Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Annie Will Not Be Good

There was something about the original Annie comic strip that made people laugh, something that will be eliminated in the new film. Now, me being a black man should be all excited that Daddy Warbucks got race swapped into Jaimie Foxx. That is nice and all and that girl with unpronounceable name is a good child actor. The real question is, is this movie all about seeing it for the sake of seeing it?
I'm surprised they didn't gender swap Annie into Andy

It's being produced by Will Smith. So you see, there was hope for the film, but after After Earth I just do not believe in him anymore. I mean what is he doing other than trying to make his son a box office star?
Yes, fuck you!

The real reason why it won't be good, it's a movie that got made because people would watch it. Same with the Garfield and Richie Rich films. There was no incentive but getting people to see how their childhoods got twisted by some director's stupid vision. In this case, Will Gluck. The man is a horrible director, I mean look at his resume, Friends with Benefits, really? That is the movie I watched online to see if Mila Kunis would go nude. Easy A, a film only girls watched and guys YouTubed scenes with Emma Stone in her underwear. And Fired Up! I've never even heard of that crap. This movie will not be good, forget all about watching it.
Bazinga! The only reason anyone watched this movie.


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