Thursday, May 17, 2012

Move Casting Choices #1

The start in the first of a series of blog posts that I will try to do every Saturday, which means I likely wont do it like DOG, which when I start on a Saturday, I'll continue.

So the movie, keeping in tradition with what we've been doing here, I am casting is Shazam.

Director: J.J Abrams [He works for this kind of movie if its made in a Super 8 fashion, if not I'm going for Garry Ross]
Screenwriter: Simon Pegg [Chronicle]
Producer: Garry Ross [If director, then J.J]

Shazam: Anthony Hopkins
Captain Marvel: Daniel Gillies (The name popped in my head, I would in reality cast someone buffer but you can't have a Shazam movie without Marvel, so I just went with what came)
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson
Billy Batson: Nathan Gamble
Mary Marvel: Hailee Steinfeld

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