Saturday, October 5, 2013

Could Need for Speed Be Good

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The game series is in decline, but could this film save the franchise? Well, it looks like it just may be good, let's look:

1) Aaron Paul - The man is an amazing actor and has potential to show off his skills in this movie. One person alone cannot save a movie, they can display great prowess and be acknowledged as great despite the shit around them and actually bring a movie's score up considerably. He may not be able to save the movie, if it sucks, but he sure can save himself.
Ain't in Saskatchewan no more...

2) Story - The film takes the story of what appears to be several of the games and it's own original touches. I can see some Hot Pursuit in there, Underground 2, Most Wanted and of course, some of the original The Need for Speed (I was three back then and what I believe may have been a plot might have just been racing, fuck if I know). In total, the film appears to take the stories of the games which present the protagonist in high profile situations. If done right while staying true to the games, the film could gain fan opinion, maybe not critical success, though.
Is this supposed to be funny?

3) Dreamworks - This studio has very rarely released any really shitty films in the past couple of years. Yes, there may have been some, but if anything, this film will be average at worst, nothing too damaging to the video-game movie genre, but nothing too beneficial. Dreamworks is very careful, so just trust in them.
It should say Spanish at the bottom... Spanish.


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