Saturday, October 12, 2013

Could I, Frankenstein Actually Be Good?

Okay, I'm back a bit earlier than I expected.

I just wanted to talk about I, Frankenstein, which people have not said very good things about thus far. This has mostly been as a reaction to it being similar Van Helsing. Given that the director worked on Rise of Cobra, this shouldn't come as a surprise that Stephen Sommers has influenced him. However, Van Helsing may not have been a good movie script or story wise, but from the cast we got very solid and wonderful performances.
As a nerd... I would know.

Also, Stuart Beattie was involved with the first Pirates of the Carribean, an amazing movie, and the rewrite of War Zone which as a Punisher movie was very well done (although not as a movie). What really defines his career, however, is Tommorow, When the war Began. It is not the best war movie, nor one that makes you think a lot, but it's enjoyable.
Imagine the hate from fanboys if this actually happened.

So, looking at that. If you want a dramatic Dark Knight performance with Man of Steel action, you won't get it. What you'll get is an okay movie at best with good performacnes from the cast and an overall enjoyable flick to watch. It'll be a fun movie.


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