the project of their own accord. Again, what happened with Jimmy is unfortunate and I would have handled it differently. I'm simply putting it in perspective for you guys so you know how it all happened. I had to wrap it around my head as well for a while. I'm not saying anything more than I need to. I can say anything I want, this is my blog, unconnected to Mesozoica aside from promoting it. I'm not scared of getting kicked out by the project or anything, because the truth is, if I am fired, it will be for the better of the project and I would hope that my work would still get used. That is how much I believe in this project. I don't need to because you all know the story, my two posts on it, though, are the most accurate stories you will find. Yes, more accurate than Jimmy's and more accurate than Jonny's because I can still see everything, because I still believe in this project and no matter what is said about it, I will continue to believe in this project. I will not be posting about this situation again, if Yafisz does, then he does but I will not.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The New Mesozoica

A lot went down on the front of Mesozoica. Starting this Friday in fact. I was not at home that day, so I found out about everything after it had already happened. You see, our project lead, Max Wood, decided that we needed to forget about KickStarter and not talk about it at all for two months. Two of our other members, Mak Bucalo and Jonny Shaw, misread this statement and took it as us restarting KickStarter in two months. This led to a dispute between the three, ending with them departing the project. A third, Jimmy, who is very close to Mak and Jonny, was removed form the project thereafter. Max has apologized for this incident numerous times.

I find it very unfortunate that this happened all because of a misread. It is life, though. We win some. We lose some. While I always felt comfortable working with Jonny, I rarely ever communicated with Mak, working with Jimmy I always found to be slightly difficult. They are all fascinating workers and phenomenal developers. However, while Max told me not to respond on our forums, which after a hacking have been placed under maintenance, I will respond here.

Jimmy posted what happened to him on the Prehistoric Kingdom forums. If you want background on that, Prehistoric Kingdom is a game similar to Mesozoica, but aesthetically different and with different endgames. You guys can read Jimmy's post here and read it thoroughly. Jimmy is not a liar, but he is certainly omitting some details. I want to start this portion of the post by saying very early on, Jimmy writes about Slack, stating that he was unable to check the 200 notifications that were left there. This was because, as aforementioned, Max, out of fear of reprisal, did eject Jimmy from the team. Then Jimmy posts a link to a picture, a screenshot of a forum post that he made following his firing that contained information privy only to somebody who would have been able to check information on Slack. Let us analyze that post, though. In it, he claimed that the game would like The Stomping Lands, because Max is being mentored by Alex Fundora. I have known for a long time that Fundora's game was considered a rip-off and that Max worked on it. It became clear through Slack that Max was a marketing intern under Fundora, but that the two have not been in contact since the compromising of that project. He stated that there would be a coverup of that thread... well, of course there was. Here is where it gets great, the next screenshot shows somebody refuting the idea that Fundora and Max are currently working together (not that they have not had any past history). Jimmy believes that to mean Max denying having had worked with Fundora in the past and posts another screenshot... of Slack. Of a message that had to be one of the 200 notifications he missed that day. How do I know it had to be one of those 200? Well, it was actually around 160 and I did not check Slack that day either. How did Jimmy get information to this? I've no doubt that while his story is true, the parts that matter anyways, he did get to see all of those messages and was booted after that. Then Jimmy criticizes Max for praising Fundora's Kickstarter? Why wouldn't you? Yes what happened afterwards with the project was horrible, just downright terrible, but the Kickstarter was a huge success! The Kickstarter Pary reveal on Facebook. Look, as long as Jimmy was there, I always felt as if I was getting told stuff later. I found out about that reveal late and about the cancellation of Kickstarter late. I don't know why, but with Jimmy gone suddenly everything seems more open. His other example, when Max tried to merge us with The Isle... I don't know, again. I found out about that after Max decided to stick with his integrity and keep us afloat. Then came the idea of giving shoutouts to other projects like Prehistoric Kingdom. I was actually the one who came up with that idea, Jimmy did push for it, I will not deny, but it was my idea. Then Jimmy claims that Mesozoica was created out of spite. Well, a lot of things are. I'm not sure if Mesozoica is one of them. I knew beforehand that Max had previously worked on Prehistoric Kingdom, at what capacity, I'm not sure. I've heard multiple things. However, Mesozoica, if created in response to Prehistoric Kingdom, was created to accomplish one thing: be different than the other project because clearly it is not trying to go for the same goal as Max wanted. It is like saying Infinity Ward does not want their Call of Duty: Ghosts II to be at Battlefield 6 or whatever.

I needed to say that. Thank you anybody who read it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Terminator: Genisys, an Unfortunate Story

After the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past, I'm sure the studio executives are banking on Terminator: Genisys to do the same thing for them. However, down to the fact that fans are being so nitpicky as to the spelling of 'genesis' as 'genisys'... this movie will not do good. The first trailer looked typical and I was like, I'm sure it'll be fine, just something I'll watch after the theatrical run. Then with this last trailer confirming the John Conner twist, I just fell in love with the trailer. Right down to when he says "Hi, mom". Damn! Except, this film is a classic example of a movie that gets hate just for existing. True, the Terminator franchise should have ended after the second one (I feel like I've written about this before), but it did not. Move on and just accept it. I mean, it is not man, it is not machine... it is... something more...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mesozoica Kickstarter Delayed

So yes, guys. Tomorrow Mesozoica was supposed to go on Kickstarter and I was going to update the blog with a new post. Here is the thing, though. The game is not canceled. The Kickstarter is not canceled. Only delayed. We wanted to have a module out before the game could hit Kickstarter is really the only reason why. Having something playable would prove to everybody that you should put money into this project. How something like The Stomping Lands got an exponential profit on the goal that it sought out when apparently people are saying that it was a scam. I doubt it was meant to be a scam if it was, probably they miscalculated and just could not deliver.

