Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWE '13 Wrestlemania 28 Edition

Sorry for being gone ten days, sorry I wasn't able to fulfill my 12 posts promise. I'll try that now, but no promises.

So what I'm saying is, after the release of WWE '13, at least a couple months after, announced at least one month after, THQ Should publish the Wrestlemania 28 edition. It's got all the DLC's and everything in it, and the cover looks exactly like the Wrestlemania 28 poster. John Cena and blue electricity on one side, Dwayne Johnson and yellow electricity on the other. At the top, in between their head's, WWE '13, at the bottom where it should say "Once in a Lifetime", it should say "Wrestlemania 28 Edition" or "Wrestlemania Edition".

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