Saturday, November 30, 2013

That Was Weird

My last post got published under Knight's account, which is strange, so I talked to my source at Google, not wanting to go through their messy system and he handled it well for me, so now it is reuploaded under the right name. That was weird indeed. Remember, tune in tomorrow for the WWE post and as usual -


My Thoughts On The X-Men Film Franchise Future

Let's face it, The Wolverine was akin to Iron Man, ending with a jumping point for a shared universe. In that sense, X-Men: Days of Future Past will be Iron Man 2, X-Force will be Captain America and Fantastic Four will be Thor, the biggest risk taken. Now, I may have shared this "anecdote" several times on this blog, will the film's positions being swapped around, but this time, it is all getting serious.
I love this movie!

Let's face it, Bryan Singer is a better director than Jon Favreau. So, if given Iron Man 2, it's not hard to believe he would have done it like he's doing X-Men: Days of Future Past, and handled all those shared universe references more lightly. Check out the trailer, we can see that he's getting an ensemble of cast, but is using them wisely since most only feature for about 30 % of the film, he cannot put too much focus on them, but still show their importance.
At least they have comics for kids now...

This is necessary to set up those other two films I mentioned, (X-Force and Fantastic Four) since the successes of those rest soley on this flick, just like this one did from The Wolverine. Now, the amount of characters usable by Fox rivals those by Marvel, maybe even more (because the X-Men boom of the 90s made most Marvel characters Mutants at that time). This gives a huge array of characters to work with and it's quite obvious that they are handling everything with delicacy.
Revert to Marvel!

I've given my thoughts on what that future should do, and what they are doing, but now I'm giving my thoughts on what I truly feel about that. I feel happy. I see many people saying "revert to Marvel!" "Wolverine was good but marvel could have done better" "DOFP has too many characters, revert to Marvel". Honestly, Fox-Marvel relations are not as strained as you believe, its more of a facepalm matter than Karate Kyle matter. Think about it, Sony's building their own universe and their doing it delicately, more comicbookmovies, rejoice (though Knight hates this universe). Marvel has already planned a boatload (rejoice!). Fox is being more careful than either, never officially announcing, but always officially announcing (they did officially announce a continued partnership between them and Jeff Wadlow, but X-Force is unofficial as of now). I want all of these universes to continue and grow separately because it keeps each other's films from becoming less "this again?""can't the Avengers just do it?""X-Men did it in their flick!""Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone make a cute couple" from happening and that is what fans (and fucking fanboys) hate a lot. They hate under-utilization and they hate overexposure and overexposure is worse because it weakens the qualities of the stories being told. Yes, Sony, Marvel and Fox could all cross over for a Secret Wars movie and keep all their movie universes separate, but even without a crossover, it strengthens each other's brand. It's the problem the Marvel comic universe faces, without a reboot, they have faced every challenge a million times since the 60s and somehow they expect it not to get old...keeping the film universes separate in fact makes the fact that such disastrous events can reach such epic proportions more believable. I know it's a superhero flick, but sometimes every film needs to have some believable factor. So yes, I feel that the X-Men Franchise has a wonderful future, so long as they handle everything carefully.
I wonder how quick it took for him to bitch about the buyrates to Vince...


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shane McMahon Should Not Return

Unless it is in a cameo role.
Just wow...

I'll add a page for it later, but in my first WWE Sunday's post, I talk about everybody's favourite boy billionaire, Shane O'Mac. He had a good run in WWE, getting his ass kicked by DX, by Kane and then by Randy Orton and then leaving the company. In all of those runs, in all of them, he showed amazing athletic ability. Fans loved him, but they really didn't, their clamoring for his return but not knowing what he's really up to proves it.


How many know what Shane is doing? Few, most actually think that he's working backstage. How many know if he works out? About two, me and somebody on Wrestling Inc.
At least buy a comb!

