Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Casting: Team 7

And I mean the New 52 Team 7.

Amanda Waller - Robin Givens - Black, yeah, that pretty much sums this up.
Steve Trevor - John Cena: Because he's your everyday Superman.
Grifter - Burn Gorman - Saw him in The Dark Knight Rises, he's a good choice.
Slade Wilson - Bob Backlund - No, no I'm kidding, its actually Steve Borden
Fairchild - Jessica Nora Kresa - All I can say is not wrestling, but its the one thing this movie would be missing: BOOBZ.
John Lynch - Tom Hardy - Another TDKR choice, as I've never cared about Lynch, I'll screw him over.
Dina Lance - Blake Lively? Fuck this choice.

I'm taking out the director and producer crap for now.

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