Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes, a very special Friday post! Don't expect one next week, it's just that I'm about to beat Knight's highest monthly view record and I want him to keep me on the blog since I've just about proved that I'm good for business.
"Like this, this is good for business." - Triple H

So, I'm going to make it fairly short, but it's a message out to J.J. Abrams on his sequel trilogy. The prequel trilogy was what it was, a movie of prequels that elaborated about two sentences mentioned in Star Wars. It basically showed what caused the state of despair in Star Wars, and so the sequel trilogy should be like that. I liked the prequel trilogy, having had grown up in them. Yet, my request is very simple, push time ahead as much as the prequel trilogy pushed back, give the old cast either a background presence or cameo roles and do not, absolutely do NOT bring back Darth Vader.
In accord with the above meme, of course.

Short post, but meaningful.
I don't know, I just like this one.


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