Look at him. He has more grey hair than Vince McMahon and that is saying something. The dude's got a beer belly now (he's sucking it in)! This guy has got to have a blink or you'll miss it backstage cameo, he's had his time, did it wonderfully and will only look like an ass if he's on tv now.
While personally I find this photo gross, Shane could use his sister's exercise tips.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watch The Counselor

Michael Fassbender was great in X-Men: First Class, proved he could act in Prometheus and did it again in Shame. Now he's done it one more time with The Counselor. The movie is okay, but watch it, if only for Fassbender's acting. Honestly, it's an average film at best, and the ending kind of ruins a guy's mood, but if you want to see good acting, you have to see the film.
It's got Cameron Diaz in it...

Essentially Fassbender stars as a lawyer who gets involved in the drug trade. It's a pretty basic premise that could end up as enthralling as Collateral. It fails on both levels, getting too complicated and pissing off the viewer. However, I suggest watching it because of the all star cast. Had this film not contained Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz (because fuck Penolpe Cruz, right?), it would have sucked. Ridley Scott can't really make good movies anymore, I don't know why, but he can't.
There's Cameron Diaz again...

His directing is clunky at best and he's often held together by a good script and wonderful actors. He is at fault in this film. It is his directing that really screws the movie up and stops it from being as wonderful as it could be. So I have to say, if you must watch the film. The performances are very good and if you pay attention to the dialogue, you should see that Mr. Cormac McCarthy (he wrote The Road, he's not a joke) chose his words wisely, each word meaning something and resonating. It is an okay film, ruined by only one factor, unfortunately.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How I Would Handle a Dragon Ball Movie

Dragon Ball Evolution was disappointing for a lot of reasons. It had a lot of potential, but on some levels, it still succeeded. The first was the setting, I liked it being set in modern day Earth (not that weird almost infinite Earth it was actually set on), Justin Chatwin's casting as Goku and the fact that he knows what girls are. That last bit was very awkward for a little kid me to watch.
Nicki Minaj
I'd suck on those.

However, I would not adapt it off of the Dragon Ball anime, but rather the Dragon Ball Z anime. As in, the anime that everybody remembers because of it's epicness. It would have to be of the Saiyan Saga and culminate with the arrival of Cell. It would be a compressed version, of course, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Here's what I would do:
Now, here's what I would do with the Dragon Ball film:

* Setting - Like I said, modern Earth with America, Russia, Egypt, Australia and Canada, settings we can identify with and relate to for the search for the Dragon Balls. Honestly, for Goku to be an awkward child who never truly fit in due to an overprotective grandfather makes sense. Also, it also makes sense for Saiyans to have had contact with Earth much like the Predators did in AvP (a good backstory, shitty film, in my opinion). This way it makes sense for him to have had cut off Goku's tail, knowing of Japanese Saiyan legends (make it Native American if he's in Amurica), so we can avoid all that Oozaru-Great Ape nonsense.
Damn her boobiez is huge!

* Characters - Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, flashbacks to Grandpa Gohan, Trunks and we're good. We honestly don't even need Chi Chi, but she can be there for funzies.
My favorite photo of her ass.

My Second Favorite

* Plot - A compressed adaptation of the Saiyan Saga that somewhat mirrors District 9 mixed with Man of Steel.
It's true, though.

* Necessities - Goku's costume, Saiyan armour and wait for it.... SUPER FUCKING SAIYAN!
She's blonde and her clothes ripped off! Super Saiyan!

That is all.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Books Most Deserving of a Film

Sorry for no-posts, but I go tone.

1) On Stranger Tides - I know you may be thinking of Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, a film that is technically based off of the book. However, that was more of a stand-alone sequel rather than a true adaptation of the book. The original film technically replaces characters here and there all while sticking Hector Barbossa in the middle of the plot. The result should have been good, I should not have had to put this novel up here, but Rob Marshall is a dumbfuck director. What we want, a true adaptation of the book with the true characters and general "true" story, not a loosely based adaptation.
A bearded man with long hair stands on a beach. He wears a red bandana, a dark blue vest with a white shirt underneath, and black pants. Attached to his belt are two guns and a scarf. A ship with flaming sails is approaching from the sea. In the background, three mermaids are sitting on a rock. The names of the main actors are seen atop the poster, and the film credits are at the bottom.
It's the Lone Ranger!

