Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mesozoica Pre-Alpha Released

Okay guys, so after years of trying, and on my blog's history you can probably see my history of this, I tried to make an indie game. It never really did work until now. Mesozoica that is. We're on Kickstarter and are now 86% funded with 6 days left. We are in the final stretch now and it really is now or never to see our dreams come true. Of course I have many dreams, this is just the one that has been profiled the most on this blog. So even a $5 pledge will help, so here is the link to Kickstarter.

Other news on the game, though, is that we have officially released our Pre-Alpha. Now keep in mind, this Pre-Alpha must be downloaded from MediaFire because I did not want to change WordPress' code too much to fit it on the game website. Get it while you can because at this point, who knows how this Kickstarter will turn out. Download it from here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mesozoica Pre-Alpha Release September 24th

So, I have not updated this blog since I posted about the Mesozoica project approaching $30,000. At that time we were not extremely close to that goal, but at this point, I am proud to say that we are at $40,010 and are officially 80% finished our goal. With 10% of the goal left and twelve days to accomplish it, I am myself nearly 100% confident that we will make it. Of course I have to account for shit happens, but if we continue on this pace I will say that we are in a lock to make it.\

Anyways, the reason I am posting this is because the tentative release date of Pre-Alpha Version 1.6 is approaching, in fact it is coming this Thursday the 24th. Initially it was scheduled for this Monday, as in yesterday, but we could not because, shit happens. I'm saying tentative because shit could still happen. However, the reason I have been preoccupied is because I was working with the code of the Mesozoica website in order to make sure that when this download link is put up, the website does not crash like I believe it did for Prehistoric Kingdom. There is still a chance, a slight chance, but, let's face it, this is me we're talking about.

On Thursday, download and play pre-alpha from here and pledge your allegiance at Kickstarter here.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Us Get To 30K by Sunday - Get Mesozoica Closed Alpha

Okay, so the Kickstarter for Mesozoica is really gearing up now. We have 18 days left, which is a little under three weeks. In our first week, we made 40% of our goal. Now, by the end of our second week, we want to make 60%. That would be $30,000 by Sunday. If we do, on our website, link here, I will put up the ZIP file containing the Mesozoica Closed Alpha.

Now if everyone who views this post backs us by only $5 and becomes a part of the development process, we would get so much closer to our goal and to making this game a reality. Currently we are at $23,360 as I type and will likely hit between $24k-$25k by the end of the night. I would really greatly appreciate it if all you guys backed the project so that many of us on the project can live our dreams. Besides, who knows what we can work on next if this is a success.

To guarantee you guys that this will likely be a success. Most projects that are successes hit 30% of their goal within the first 48 hours, we did that. As long as a project hits at least 60% of the goal before the final two days of the campaign, it will likely receive a 40% surge in backing. We want to get to that 60% as soon as possible and are only 13% away.

Link to Kickstarter is here.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mad Max Reviews Impressions

Yes, I got the new Mad Max game. It is the second series to come out in the gameplay style of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first being Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. What are my impressions of it? Well I really, really, really like the game. It is very different from those two, but from a gameplay perspective, feels very familiar. Chances are, it will get a sequel. It was released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Both are very good games, except Kojima's last game in that series makes it the end of an era, so obviously it is being hailed as the better game.

Yet, what that resulted in was an initial criticism of Mad Max, many people citing bugs to be the reason it wasn't as good, or the storyline or gameplay. Most of the reviews that lamented these criticisms did not say that it was ever really bad, just that it was not up to par. Since then, some reviews have come to light, one in particular stating "soothing dullness" and only one other calling critics out on their shit by saying "MGSV Completely Overshadowed How Good Mad Max Is". In fact, that is the article that inspired mine right now.

The thing is, that both of these games demand a lot of time from you and releasing them on the same day is a big mistake. You can argue one game as more superior than the other one or enjoy both. However, here is the thing, say you have both games, which do you play first? Which do you spend more time on? They are both lengthy and addictive experiences. I have a friend who told me a person he knows has already logged in 24 hours to Mad Max. So why not have released both weeks apart from each other? Well, maybe Mad Max will have lagging sales in comparison to Kojima's game, but they certainly will be respectable numbers. There is also another positive to this, now people actually know about this property as a video game. Once they finish Kojima's game, they will no doubt be heading over to play this one.

