Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Films that we Need

Swamp Thing - No not like those Wes Craven films, but something that can create a DC Cinematic Universe. Make Swamp Thing the antagonist like in ManThing, the protagonist? Animal Man.

Nova - An idiot who gets powers and can't use them properly, why the hell not?

Ghost Rider 3 - Part one was bad, part two was okay [fuck the critics], part three can be stellar.

Magik - Might now be one of the X-Men's stellar characters, but she can do good on a solo film that derives nearly completely away from the comics but stays true to it. I can see Proteus as being a good villain for this film.

Black - Ted Dekker and Lionsgate, YES!

Skulduggery Pleasant - Be a nice movie, with Adrian Brody! BAM BITCH!

The Last Apprentice - Sure its being made the Seventh Son and Ben Barnes is a good actor, but they could choose a way better title instead of one that inferences that somebody needs a vagina vacation, maybe The Spook. They should keep it true to the book, but make it in the fashion of a thriller film with an original plot based off the plot of the first novel.

Tales from Sinister City - Sin City - but fantasy.

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