2) The Last Unicorn - Again, we technically already got a film. However, this section is for live action, not animated. The story of this novel can be good in a low budget film with good actors. I believe in this kind of film, I know while many may not believe in this, I will. Honestly, put Tom Cruise and Jaime Foxx in the film (not the Annie Foxx, though) and somehow you've got a deal. The novel deserves a live action adaptation.

3) The Stars of My Destination - Cloud Atlas was good. You know what else is unconventional, sci-fi and very good, this novel. The story of Foyle and how badly he wants revenge, I have always seen as something the likes of Spielberg or Burton could only capture, the former by adventure the latter by darkness. It's not a wholly dark tale, though, it is just different and breaks the mold of typical sci-fi. If any genre needs a remaking (after Ender's Game), it's sci-fi and this is the book to do it.
Yes it is Kim, yes it is...

4) Mythago Wood - Pretty much the same reasons as the previous one, but fantasy doesn't need a reimagining, but rather new layers and this one could just about do that.
I'd rather take layers off her

5) The Legend of Drizzt - Rather a series of novels set in the Forgotten Realms. How this has not gotten a film adaptation yet is beyond me. It is not going to add anything new, but rather retread what Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings have already shown us. However, the emotional ties that the audience could develop to the protagonist could go beyond just using watching fantasy for dragons. If done right, retreading isn't a bad thing, in fact, it's something that'll remind us why we love the genre.
This is what I think of the guys who own the Drizzt movie rights!

MYK (now some Kim K pics)
Still sexy!

Damn that face is just so good!

Guy behind her has a boner.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Who is Bruto?

Stupid trolls gonnegt me to other stupid trolls. By MYK.

These are the worlds' Brutos, and then there's Westnet....
Fuck You!

Fuck You!

Heil Caeser

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogger Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

May the real Yafisz Khan please post now? Yeah, I'll post. On what you may ask? On the stupidest film that will be released in 2014. A Jay-Z film: Made in America. The very idea of the film is so stupid it doesn't even get to be italicized.
What does she have to do with Jay-Z? I dunno, I just think she's hot.

Sure, it's made by Ron Howard who is good, but it focuses on Jay Z preparing for the Sundance Festival. Nobody gives a rat's ass how Gay Z prepares. Maybe some people care about how Eminem prepares, but Jay Z, hell no!
He got sued by a wrestler for doing this.

The dude is a real money whore, I mean a fragrance called Gold Jay Z. He's so addicted to money he thinks his name will get him some. I don't think he realizes that name promotes people not to buy that fragrance.
Definately fuck her.

Don't Watch this film.
And her... but not the beer... don't drink.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Out

No, I'm not out of Cutlock, I'm out of Tru School Sports. It appeared that I would have to post weekly, not bi-weekly and make a Facebook. First requirement is a check, the last one is a no. You guys can follow me on Twitter, but I am not ever making a Facebook. So, this means that every Sunday you guys will have one wrestling related post.
And I'll make all writers wish they could be as good as me.

Knight asked me to tell you guys his video status. He's almost done the Warner Bros video, it is not covering their history like before, but rather putting their more recent films and Gone with the Wind into a trailer.
What the hell?

So, here you go:

* Warner Bros - The Movie (is a trailer)
* Uncharted 3 Tribute (plays to K Os' I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman)
* The Matrix Tribute (plays to Frontier Psychiatrist)
* Little Talks of Fights and Bad Nights (excluding Call of Duty - to be replaced by something undecided)
* Batman 1989 Tribute (undecided song)
* Batman Returns Tribute (Plays to Enoch Henry Light's My Way of Life)
Damn, those abs.

That's all for today folks!
This is from Seinfeld