I have not played Kojima's latest game. I've never really been into the Metal Gear series. I've thought that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance looked cool and thought about picking it up, but I have way too many unfinished games on the PS3 to do that. I have Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but never bothered finishing it. Maybe I'll go back and do that before I try this one. What I do recommend, though, if you have Kojima's latest production is finish it before you get Mad Max, but get the latter nonetheless because you will not regret it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mesozoica New Website and Kickstarter Up

I probably should have posted about this when it actually started. However, I did not so I am doing it now. Mesozoica has a new website up, to which I will actually divide some of my time. I am in charge of that website and have posted there frequently as well. That website has a very cool design and you should be able to check it out here. The website has a forum which you can join and become a part of the Mesozoica community.

On a more serious note, which I am going to need your guys' help for, the Mesozoica Kickstarter has launched. Personally, I have had my doubts about Kickstarter primarily because the only ones I have really ever seen succeed have aimed for a relatively low amount or have been made by big companies, like InXile Entertainment for Wasteland 2 or Torment: Tides of Numenara. For Underdog Interactive to launch a Kickstarter for Mesozoica at $30,000 made me have my doubts, for $50,000 I was in awe. Most Kickstarters fail if they do not reach 30 % of their goal within the first forty eight hours. Mesozoica has completed that goal.

We are nearly at $16,000 and nearly 32 % funded. This is a big deal. If everybody who liked Mesozoica on Facebook just gave $10 then the project would be funded. It doesn't work like that. However, I'm asking you guys for help. Minimum donation is $5, and the link to back the project is right here. Just five bucks is all I'm asking of you guys, and I know there's a lot of you so.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


So, just because I feel I owe this blog a post, I am starting something called Micro-Reviews. Recently I saw two films, No Escape and The Transporter Refueled. Both of the films have not receieved glamorous reviews, but both of the movies do deserve better. They are no Fant4astic for sure, so stop treating them like they are.

No Escape:

So, what people may not remember about Owen Wilson is that even though he started off in comedies like Bottle Rocket and The Cable Guy, he got famous from action movies like Anaconda, Armageddon, The Huanting and Behind Enemy Lines. In between those films, his projects proved his true talent lied in comedies, but he was never a bad action star. With this film, he returns to the genre, trying to launch maybe a Liam Neeson like return. Or is that Pierce Brosnan that is trying it? Either way, Owen Wilson and Lake Bell display amazing acting all throughout the film. As one dimensional as Pierce Brosnan is, his acting suits his role and gives off the subtlety that is required to make his character work. Thing about this movie is that people are saying that the Asian characters are "one dimensional" and are calling racism. Most of the people saying that are white old men who can only argue from behind a keyboard. The emphasis of this film is on the white characters and quite frankly, this is a perfectly reasonable situation. I'm not white and I completely understand where the Asian characters are coming from. These are angry and hurt people who feel betrayed by their own government. They are looking for somebody responsible and see only one solution. It makes sense. Throughout the film we see helpful Asians, not everybody is a douche. Oh but what about that one guy who wanted the shoes? That man is risking his life to save an entire family. The least he can get are J's. The movie is not racist or retrograde or whatever critics are calling it.


The Transporter Refueled:

I don't think people expected much from this movie and did not want to be blown away. The film features great acting from Loan Chabanol, who is pretty much the main character of this movie through her role as Anna. She plays the tragic and fractured dame with a plan and a gun. Yes, we can pull off Ray Stevensen as being a sexist Casanova, but this film is not aiming to break new grounds in sexism like Mad Max: Fury Road did. No, it is rather instead trying to give a good time. It gives its great acting through Chabanol and through Ed Skrein gives a great time. There is exposition where is expected and action where needed. The person in the theatre should not ever feel bored and the film is a great romp. No, it isn't that new Nick Nolte movie or whatever that is, but if you want to have a fun time and not a fucking epiphany, watch this.