Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Posts until Tuesday

Yeah, sorry, but because of some issues I will not be able to post until next Tuesday. I will post on Tru School Sports, however. Look out for that on Saturday.
In other news...

I'll just cover small portions of several different news today. The Wolverine got released in China and made a hell of a lot more money than it did. It will probably beat the X-2's box office gross, but in no way X3. Like Knight predicted, the film has got back the FoX-Men Credibility back and Days of Future Past will be a success.

I'm going to briefly talk about Ant-Man. Did Marvel just prepare their first box office bomb? I mean going up almost directly against Man of Steel II: World's Finest? I'll admit, it would have done okay against just Superman, but with Batman in the mix. This film's entire budget will be riding off of the guaran-damn-teed success of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
That's the Avengers castle!

Also, to cover up my planned posts of the week:
* You'll like Muppets Most Wanted.
* Disneynature's Bears will be like every other documentary.
* Legend's of Oz will do good but be okay.
* 22 Jump Street Will be amazing.
* The Expendables 3 will suck.
Signed and delivered!


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