Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hollywood's Lost Actors

A lot of these actors had a lot riding on them, now they are lost, quite lost in fact. Let's take a look:

Nick Stahl - If you had the opportunity to star alongside Arnold in a bound to be successful film that could really launch your career, how could you deny? By reading the script that is how. His performance was not especially bad, it was just downplayed by the fact that the movie was especially bad. I mean, as a child star the guy had fame... but as far as child star stories go, this one is really highlighting the stock. The most famous thing he has done since, Mirrors 2, a direct to dvd sequel to a horror. Shocking.
That's why you... oh forget it.

Barry Watson - Speaking of horror, here comes Barry Watson. The dude made a movie, Boogeyman, which as a child, scared me a lot more than it does now. The movie was produced by Sam Raimi, of Evil Dead fame, so it had a lot good going for it from the horror side. UnFortunately, Raimi was too busy with Spider-Man 2 to direct and the movie, though successful, was bad for Watson's career. He's done one movie since and it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.
Add caption here you stupid son of a -

Sean William Scott - This one has probably the most tragic story, because he knew his career was failing. He had it all going for him, American Pie, Final Destination and I could go on. It's obvious the guy was greedy, he wanted money. I mean who signs on to The Dukes of Hazzard film? That is just stupid. The sad thing is, the guy thinks he still has it going for him.
I used to like this movie... then I watched it again.

Anthony Mackie - The worst part about this one is, he's not even lost, just forgotten. How many movies has Anthony Mackie been in that have been good? A lot. How many of them can the normal man remember watching? A lot. Which normal man knows it's been Mackie their watching. Few. The worst part about his career is the fact that he has it all, but none of it at the same time.
Not many know Mackie is in this film... along with most others he's in.


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