Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daniel Bryan Sucks

Yeah, I said it. Daniel Bryan sucks and he is not an A-Lister. I started watching WWE again semi-serious in August 2010, relatively, y'know. I'm wondering who the final member of Team Cena is and out comes some pasty faced, brown haired, non-inbred hillbilly called Daniel Bryan. Chris Jericho gets eliminated in a few seconds and this guy gets to show his skills? Talented, no doubt, could talk on a mic, no doubt. Have you seen his World Heavyweight Championship run? That run needed to be put out of it's misery and it's so good it was done in eight seconds at WrestleMania.
Knight said something about Apple in his last post. Read that post. Daniel Bryan is Apple, does one thing significant and gets his dick sucked by the fans forever.

Yeah, then that whole business called "YES/NO/MAYBE!" started to take off. I still was not a fan. Honestly, I really only started to mind Daniel Bryan after he beat John Cena for the title at SummerSlam 2013. I liked that match, it was good and anybody could see it, Bryan was skyrocketing while Cena was staying stable. It needed to happen. Then Randy Orton cashed in and that was just bloody amazing. Oh I loved that right there so much. Any time Bryan could get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Orton would end him. Yeah, amazing. You like Daniel Bryan, well this is what Vince McMahon thinks of you:
It's not what I think of you, I appreciate your opinion.
Roman Reigns > Your Boos
I was thrilled that Batista was coming back, I enjoyed his brief return even though it was a total failure. By total I mean complete and utter failure, It was Hiroshima and the fans were the ape and the Jap in Family Guy. The matches were good, though. Problem was, the story behind Randy Orton vs. Batista was not good, so yeah, it was good they inserted Daniel Bryan into it... but let's go back to Batista. He was in the Royal Rumble and because Daniel Bryan was not in it, he got booed so vehemently that if Roman Reigns won it then, he would have become THE MAN. Yeah, but he didn't, so count that as the first time Daniel Bryan, you screwed Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.

I liked Daniel Bryan when he won the title at WrestleMania 30. Great match, great win, Bryan, you finally won me over, I was a fan. Then you come next day, don't sell your injuries and feud with Kane. Fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. Is Kane the rebound bitch everyone faces at Extreme Rules? Where was Orton with his rematch? Oh, well, I mean at least Evolution vs. The Shield was great. Bryan was out of the title picture though and vacated due to injury.
Or Fuck Yourself if you're insistent about things that aren't really true.

That was tough luck Mr. B -, maybe next time you'll get it. Roman Reigns comes back from injury to a lukewarm response that was slowly getting better each day. Then Daniel Bryan announced his return. What the fuck man? WWE should've known that if they wanted Roman Reigns on top, Daniel Bryan had to come back for Fast Lane, in fact, let's talk Fast Lane first! Yeah, I get it, Elimination Chamber was causing sponsor problems and was kind of a tough thing for German audiences. Fast Lane is a good idea, it's the Fast Lane to WrestleMania, but what do you have lined up for it? If Daniel Bryan came back say this next monday and announced he would wrestle at Fast Lane, oh that PPV would've been a success, instead, it won't be. What about this, imagine it, WWE fans are in despair because it doesn't seem like Bryan'll be coming back. Authority dogs dominate the Royal Rumble, in come Reigns and Ambrose. Ambrose gets taken out, Reigns is left, about to be eliminated leaving Rusev the winner and what's this? Daniel Bryan comes in to save and endorse him? Please tell me WWE, that you didn't think of that.
Got 2 Luv U, Got 2 Luv U, Got 2 Luv U, Got 2 Luv U