Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Take on Knight's Theories

Knight posted a lot of theories about movies, what they could be or what they could have been.
Or is it?

The first one I'm going to talk about is his theory on the Justice League. The post is hidden somewhere in this blog, but it talked about linking a little known alien species called Tsaurons to Apokolips and adapting largely from Geoff Johns Justice League: Origin. I get this, differentiate them from the Chitauri by not making them hive minds. I liked this idea, but personally, I feel that the Justice League needs to be different. It cannot have Green Lantern, so replace him with an established character that the public likes: Green Arrow. Honestly, though, Justice League: Origin would have to be the best comic to adapt the film from, but with Justice League: War coming out I have only two better comics in mind: Identity Crisis and Throne of Atlantis.

Now, he and I both love Spider-Man 3. I posted before about how if it was released in 2012, it would have been met with much better reception, considering that The Avengers suffers from the same flaws as it does. He had one theory about Spider-Man 3 and that was to extend the series out, because with all the plot points 3 had, it could have led to three or four more films. I agree, but I would only have spread it out to two films, up to Spider-Man 4 if given the option. What I would have done, on the other hand, is eliminate either Sandman or Venom from the film, it makes for a better film.
Makes for a better film!

Thank you all for listening.

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