Saturday, October 5, 2013

Transcendence - A Film That Is Clearly Nolanized

I mean it's made by the cinematographer for The Dark Knight Trilogy and the dude who won an Oscar for Inception, Wally Pfister. It is clear that Transcendence, which Nolan is unsurprisingly producing, is the brain child of Pfister. The film he believes will put him on the map? Why, because it seems so conceivably similar to something that Nolan would do.
Remember when this was so cool you asked your friends if they'd seen it ten times?

I mean, a man uploaded into a computer? That is clearly Inception: a man uploaded into dream levels. The only thing remotely original about this is that the terrorists are real this time, not dream security. Oh, and guess what, Cillian Murphy is in it! That should make for some good Scarecrow memes...

Maybe now we can get DiCapricorn, or, how about an actor whose not a New Yorker in every damn movie? How about... Johnny Depp! Honestly, it's like all of Nolan's movies, each film has the same supporting cast (minus Michael Caine this time around) but the lead star is different (you try getting DiCapricorn and Bale in one movie).

I mean, maybe Pfister could do something original. Oh, did Turbo not turn out too good for him? How about Moneyball. The dude has all the talent in the world yet he goes the safe route, making the Inception remake that nobody will realize is because it has Johnn Depp. It'll be a good movie no doubt, but it'll also be a been there done that in a better way you Carnosaur kind of movie.
Meet Carnosaur - As in some cheap studio releasing this "interesting" crap 21 days before Jurassic Park to steal profits! LONG CAPTIONS!


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