Saturday, October 19, 2013

Knight's Upcoming Videos

So, Knight has just given me his video plan which I will be sharing with you guys now.
And my friends are your friends...

I already told you guys that his next video is going to be a tribute to the Spider-Man Trilogy. It's about 50 % done. His next video will be his most ambitious ever, though, more ambitious than the Harry Potter one. It will be a tribute to all 90 years of Warner Bros.
What a classy skunk

Now, in the video that changed his video making style, Little Talks of Fights and Bad Nights, he covered a multitude of topics. Each one of those topics, except Call of Duty, will be covered in their own video. The Dark Knight Trilogy has already gotten theirs, Spider-Man is getting his, Uncharted 3 is coming soon, the Matrix will be getting one and to cap it off a remake of Little Talks of Fights and Bad Nights (which will not have Call of Duty in it).
Huh? Oh, yeah... toilet paper...

So, expect these videos:

* Spider-Man Trilogy Tribute
* Uncharted 3 Tribute
* The Matrix Tribute
I never knew he was Megatron...


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