Sunday, July 29, 2012

WWE '13 - Attitude Mode

I shouldn't post today either, but 3 posts today to make up for missing 2 days ago.

So the Attitude Mode in WWE '13 is unique, its like the MJ mode in 2K11. Its essentially a story mode that pans out through the 5 years of the Attitude Era, 1996-2001. Its like Road to Wrestlemania, in a way, that you play through the stories of different characters through the Attitude Era, which makes it akin to everything SvR 08 and before, but, like Road to Wrestlemania, you have to win the matches. Now, originally I was disappointing by that, I wanted to play through something RPG akin like the old games where depending on your actions, the Era ends, now how it actually ended. But, I'm still very happy with what is going to be in the Attitude Mode.

Now the characters, they probably have all of the original Attitude Era characters except for Chyna and some WCW ones too. Now, they basically need all the important Attitude Era WWE superstars, none from WCW. By important, I mean that era's equivalent to Trent Barreta, superstars like that do not need to be included, so the mode can be adjusted to fit better AND work more smoothly.

Another important factor is WCW, as I mentioned, for the Attitude Mode, it would be nice to play through WCW, but chances are, with half of those superstars signed to TNA, it's not happening. But its not necessary either, you see, in the Attitude Era, WCW might have been a big part, but it really only needs to be mentioned casually and really only seen when DX invades Nitro. You see, characters like DDP and Ric Flair can show up during that DX's segment, becauase their WWE property now.

Not showing WCW characters would be better as well, because only playing through WWE would be a great first start, and it would allow people to understand more about WWE during that time, because a lot of people seem to think that Raw is War was just WCW vs WWE. Mentioning WCW frequently would be good, because then people could get a grip around why what was happening was happening, and mentioning stars that are currently signed to WWE would also be better.

One way that they could incorporate WCW that would work that doesn't let the player play through Nitro and Thunder would be to have Raw compete against Nitro. Lets say you see Nitro's ratings, you've got to beat THOSE ratings. If you are consistently low, have a segment at the end saying: "HA WCW WON YOU SUCK!" While this is possible, it would have to work in the way that Road to Wrestlemania worked, you have to win your matches BUT having the ratings there like that would be a good way for WWE '14, when the Attitude Mode expands into something akin to RPG story modes.

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