Friday, September 13, 2013

Who He Is.

How long has this been going on? Just me for three years, almost four. Well, guys, it's not the end, as the first two sentences could indicate. PLOT TWIST! This post, I am going to to first of all tell you guys that I am taking hiatuses way too quickly so I am going to take in Muhammad Yafisz Khan as a second poster. He will temporarily take over the blogging duties from me, either this week or next week. Yafisz has been with the blog for a while now, he started a Twitter, though that appears to have stalled for now and remember all those goAnimate videos, that was all him. The reason for this is that I am focusing more on YouTube videos.

Yes, I have restarted and my first video will be about The Lord of the Rings. In fact it's already up. Basically, I remember the Shaw commercial about a man's life, from University to Parent. Good commercial, had nothing to do with Shaw, but it was the song that really captured my attention. Always Growing, by Didier Tovel, whom I have found to have composed several other songs, but have not found him singing since. I felt this song fit in really well with The Lord of the Rings, and while some parts of my video may seem a bit off, I feel I got it all.

I had a limited amount of clips and so about halfway to completion, I realized I had only two scenes with Frodo, and everything else with Aragorn, the war scenes and the people at Aragorn's coronation. So I had to add more of him, most of it being from the Crack of Doom. Gollum's death was going to make it into the video as well, originally, but I reduced him down to a cameo. Not because I wanted to highlight other characters, but rather, he had little more than a cameo in The Fellowship of the Ring, book and film, and I wanted to pay homage to that.

Here is the video

Took me so damn long to put that up there, blogger was being weird.

See you whenever,

Goodbye for now,

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