Saturday, November 2, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate Review

Would it not have been enough to just call the game Batman: Blackgate? Arkham is not the series' selling point...

I did not post on Thursday because Knight asked me not to. Friday, I do not post.

However, on to the post. I will not be reviewing the normal Arkham Origins, because there are already a bountiful of reviews on that already. While Origins, though set up to be phenomenal, did at certain points just retread Arkham City a lot, Blackgate gave us something different. A 3D game to be played as a 2.5D one, giving us a labyrinth of mazes to get past to find our goal. Now, apparently this is like some old Metroid games. I wouldn't know, the only games of Metroid I played are the first two in the Metroid Prime series and this game is nothing like that.
Oh, and there was Brawl!

Now, the game was not bad itself. It has a good combat system, though it is too reminiscent to Arkham Asylum (as in downgraded) but a horrible plot. The gameplay itself relies on finding objects with which to advance. Now the gameplay is quite simplistic, with the exception of bosses, who provide certain challenges. I should be giving this game a pretty mild score, but I will not, because if Armature makes another portable Batman game, it will be better.
This is just funny!

This game was okay, it would have been revolutionary if it was released at Vita launch (talking during cutscenes! Even if they are drawn out!), but it is actually PSP grade aside from some developments. The game, has great potential and it should easily be able to capitalize on this should Warner give Armature another game to work on. Games like these are far and few and I doubt that Armature had a large amount of time to develop it, same with WB Montreal at that point. The thing about this game is that a sequel could easily expand on the combat system and make it much better, a sequel could have a Detective Mode like Origins, and a sequel could have better graphics.
While that is not a bad costume, it's too bad all Kryptonians are dead!... in Man of Steel.

Now, I'm not one to bug about graphics because they don't bother me much. However, they do occasionally take away from the gameplay experience. If on the Vita this game looked like PSP, imagine how bad it looked on the 3DS? It is a very fun game to play once, but the replay value is brought down by graphics. This is something that must be addressed in the future, because games like Killzone: Mercenaries (I think that is the name) have proved that graphics can be made better. I mean, with more development time, I'm sure they would not have used drawn out cutscenes. Hopefully an expanded sequel, that is much better.
Now that I think about it... playing as Batgirl in a game wouldn't be so bad after all...


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