Thursday, July 26, 2012

SPOILERS - Batman Incorporated 3

How I got the spoilers of this issue, lets just say I have a friend who we'll call BTB.

So since, FHIZ (Who is far better at this than I) couldn't read this issue yet, I'll do it for him.

So the issue basically starts with Bruce disguised as Matches Malones and he's hanging around a midget gang boss named Fry, formerly Small Fry. Basically he wants an inside contact in Leviathan, after getting one, Dick, disguised as Batman, goes for it and Bruce ends up thinking of the recent events afflicted upon him and how Talia was manipulating them. Turns out the contact is Goatboy and the Assassins League has infiltrated Gotham, with the members of Leviathan slowly replacing the members of everyday lives and such, taking over the GCPD, Judicial Court and Schools. So eventually the hints given by Goatboy, and another female singer, go awry and Matches ends up getting captured and tortured by Levi. Damian, who is hidden by Bruce to ensure that he stays safe, as Robin is thought dead, dons the identity of Redbird and goes to save "Bruces" Malones.

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