Monday, October 7, 2013

WWE Battleground Review

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As for WWE Battleground - worst pay-per-view of the year. I am honestly wondering why they added this PPV. I wondered that when they announced it, I mean literally, the gap between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell has always been good enough. Let's just go on:

Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler: It's funny because people always seem to be complaining to WWE about these two losing. This is an ironic situation. Ziggler won and stole the pre-show, but to be honest, there was no motivation behind this match. No matter how good it was and it was good, I had no reason or incentive to watch this match.

Alberto del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam: I don't care that RVD is back. I don't want ADR as the World Heavyweight Champion. Nonetheless, with this victory, I feel that the championship has some prestige restored to it again. It was just the way these two were fighting was like Saskatchewan chicken fighting (which I would know nothing about...) it was just so damn brutal and an awe to see. The way that ADR won it made me finally think of him as something as a heel, something that was missing since after his first feud.

Real Americans vs. Canada and India: I like Khali and Santino, but this feud was a huge pile of crap. This was probably the worst match of the night and for a night where WWE could have evolved Khali into something less than a joke, they made him Brad Maddox's corporate crap. Skip this match, please.

Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth: Curtis Axel is credible as a heel, but there is just something about him that does not have me believe in him. I don't care who his grandfather was, he just looks like a joke. That beard, that horrible physique. I swear, he was better off as Michael McGillicuty. Against R-Truth, that 41 year old joke, he looked especially bad. This match was only better than the previous one because it didn't treat itself like a joke.

AJ Lee vs Brie Bella: Who cares? Good divas match I guess...

The American Dream Team vs. The Shield: One of the best matches that this event managed to pull out. After three matches that nobody cared about, this match really shone. It's always nice to see Goldust, but to see his WrestleMania 30 match against Cody Rhodes begin to gain traction, as well as the Shield to have finally lost was wonderful. The storyline told itself with the amazing moves and well, overall everything performed in the match. This was a classic.

Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston: You wanna know something really scary? There's a monster faction in the WWE in 2013 while the Shield is still around! You wanna know something scarier, they can only wrestle good during parts of the matches they have.

CM Punk vs. Ryback: An okay match, very good at times. It really shone on CM Punk, putting him back on track to the top as a face. I'm sure this feud will continue and possibly end at Hell in a Cell or maybe even the Survivor Series. Not likely, but this match was good. Especially since it ended the same way it did almost a year ago. Not a classic, but worth remembering.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan: Every time we see this match it continues to exceed expectations. It is just so damn good. Every time these two come into the ring, they put on a wonderful performance. The storyline heading into this event, not as carefully handled as last time. It was good to see Brad Maddox come out instead of Triple H and the Big Show angle was handled okay. Nonetheless, this match, I expected it to suck (I mean, how many times can you be wonderful) and while it was a few pegs less than their last performance, it was still worth it.

On to Hell in a Cell!

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