Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Start With Dazzle

In about an hour or so I am going to start making my first PS3 video.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Batboot Cast

Its well known that Batman will be rebooted to accommodate for the JLA film that will include the current Green Lantern and new Superman cast, this is my cast for the Batboot.

Bruce Wayne/Batman - Thomas Dekker: The kid is young, he's proven he can act in the shitty Terminator show by making it slightly good, he's got the physique as he's proven, why not? We could get a Christian Keaton out of him.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Lithgow: Why not? Sure he may not look the part, but Michael Caine wasn't exactly a skinny butler with male pattern baldness but evident jet black hair and some small white streaks. Plus with his recent performances in Shrek [no not Shrek], but the way he showed he can act in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the old guy has still got it.

Commissioner Gordon - James Woods: He would do the part, maybe not the voice, but he can alter that for sure. He looks like him, he's not young like Gary Oldman so we don't have to start him off at Lieutenant and have him work his way up, so he can just start at commissioner due to his age.

Vicki Vale - Ellen Page: Some people say Batgirl, performance in Inception and in in Family Guy, BOOM, you got Vicki Vale.

Hush - Eric Bana: Come on, Bruce Banner and Hector, this actor is amazing, he is a must.

My plot, as Bruce returns he contemplates on how to fight crime, and as he figures out how to become a detective, solving a case that involves his past, he slowly becomes Batman and faces off against Hush.

Alternate: Been Batman for a year, people don't accept him and he faces Hush.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Films that we Need

Swamp Thing - No not like those Wes Craven films, but something that can create a DC Cinematic Universe. Make Swamp Thing the antagonist like in ManThing, the protagonist? Animal Man.

Nova - An idiot who gets powers and can't use them properly, why the hell not?

Ghost Rider 3 - Part one was bad, part two was okay [fuck the critics], part three can be stellar.

Magik - Might now be one of the X-Men's stellar characters, but she can do good on a solo film that derives nearly completely away from the comics but stays true to it. I can see Proteus as being a good villain for this film.

Black - Ted Dekker and Lionsgate, YES!

Skulduggery Pleasant - Be a nice movie, with Adrian Brody! BAM BITCH!

The Last Apprentice - Sure its being made the Seventh Son and Ben Barnes is a good actor, but they could choose a way better title instead of one that inferences that somebody needs a vagina vacation, maybe The Spook. They should keep it true to the book, but make it in the fashion of a thriller film with an original plot based off the plot of the first novel.

Tales from Sinister City - Sin City - but fantasy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Next Stuff

So I just saw some of the screens from the game that I am currently working on and I am impressed and by impressed, I mean this will be a good start.

As for videos, I want to have my Batman video up soon, but that's not happening any time soon, at least not until June, and that is probably when I will upload my PS3 videos as well. Until then I'll be uploading about one video a month, minus any video in March.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why? WHY? WHY!

Sikhism had sacrificed its leaders for Hinduism, yet some of you motherfuckers still think it funny to joke about us. Your police find it humorous to torture us. Now in Canada, Hindu kid tried that joke on a friend of mine, we outnumber you 54:1, mind you, don't do your Indian shit here. That kid ended up remeniscent of this and he can't press charges as it was he that threw the first punch after Sardar Ji retaliated against Indira Gandhi, and Sardar Ji did not fight, Sardar Ji's friends fought in protection.

This is the kid, or how he looked at least: