Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Which Movie Could Become the Highest of All Time...

... and beat the record that was set by James Cameron. Now, I'm going to list off six movies, three that are in development and three that are purely hypothetical.

1) Fantastic Beasts - It may not be a Harry Potter film, but it is still set in the same universe. That universe is so beloved that it has literally more legions of fans than soldiers the Roman Empire had in it's prime. The fact that their universe is continuing, not the story of Harry Potter (angry nerds - it would be a bad day if), means that several fanboys and fangirls were very happy. Some are angry, but not the majority, especially since Rowling is involved. If anything, this, because of it's featuring of more magical creatures than ever, could get a lot of non-Harry Potter fans as well. This movie, simply because of it's precursors could beat Avatar at 2 Billion.
I don't get it? Is it supposed to be an insult... a compliment?

2) Man of Steel II: World's Finest: We all saw how much of a success Man of Steel was, we all watched The Dark Knight Rises topple theaters in it's wake. Nothing in cinema has truly been more thought out of than Superman looking Batman in the eye and the two of them teaming up and stopping evil, nothing except maybe Batman beating Superman or Superman kicking Batman out of orbit. The fact is, that no matter what you call the best comicbookmovie or the best film character, Superman is an icon to the world, his shirt is seen in every country and to see him face the one character that is probably bigger than him is too appealing. This could beat Avatar at maybe 3 Billion.
Prepare for Man of Steel III: Revenge of the Nerds

3) Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tell No Tales: Johnny Depp is one of the most renowned film actors in the world and his recent films have only really been screwed over by bad marketing and a bad release date. Aside from those disasters, On Stranger Tides did not do better than those before it, so why am I putting this one on? Easy, because this has a completely new team to it, it is Disney's cash cow, foreign interest in films is getting higher and higher and pirates are going to be very appealing to mass audiences after Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag comes out. Put in those factors and there is a movie that can just barely beat Avatar.
You know what else comes at that price? A race transplant!

4) Avengers vs. X-Men: Now, let's be honest, after The Last Stand, X-Men Origins was bound to have bad commercial success. The critical "success", however, in turn, screwed over First Class, whose positive critical success managed to return commercial interest to the franchise. A fact which was proved by The Wolverine whose success will make Days of Future Past a likely hit. Take in the factors that the X-Men franchise has life again and mixed with the undoubted success of the MCU, you have a hit that could stomp Avatar to dust with about 3 Billion.
"Some people's hurt feelings can trigger wars." - Batman (by Grant Morrison)

5) Bond 30: Now you may be wondering why I'm not listing the next James Bond, but that film simply proved that spies are relevant again. Expect the franchise to fluctuate, but if Sony plays their cards right, Bond 30, the anniversary Bond, maybe the unveiling of a new Bond (and possibly cameos from the Old Bonds) could beat Avatar. If so, though, just barely.
People when they see this took the place of Avengers: Age of Ultron on this list.

6) Gone With the Wind: Called the greatest film of all time. With inflation, the highest grossing film of all time. How much could a remake make? A hell of a lot more. Let me explain, if the first one made so much in a time when it truly was not relevant, how about in a time when a reboot would be thrown into the New Mexico desert if it was bad? Answer is, good or bad, people would flock to see this movie so that they can make their own judgment. It would probably become the most pirated at all time. This would win, at maybe even 4 Billion.
'Cause yer a Casablanca Fan!


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