I do not want Mesozoica to be that, and when the higherups at Underdog Interactive reached this decision, I have to say, I was relieved. This gives Underdog Interactive a chance to strengthen this fanbase, make sure that when they hit Kickstarter, they will exceed the goals. This gives Underdog Interactive the chance to release a module. The opportunities are endless and I hope you guys continue to stick with us.

In other news, Mad Max: Fury Road is coming out soon. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, except from the looks of it, it does seem that Miller made a movie starring Charlize Theron with the Max name. Again, not bad, but not exactly what I wanted. The movie will be great, even if Max is a supporting character, like I predicted. Mad Max is a culturally significant movie and a beacon of hope to filmmakers everywhere. So this one brings it full circle.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Syria has been a favorite topic of mine. I've posted on it a lot, if you look in the archives. My views on it may be considered skewed. So I'll sum it up: in the Syrian Civil War, one side is the supporters of a tyrant and on the other side are terrorists? Now with Da'eesh in the mix, the truth is, there is nobody you can support. The FSA was slowly getting corrupted and Assad is corrupt. Syria will be left in dregs when this war is done, but the truth is, it will not be done, not for a long time. The crisis in Afghanistan, most people think it started in 9/11. No, 9/11 was just a large domino in a sequence that had been going on since Najibullah and the Soviet Invasion.

They replaced Najibullah's fingers with cigarettes. Before this Civil War seemed to be Assad vs the rebels, and it was believed they could escape al-Nusra's influence. There was a a glimmer of hope. It appeared as if the leaders of Hezbollah and Iran were telling Assad to get his shit together, and when it was clear his own forces could not, they aided him. Now, Assad falling is imperative. It is the only thing that could cause some semblance to return to Syria. Or it is already too late and Assad falling will be like Najibullah's execution, it will not matter.

Da'eesh is not the enemy. No. There is no enemy. Da'eesh, or ISIS if you will, is just another pawn, just another powerful pawn in the grand scheme of things. They will not get far, but it is sad they have as much as they have. It is sad Kurdistan is suffering, but it is sad that all of this lies on the shoulders of a tyrant. It is sad that soon the tyrant will become irrelevant and the war will consume all. Fuck, I should write a poem on this.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hulk Mash Up

So I was working on another remix. I know I said that Run This Town would be my last one, but I did also say for the forseeable future. I did not think that I would get inspired again. However, I have no video to put up with it and so you guys will not see it until I do. I will tease you all what I remixed. I took Dres from Black Sheep, he is a bit obscure now, Usher and Ludacris, Will Smith and... One Republic. Yeah.

However, my most ambitious project, which I have just started to undertake is this. An editing of Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. Due to copyright issues and stuff, I don't know if I'll be able to upload that to YouTube. Vimeo and Dailymotion, maybe. YouTube, however, I am fairly certain no. I will try my hardest to try and find a way to show you guys.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

So I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night and thought about writing a review right when I came home from it, but decided against it. Do you want to know why? The movie was not dark enough for me to really bother. What are the lasting consequences? What was really accomplished in the end? People bash Man of Steel for the amount of destruction and death it caused, but are you really telling me the Hulk killed no one during Cape Town and that the Avengers saved everybody in Sokovia. They blew up the freaking capital city of a country! There has to be reprecussions which they do not show! Just because they had a few scenes of citizenry evacuation does not forgive that! How many people are now homeless!

Look, you can call me bitter or a DC Fanboy or whatnot complaining about those things. Honestly, though. I don't really care. I was just trying to make a point. If this was a DC film, Marvel fans would be bitching about that exact thing.

This film was not amazing, though, it was great, but not amazing. First let me talk about the twins, Wanda Maximoff is literally the most cheesy character since Halle Berry's Catwoman. First she's evil, then she sees a vision of the future and turns against Ultron and joins the fight, then she chickens out, but saves Hawkeye in a blaze of glory, then she gets extremely sad when Pietro dies (even though she should not have been able to see him) and then she rips out Ultron's "heart" in an extremely dramatic fashion. What the fuck? Thankfully for every horrible character, there is a far better one. Paul Bettany plays the Vision and does a great job of it. The makeup is on point and his transition from JARVIS to Vision is great and he shows an innocence that we don't see in superhero films often. This is not a character focused on destruction, but rather a character focused on the beauty of life. Paul Bettany is not monotone in his portrayal, it may seem so at times, but rather he is quiet and full of hope.

Then there is Baron (Dr.?) Wolfgang von Strucker, who is the big bad leader of Hydra. He just gives himself up and is killed by Ultron in a prison cell. Way to waste what could have been a great villain guys! Thankfully we have an awesome villain in Ultron, who is scary, intimidating and overall just a freak. Spader's voice gives Ultron life where there is none and although I'm a bit iffy on the science behind Ultron, who cares. The character was awesome!

The worst part of the movie? The transitions. Look, I get it. This film was supposed to be over three and a half hours long, but Joss Whedon, when you are not Peter Jackson, don't make movies longer than they should be and expect yourself to be able to seamlessly put a flick with an appropriate time length together. I mean, we have the Hydra battle sequence and then Scarlet Witch puts a vision into Tony Stark's mind. Then we show the twins smiling, then in one second Tony does something and then the music amps up and all of a sudden it's the title card? The soundtrack I didn't care for much at all and I think the best performance acting came from Jeremy Renner. Although given that he is the best actor there, not a surprise.

6/10, why? It had a lot of problems, as good as it was.